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1201W2TT2017W2SO LP ALL12,79893798.2 
1202K1SXD/22015W2SO LP ALL12,79862541.9 
1203K2CS2001W2SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
1204NT2W2001W2SO LP ALL12,627806928.4  
1205WB2NFL2017W2SO LP ALL12,00876764.2 
1206N2IW2013W2SA LP ALL (T)11,99371676.9 
1207N1IBM/22012W2SA HP ALL (T)11,960656512.3 
1208NQ2W2013W2SO QRP ALL (T)11,95277725.8 
1209KA2BSK2014W2SO LP ALL11,70070606.5 
1210K2MK1992W2SO HP ALL11,6138479  
1211WA2C1988W2SO HP 15M11,448129108  
1212KV2X2017W2SO LP ALL11,310107876.9 
1213W2UDT2009W2SO HP ALL (T)11,25087752.6 
1214N2JJ2011W2SO LP 20M (T)11,15478782.4 
1215K2KTT1993W2SO QRP 15M11,0208176  
1216KA2FHN2012W2SO LP ALL10,83383698.2 
1217NF2K1984W2SO HP 20M10,7207667  
1218W2GKZ1986W2SO HP ALL10,5307165  
1219WB2DVU1994W2SO LP ALL10,5125248  
1220W2UDT2011W2SA HP ALL (T)10,50078703.8 
1221NN2Y1998W2SO HP ALL9,8435551  
1222K2CYE2017W2SA LP ALL9,80090702.4 
1223WA2UDT1995W2SO HP ALL9,7686866  
1224NZ2H2014W2SO LP ALL9,600716420.1 
1225WZ2T2001W2SO QRP ALL9,38773634.2  
1226WZ2L2016W2SA LP ALL9,29666564.6 
1227KF2O2001W2SA HP ALL9,02863615.1  
1228KD2JC2017W2SO LP ALL8,97083653.0 
1229WA2JQK2012W2SO HP 40M8,84052522.0 
1230AA2TH2015W2SO LP ALL8,69463548.2 
1231K2CS1998W2SO QRP 15M8,6148273  
1232K2PF2014W2SA LP ALL (T)8,60763573.2  
1233N2MBM1993W2SO LP ALL8,5157165  
1234N2MRM1992W2SO HP ALL8,5126464  
1235KC2MBV2012W2SO LP ALL8,49470626.4 
1236W2JC2012W2SO LP ALL8,46061605.1 
1237KB2MN2017W2SO LP ALL8,45083655.4 
1238NG2D2016W2SO LP ALL8,442736710.6 
1239N2JNZ2003W2SO QRP 40M8,29684619.0  
1240N2JSO2008W2SO LP ALL8,25674646.7 
1241KC2GOW2007W2SO HP ALL8,23255492.3  
1242K5NA/21988W2SO HP 160M8,0529361  
1243KV2X2012W2SO LP 40M8,04075676.6 
1244W2TE1986W2SO HP ALL7,9205144  
1245K2DB2008W2SA LP 40M7,78344431.6 
1246K2YR2012W2SO HP ALL7,75254511.8 
1247K2RET2016W2SA LP 20M7,59952511.2 
1248KU2C2014W2SA LP ALL7,37953472.1 
1249WA2JQK2010W2SO HP 40M7,33670564.8 
1250N2FF2003W2SO LP ALL7,25768595.9  
1251WW2P2010W2SO LP 20M7,24580632.4 
1252W2LHL2009W2SO LP 40M7,06737373.7 
1253N2UN1992W2SO QRP 40M7,0508875  
1254K2KTT1989W2SO HP 15M6,9606158  
1255N2CG2013W2SO LP ALL6,94248393.7 
1256N2CG2014W2SO HP ALL6,85050503.7 
1257AB2MH2007W2SO HP 20M (T)6,84465597.7  
1258W2RR2017W2SO HP 40M6,83745432.5WA2AOG
1259K2JF1985W2SO HP 20M6,7835857  
1260KM2L2015W2SO LP ALL (T)6,76849472.1 
1261NY5C/22000W2SO LP ALL6,7326051  
1262W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL6,70859523.2 
1263W2HCA1991W2SO HP ALL6,6045452  
1264KB2SE1991W2SO HP ALL6,4485452  
1265N2BCF1984W2SO HP ALL6,4005150  
1266N2WKS2001W2SO LP ALL (T)6,33648482.1  
1267K2AL2015W2SA QRP 20M6,30052505.0 
1268WN2O2017W2SO HP 160M (T)6,25466535.0N2GC
1269KA2ZPD1986W2SO HP 15M6,1566454  
1270N2BEG2017W2SO LP ALL6,14861582.0 
1271K2TV2014W2SO LP ALL6,12055511.5 
1272K2PF2012W2SO LP ALL6,07249462.3 
1273W2NTV2013W2SA LP 10M (T)5,98452449.5 
1274W2JEK2012W2SO QRP ALL5,95054503.5 
1275W2CJX1979W2SO HP ALL5,8804742  
1276AA2NA2007W2SO LP ALL5,8006658  
1277K5NA/21987W2SO HP 160M5,7608364  
1278N2KPS2011W2SO LP ALL5,712565110.9 
1279KR2Q2015W2SO LP ALL5,63346430.9 
1280W2XL1984W2SO HP 80M5,6125046  
1281KU2Q1987W2SO HP 10M5,46012684  
1282KC2MBV2017W2SO LP ALL5,40657517.1 
1283W2AAB2012W2SO LP 10M (T)5,40051508.6 
1284AG2T2010W2SO LP ALL5,30459515.8 
1285WA2AUB1979W2SO HP ALL5,3005450  
1286KV2X2015W2SO LP ALL5,24666614.0 
1287NQ2W2011W2SO QRP ALL (T)5,23863546.3 
1288N2MBM1994W2SO HP 20M5,1415353  
1289WA2VQV1997W2SO LP ALL5,0323737  
1290K2CRT1986W2SO HP 20M4,9925652  
1291KT2D1989W2SO HP ALL4,9005350  
1292KA2GSL1996W2SO LP 20M4,7045149  
1293W2BVH2002W2SO QRP ALL4,51253473.9  
1294NA2X2002W2SO HP 80M4,50847463.2  
1295K2TV2017W2SO LP ALL4,45955492.2 
1296K3UK/22009W2SO LP ALL4,32065547.1 
1297W2JEK2008W2SO QRP ALL4,27252484.9 
1298N2TNW1995W2SO LP ALL4,1825351  
1299KU2Q1986W2SO HP 10M4,1587663  
1300W2OX2008W2SO LP ALL4,11646421.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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