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1201K1PU2009W1SO LP 40M17,98065622.7 
1202KO1H2009W1SO QRP ALL17,81674686.1 
1203WA1FCN1981W1SO HP 10M17,74512991  
1204KA1CZF1981W1SO QRP ALL17,68811388  
1205KB1DH1984W1SO QRP 40M17,6649792  
1206KX9X/12012W1SO QRP ALL (T)17,64096905.9 
1207KZ1L1985W1SO QRP ALL17,4799477  
1208N1AFC1985W1SO QRP ALL17,473111101  
1209NV1W2016W1SA QRP ALL17,30011610011.4 
1210N1IMW2009W1SO LP ALL17,2901019110.4 
1211WA1N2015W1SO LP ALL17,266100894.8 
1212K1SE1997W1SO QRP 20M17,15010598  
1213AA1CA1995W1SO QRP ALL17,1009976  
1214WO1N1997W1SO LP ALL17,0919181  
1215W1BK1984W1SO HP 15M17,0648779  
1216W1WY1979W1SO HP 20M17,0408080  
1217N1ACF1983W1SO QRP ALL16,8967666  
1218W1CNU1993W1SO HP ALL16,77011094  
1219W1MK1994W1SO QRP 80M16,7586357  
1220K2SX/11990W1SO HP ALL16,616155124  
1221AB1J2017W1SA LP 80M (T)16,4921157623.1 
1222AA1AR2011W1SA LP ALL (T)15,83479789.8 
1223KN1H1985W1SO QRP 20M15,750113105  
1224WA1ZYX2015W1SA LP ALL15,64285797.2 
1225AB1HL2010W1SO LP ALL15,31880695.4 
1226YO7ARY/W12008W1SO LP ALL15,2241238816.5 
1227W1END2013W1SO LP ALL15,14281676.9 
1228W1OPJ1988W1SO HP ALL14,2807868  
1229WA1DRQ2017W1SA HP ALL13,93780775.0 
1230AE1P2008W1SO LP ALL (T)13,93292815.0 
1231W1AX1994W1SO HP ALL13,9156155  
1232K1GTS2014W1SO LP ALL (T)13,84577719.3 
1233W1OHM2014W1SO HP 20M13,66782796.0 
1234WB1FJH2010W1SO LP ALL13,65188736.4 
1235W1FJ1980W1SO HP 15M13,5327568  
1236KA1CLV1984W1SO HP ALL13,4647666  
1237KF1H1987W1SO QRP 20M13,43910389  
1238N1DN2013W1SA LP ALL13,35983735.0 
1239N1DZ2013W1SO QRP 40M13,32854495.0 
1240W1BET1986W1SO HP ALL13,2728779  
1241K1MY1998W1SO HP ALL (T)13,2487164  
1242W1CVE2004W1SO QRP 15M12,960898110.6  
1243KA1CZF1988W1SO QRP 20M12,8527868  
1244KK1W2001W1SO LP 15M12,851787129.0  
1245N1AA2007W1SO LP ALL12,670102706.1  
1246WA1Z2015W1SO LP ALL12,55681732.8 
1247WW1E1996W1SA HP ALL12,5286058  
1248K8PO/12009W1SO HP 160M12,44974595.1 
1249W1CSM2013W1SA QRP ALL12,44454511.8 
1250K1SM2010W1SA LP ALL12,41078732.9 
1251AB1FY2006W1SO LP ALL12,22266634.9  
1252WA2HIP/12013W1SO LP ALL12,10011110026.4  
1253K1SND2007W1SO LP ALL11,97079705.9  
1254WA1FCN1988W1SO HP 10M11,4849988  
1255AB1VL2014W1SA LP ALL (R)11,376747212.4 
1256W1SFR2015W1SO QRP ALL11,30477724.8  
1257WA1N2016W1SO LP ALL10,98874675.1 
1258KA1CLV1982W1SO HP ALL10,9197661  
1259W1OPJ1983W1SO HP ALL10,8086956  
1260K1XM1983W1SO HP 40M10,8005050  
1261KB1BOM1996W1SO LP ALL10,6925854K5FUV 
1262W1RM2010W1SA LP ALL10,67261583.8 
1263KB1OIQ2016W1SO LP ALL10,56072664.7 
1264W1EBI2012W1SA HP ALL10,49858581.3 
1265W1XH2012W1SO LP ALL10,46574653.2 
1266NJ1T1993W1MULTI-MULTI10,3485452NJ1T + packet 
1267K1JB2012W1SA HP ALL10,31757571.5 
1268W1AN2012W1SA HP ALL10,16862622.8 
1269KA1EGZ1980W1SO HP ALL10,0629178  
1270K1EEE2013W1SO LP 15M9,96389816.3 
1271KT1O1985W1SO HP 20M9,6397463  
1272K1QW2006W1SO QRP ALL9,590907012.7  
1273N1VVV2012W1SA HP 10M9,581706712.9 
1274KB1BMF2015W1SO LP ALL9,548646210.2 
1275N1AFC1986W1SO QRP 15M9,4728574  
1276W1CVE2003W1SO QRP 40M9,34858575.6  
1277W1OPJ1979W1SO HP ALL9,2346863  
1278KA1CFC1981W1SO HP 15M8,9676961  
1279KO1H2004W1SO QRP 40M8,95056504.1  
1280K1XM1992W1SO HP ALL8,6926053  
1281WA1FCN1980W1SO HP 10M8,3526458  
1282KB1DH1983W1SO QRP 40M8,3086862  
1283W1OPJ1986W1SO HP ALL8,2885856  
1284KZ1L1986W1SO QRP 20M8,2505855  
1285WD1S2013W1SA LP ALL8,24665625.1 
1286W1BET1983W1SO HP 15M8,1406944  
1287KA1GHR1983W1SO HP 40M8,0645048  
1288KE1R2015W1SO HP ALL7,96564596.4 
1289N4XR/11994W1SO HP ALL7,9385654  
1290KV1J2017W1SA HP ALL7,93666623.9 
1291K1VW2002W1SO HP 160M7,930906513.2  
1292WR1TC2013W1SO LP ALL7,87467622.3KM3T
1293KJ1N1993W1SO LP 40M7,8108371  
1294AA1ER1996W1SA HP ALL7,6325148  
1295W1FM2010W1SO HP ALL (T)7,62665621.6 
1296W1END2014W1SO LP ALL7,57960535.5 
1297KA1VMG2006W1SO LP ALL7,44863563.6  
1298W1MJ2013W1SO LP ALL7,33663561.6 
1299K2MN/11987W1SO HP ALL7,2935351  
1300W1MJ2008W1SO LP ALL (T)7,28060562.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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