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1101RA4NCC2007UA-4SO LP 10M1,59535292.7  
1102PR7FN2004PYSO LP 10M1,59529293.0  
1103OK1DJS2014OKSO LP 10M1,59328272.0 
1104UA9SAW2009RA9SO LP 10M1,58627260.7 
1105VK4KW2010VKSO LP 10M1,58425223.9VK4BAA
1106KN4Y/M2003W4SO LP 10M1,568383230.3  
1107K4RV2001W4SO LP 10M1,56423234.1  
1108OH1QX2017OHSO LP 10M (T)1,56040391.3OH1ZAA
1109IZ4DYX2009ISO LP 10M1,56045393.5 
1110JA1AAT1999JA1SO LP 10M1,5602726  
1111OH5UFO2013OHSO LP 10M1,48831314.7  
1112ES4MM2012ESSO LP 10M1,48527276.8 
1113RN0SA2008RA0SO LP 10M1,48226262.3 
1114F6IRG2009FSO LP 10M1,46245343.7 
1115PY3XX2016PYSO LP 10M1,44924211.0  
1116LW2HBF2012LUSO LP 10M1,44923232.9 
11172E0XAR2014GSO LP 10M1,44339374.1  
1118SM5C2011SMSO LP 10M1,44036363.0SM5CBM
11194K8M20114JSO LP 10M1,43026263.2 
11204X6UU20084XSO LP 10M1,42624232.64X6UU
1121VR2GO1995VRSO LP 10M1,4264631  
1122JE1ALA/32016JA1SO LP 10M1,40840328.0 
1123LU8DCF2015LUSO LP 10M (R)1,38622223.1 
1124AD5MN2011W5SO LP 10M1,38024239.4 
1125JH7YHD2009JA7SO LP 10M1,37633322.8JA7WSZ
1126JH1MTR/42014JA4SO LP 10M1,35028253.3 
1127JI1VAH2013JA1SO LP 10M1,34431287.0 
1128SP5BMU2013SPSO LP 10M1,34429289.3 
1129VY2LI2012VEYSO LP 10M (T)1,34424215.9 
1130SP5XOV2010SPSO LP 10M1,30234313.4 
1131XM3STT2002VE3SO LP 10M1,288232325.4  
1132Z32KV1997Z3SO LP 10M1,2763629  
1133RA6YJ2008UA-6SO LP 10M1,24829326.4 
1134DL9MFY2014DLSO LP 10M1,21829296.1 
1135YU1RA2016YUSO LP 10M1,21634321.0 
1136LZ2TF2015LZSO LP 10M1,20431285.0  
1137ES4RC2013ESSO LP 10M1,20430283.1 
1138SP2UKB1995SPSO LP 10M1,2003430  
1139N2WN/42015W4SO LP 10M1,17822191.2 
1140JE2SOY2004JA2SO LP 10M1,17027265.5  
1141F6FTB2009FSO LP 10M1,16032291.2 
1142K5WW2003W5SO LP 10M (T)1,15521213.9  
1143UA0CMG2009RA0SO LP 10M1,13137298.9 
1144DF5WN1994DLSO LP 10M1,1203728  
1145RA6LW1994UA-6SO LP 10M1,1203028  
1146DL5FCO2001DLSO LP 10M1,1132121  
1147DL5FCO2001DLSO LP 10M1,1132121  
1148XL3RA2009VE3SO LP 10M1,10425241.8 
1149G4OTY1999GSO LP 10M1,0923128  
1150JA1AAT2008JA1SO LP 10M1,08124232.0 
1151JA0GCI1993JASO LP 10M1,0812623  
1152PU2PTO2003PYSO LP 10M1,080202025.8  
1153VA6DXR2000VE6SO LP 10M1,0712121VE7AV 
1154BV/JH3GCN1998BVSO LP 10M1,0663426  
1155LZ2FM2008LZSO LP 10M1,03630281.4 
1156PY1NSC2012PYSO LP 10M1,03422222.5 
1157OK1DRX2009OKSO LP 10M1,02433321.4 
1158VE6BMX2000VE6SO LP 10M9802020  
1159IK5YJK2012ISO LP 10M96621214.3 
1160HP1RIS2009HPSO LP 10M96621214.8 
1161RD3FT2015UA-3SO LP 10M96022203.0  
1162JA4AQR1999JA4SO LP 10M (T)9462222  
1163OH2HMB2001OHSO LP 10M9402020  
11647K2PBB2004JA1SO LP 10M91230245.0  
1165BG1JK2014BYSO LP 10M90026253.4 
1166OK1KZ2009OKSO LP 10M896292810.7 
11677K2PBB1999JA1SO LP 10M8951715  
1168RN4AM2008UA-4SO LP 10M89129271.4 
1169PY1CMT2011PYSO LP 10M88218182.2 
11707K2PBB2003JA1SO LP 10M88222213.7  
1171DJ4KW1997DLSO LP 10M8752825  
1172ON5WL2016ONSO LP 10M86430271.9 
1173HZ1DG2012HZSO LP 10M86419181.1 
1174KH0/JO1CRA1994KH0SO LP 10M8641816  
1175JE0UXR1992JA0SO LP 10M8642824  
1176WA8KEM1995W8SO LP 10M8584033  
1177EI4CF2013EISO LP 10M85519190.5  
1178S50DX2008S5SO LP 10M85126232.1 
1179OK2BHE2001OKSO LP 10M8362019  
1180BG3TBS2013BYSO LP 10M79822211.1 
11817K2PBB2001JA1SO LP 10M79820197.3  
1182JE1ALA2005JA1SO LP 10M79224227.1  
1183DL2AWA2016DLSO LP 10M78327271.2 
1184DL9AWI2008DLSO LP 10M78028260.5 
1185CS7ABQ2012CTSO LP 10M75628288.3 
1186EA4ATI1996EASO LP 10M7503025  
1187JE2SOY2011JA2SO LP 10M74825224.6 
1188DL2MIH2008DLSO LP 10M74425241.6 
1189EA7GV2009EASO LP 10M72632220.9 
1190JH1MTR/42009JA4SO LP 10M72030242.7 
1191LZ2GS1996LZSO LP 10M7142421  
1192PY2RX2016PYSO LP 10M (T)70319194.0  
1193PY1KM2011PYSO LP 10M69325215.3 
1194PY2TI2016PYSO LP 10M69016151.8  
1195JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M68020201.3 
1196PY2TI1998PYSO LP 10M6751515  
1197JE1ALA/22015JA2SO LP 10M67226215.9 
1198JE8CLT2009JA8SO LP 10M67226240.8 
1199RK9XXX2005RA9SO LP 10M672161624.5UA9XC 
1200SM5DUT1992SMSO LP 10M6602020  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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