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1201WB5K2017W5SO LP ALL (T)15,9741449817.8 
1202W0ZW/52008W5SO HP ALL15,95795814.9 
1203WB0RUR/52011W5SA LP ALL15,908115825.4 
1204KD5JHE2008W5SO LP ALL15,4861418713.0 
1205WA5AAA2004W5SO LP ALL15,4701358526.8K5KA 
1206WD5IYT2011W5SO LP ALL15,372106849.2 
1207KS5H1992W5SO QRP 15M15,330121105  
1208W5QLF2014W5SO LP ALL15,2241048810.2 
1209KE5BUS2012W5SO LP 20M15,138958712.2 
1210N5KEV2008W5SO LP ALL15,1061439114.0 
1211KI9A/51985W5SO QRP ALL14,88012996  
1212NX5M2004W5SO LP 10M14,790114875.8  
1213W5RW2006W5SO LP ALL14,63075704.1  
1214AD5MN2013W5SO LP 10M14,475947513.0 
1215WF5E2016W5SA LP ALL14,32590759.2 
1216KD5JHE2011W5SO LP ALL14,2761158611.9 
1217K7XC/52013W5SO LP ALL14,16896775.4 
1218W5EIJ1990W5SO HP ALL14,11211496  
1219N5PU2013W5SO HP 20M (T)13,96287783.4 
1220NZ5A1993W5SO QRP ALL13,95912199  
1221AB5N1980W5SO QRP ALL13,68014290  
1222K5UR1985W5SO HP 160M13,668174102  
1223NF5Y2013W5SO LP 15M (T)13,66785797.3  
1224WE6EZ/52014W5SO LP 10M (T)13,608877210.4 
1225K7ZYV2017W5SO LP ALL13,60893815.1 
1226W5TTE2012W5SO LP ALL13,60894816.8 
1227WB5VZL1980W5SO HP 15M13,5728378  
1228WB0CLL/52012W5SO LP ALL13,4321029215.6 
1229W5QLF2017W5SO LP ALL13,345117858.6 
1230W5QLF2010W5SO LP ALL13,344129966.9 
1231WC5O1992W5SO LP ALL13,2756659  
1232K5UR1983W5SO HP 80M13,176150108  
1233K5UR1979W5SO HP 80M13,16012594  
1234W0RA/52001W5SO LP ALL12,95080744.5  
1235WD5GNY1980W5SO HP 15M12,93612998  
1236KI3L/51990W5SO HP ALL12,862163118  
1237W5KDJ2003W5SO QRP ALL12,749766111.4  
1238K5EC1995W5SA HP ALL12,7148778  
1239K5ICW2009W5SO LP ALL (T)12,69151495.0 
1240N5AU1980W5SO HP ALL12,6728464  
1241K5OI2007W5SO QRP ALL12,551103779.3  
1242N5MLL1989W5SO HP 10M12,4167364  
1243K0GEO2017W5SO LP ALL12,000125805.2 
1244WE6EZ/52015W5SO LP ALL11,89570654.1 
1245WA9FWO/51985W5SO QRP 20M11,87510695  
1246AA5VU2014W5SO LP ALL11,72690828.6 
1247K0NM/52014W5SA HP 10M11,62078709.4 
1248K5WW2007W5SA LP ALL (T)11,544907811.5  
1249W5EIJ1987W5SO HP ALL11,4246751  
1250N5NMX1991W5SO HP 40M11,3408281  
1251W5GDX2017W5SA HP 40M11,13059532.1 
1252KB5NJD2005W5SO LP ALL (T)11,01197772.9  
1253N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M10,8907966  
1254K5ND2010W5SO QRP ALL10,721103717.5 
1255N5US1990W5SO QRP 10M10,5789386  
1256K3TD/52010W5SO LP ALL10,51297725.2 
1257KG5VK2016W5SA HP 40M10,48861572.7 
1258W5GAI2011W5SO QRP 10M10,41979697.1 
1259W5WZ2017W5SA HP ALL10,34998793.3 
1260K5RX2004W5SO LP 80M10,33692688.8  
1261KD5JHE2009W5SO LP ALL10,206105818.7 
1262W5NR1979W5SO HP ALL10,1407052  
1263NJ5DX2012W5SA HP ALL10,12671612.0W5OV
1264WW2PT/52014W5SA HP ALL10,04465623.7WW2PT
1265AC5SU2000W5SO LP ALL10,0246156  
1266K0BCN1998W5SO LP 15M9,8909886  
1267WA5LXS2017W5SA LP ALL (T)9,88080659.1 
1268NT5TU2004W5SA LP 20M9,72774712.6  
1269W5TV2017W5SO LP ALL9,66076693.6 
1270NT5C2009W5SA HP ALL9,47198770.8N3BB
1271N4CYV/52007W5SO QRP ALL9,450977517.0  
1272AA8RT/52012W5SO QRP ALL (T)9,240605615.8 
1273K5OI2006W5SO QRP ALL9,24077707.0  
1274AC5CT1996W5MULTI-ONE HP9,2229787AC5CT W5WLA 
1275WS1L/52005W5SA HP ALL9,17779695.0  
1276K5AX2013W5SO HP 10M9,17769573.8  
1277WB5OWL1979W5SO HP ALL9,0486552  
1278KB5YVT1995W5SO LP 15M9,03010586  
1279N5IKD2015W5SA LP 20M8,97671686.8 
1280W5PQ2008W5SO LP ALL8,96779614.9 
1281K5UR1987W5SO HP 160M8,9469071  
1282W5PWG1991W5SO HP 20M8,8928578  
1283W5EIJ1986W5SO HP ALL8,8556055  
1284AC5R1979W5SO HP ALL8,8329264  
1285KC5RGQ2017W5SO LP ALL8,8201149023.7 
1286WV5Y2017W5SO LP ALL8,760877316.4 
1287N3BUO/52016W5SA HP ALL8,74265622.9 
1288WA5RML2013W5SO QRP ALL8,69483635.6 
1289W5OB1984W5SO HP ALL8,6806662  
1290K5HDU2017W5SA HP ALL8,64348432.2 
1291W9YA/52012W5SO QRP 20M8,625857513.2 
1292K6AZA/51997W5SO HP ALL8,55011241  
1293W3PC/51981W5SO HP ALL8,4406040  
1294WA5RML2009W5SO QRP ALL8,43288687.6 
1295KB5NJD2002W5SO LP ALL8,19269643.1  
1296NK5G2017W5SA QRP 40M8,15163575.5 
1297NA5VY2004W5SO LP 20M8,00478696.1  
1298K5UR1981W5SO HP 80M7,96810983  
1299W0EA/52015W5SA LP 20M (T)7,86963613.1 
1300N5PJ2017W5SA QRP ALL7,772916712.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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