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1101NG0K2006W0SO QRP ALL8,00171638.7  
1102NV0U2001W0SO QRP ALL7,991676111.7  
1103WW0Q1993W0SO HP ALL7,9189674  
1104WB0B2012W0SO LP ALL7,77073706.2 
1105K0NE2012W0SO QRP ALL (T)7,68062604.5 
1106AD0H1993W0SO LP ALL7,62310477  
1107WD0AYT1979W0SO HP ALL7,5527464  
1108N0KK2017W0SA LP ALL7,52194692.7 
1109KC0DEB2013W0SA LP ALL7,48857528.1 
1110K0BJ1988W0SO HP ALL7,4265447  
1111W0OJW2017W0SO LP ALL7,42088705.8  
1112KJ0P2015W0SO LP ALL7,36068644.4 
1113NN0Q2008W0SO QRP ALL7,227877314.6 
1114K0UK2014W0SA LP ALL7,20558551.4 
1115W0RXL1986W0SO HP ALL7,2005550  
1116N0TT2011W0SO HP 160M7,19884595.4 
1117W0ZV1986W0SO HP 160M7,1407651  
1118KC0RET2006W0SA LP ALL7,10475643.9  
1119NO0L2015W0SA LP ALL7,08955514.2 
1120K0JPL1999W0SO HP ALL7,0565248  
1121NN0Q2006W0SO LP ALL7,02161597.5  
1122W6GMT/02008W0SO LP ALL6,767876719.9 
1123N0IBT2001W0SO QRP ALL6,69667545.6  
1124WB9QAF/02015W0SO QRP ALL6,64978618.7 
1125NO2D/02014W0SO QRP ALL6,55461586.3 
1126WB0GOB1979W0SO HP 20M6,5255245  
1127K5EMI/02016W0SA LP ALL6,43569553.4 
1128WK0V2017W0SA LP ALL6,40075648.9K0XQ
1129WA0MHJ2001W0SO LP ALL (T)6,302504625.7  
1130W0RSP2008W0SO QRP ALL6,20147395.3 
1131K0IO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)6,15661543.0 
1132KS0T2011W0SO LP ALL5,98958531.3 
1133KJ1N/01994W0SO HP 40M5,84610079  
1134WA0RSX2009W0SO LP ALL5,72776696.8 
1135W0NGB1990W0SO QRP ALL5,72310097  
1136WB9QAF/02016W0SO QRP ALL5,720716510.1 
1137W0NGB1987W0SO QRP ALL5,6888779  
1138NO2D/02005W0SO QRP ALL5,67059544.5  
1139N9HDE/02014W0SO LP 20M (T)5,56554534.7 
1140K0XTR2014W0SA HP ALL5,47258481.5 
1141K0CS1989W0SO HP 40M5,4724036  
1142NU0T2013W0SO QRP ALL5,452785810.6 
1143K0ARY2016W0SA LP 20M (T)5,26447473.9 
1144N0BK2009W0SO LP ALL5,24760533.8W0QQS
1145NE0P2001W0SO LP ALL5,220504527.0  
1146WA0LIF2017W0SO LP ALL5,208676212.2 
1147AK0M1985W0SO HP ALL5,0766557  
1148WX5CW/02016W0SO LP ALL4,99272649.3 
1149W0JU1984W0SO HP 80M4,8965751  
1150AJ0E1991W0SO HP ALL4,8606460  
1151N0FFZ1986W0SO HP ALL4,7779117  
1152WT0O2014W0SO QRP 20M (T)4,70464563.4K0TI
1153K0VXU2013W0SO HP 15M4,68046451.1 
1154WN0G2008W0SO LP ALL4,48860512.6 
1155WN8P/02001W0SO LP ALL4,4694541  
1156N0BK2010W0SA HP ALL (T)4,44044373.2 
1157NA0VY2007W0SO LP 20M4,42562594.1  
1158KE0MZ1987W0SO HP 15M4,3688878  
1159KE0CU2017W0SO LP ALL4,33271574.7 
1160W7DRA/02006W0SO LP 80M4,2775547  
1161KU0W2010W0SO LP 15M4,27547452.9N0AX
1162AD0AB2015W0SO HP ALL4,26845445.5 
1163KF0IQ2015W0SA LP 15M4,25638388.1 
1164KC0Q1981W0SO HP 10M4,1824741  
1165W0LHS1980W0SO HP ALL4,1804538  
1166NZ0R2006W0SO LP ALL4,171474326.3  
1167K0UK2002W0SO LP ALL4,116454226.6  
1168NS0M2014W0SA HP 15M3,99038383.1 
1169WB0CHS1988W0SO HP ALL3,9784539  
1170NO0L2013W0SA LP ALL3,97745418.0 
1171W0TY2011W0SO HP 20M3,91345432.7 
1172W0PC2014W0SO LP ALL3,90648422.9 
1173W0ODS2014W0SO HP ALL3,74035343.3 
1174NU0W2015W0SO HP ALL3,69644445.4 
1175AK0BC2017W0SO LP ALL3,60058508.9 
1176WD7I/01993W0SO QRP 40M3,4045246  
1177K0PK2013W0SO LP 80M (T)3,36256414.2 
1178W0IE2002W0SO LP 20M3,21245445.5  
1179K0AP2017W0SA HP ALL3,09637362.7 
1180K4IU/02010W0SO HP ALL3,09653430.8 
1181KJ0I1982W0SO HP 80M3,0728264  
1182AK0MR2017W0SA HP ALL3,071433711.2 
1183KG0EJ1997W0SO LP ALL (T)2,8803232  
1184W8QZA/02009W0SO QRP 80M2,88050408.2 
1185ND0C2013W0SA QRP ALL (T)2,83530271.4 
1186AD0IU2017W0SO QRP 20M2,83553459.0 
1187KJ0P2016W0SO LP ALL2,81645441.9 
1188NO2D/02010W0SO QRP ALL2,81657446.1 
1189KE0L2009W0SO LP ALL2,80847391.4 
1190W0ZU1996W0SO LP 20M2,7903131  
1191K0CO2001W0SO LP ALL2,6244541  
1192KB0L2010W0SO LP ALL2,50147413.5 
1193KE0L2011W0SA LP 40M (T)2,47943373.4 
1194K0AP2011W0SO HP ALL2,46430281.5 
1195W7DRA/02010W0SO LP 80M2,44845364.0 
1196K0JV2005W0SO LP ALL2,38028284.6  
1197W0OJW2016W0SO LP ALL2,36045404.2  
1198NR0L2009W0SO LP ALL2,34537351.0 
1199WB0M2007W0SO LP ALL2,268302718.7  
1200KA0IKD1985W0SO HP 20M2,1844342  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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