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1101HI60RCD1986HISO HP 80M10,2605445HI8LC 
1102UA3TFZ1984UA-3SO HP 80M10,2008051  
1103SP3ZDB1981SPSO HP 80M10,20010050  
1104CE3EEA2014CESO HP 80M9,990454512.4 
1105W8AEF/71999W7SO HP 80M9,9008066  
1106K6XO1980W6SO HP 80M9,6046349  
1107UA9XEN1987RA9SO HP 80M9,6004240  
1108Y66YF/P1989DMSO HP 80M9,5128358  
1109PA3ABA1980PASO HP 80M9,2807658  
1110UA4PDT1981UA-4SO HP 80M8,9767251  
1111Y24SB1986DMSO HP 80M8,8207563  
1112OK2PGT1986OKOMSO HP 80M8,6147459  
1113SP9GKM1989SPSO HP 80M8,4488066  
1114OK1AYE1986OKOMSO HP 80M8,4367157  
1115Y24JB1988DMSO HP 80M8,4008556  
1116OK1DZD1981OKOMSO HP 80M8,2888056  
1117UP2BJQ1981LYSO HP 80M8,1008650  
1118UA9SHU1983RA9SO HP 80M8,0924134  
1119HA8CQ1984HASO HP 80M8,0008150  
1120K5UR1981W5SO HP 80M7,96810983  
1121OK1MNV1986OKOMSO HP 80M7,8667457  
1122LZ2KLC1981LZSO HP 80M7,8547151  
1123Z21HS1992Z2SO HP 80M7,7523834  
1124UP2BIF1982LYSO HP 80M7,74411932  
1125UQ2GBJ1988YLSO HP 80M7,5607045  
1126NA3F2012W3SO HP 80M7,48856522.3 
1127OK2HI1981OKOMSO HP 80M7,4885748  
1128K6XO1979W6SO HP 80M7,2806952  
1129YO8BGE2014YOSO HP 80M7,20558558.2 
11304M5IR2009YVSO HP 80M6,95640377.7 
1131YO3JW1979YOSO HP 80M6,8627147  
1132W7DRA2002W7SO HP 80M6,837775310.1  
1133JA7MJ2006JA7SO HP 80M (T)6,76248428.2  
1134OZ4CG1985OZSO HP 80M6,6746174  
1135KX9DX2011W9SO HP 80M (T)6,52782614.7 
1136JT0APE1985JTSO HP 80M6,5136139  
1137OK3CEL1980OKOMSO HP 80M6,4686549  
1138KA3R1983W3SO HP 80M6,4667761  
1139UA9XFJ1988RA9SO HP 80M6,4173831  
1140SP9GKM1988SPSO HP 80M6,1606644  
1141OH2BDL/11980OHSO HP 80M6,1206245  
1142JA1KVT2008JA1SO HP 80M6,02046354.9 
1143UQ2GN1988YLSO HP 80M6,0066939  
1144UP2BFF1980LYSO HP 80M5,9847044  
1145UD6DCF19864JSO HP 80M5,9046136  
1146UP2BOS1987LYSO HP 80M5,8806242  
1147K4JLD/31982W3SO HP 80M5,8247152  
1148UO5ODN1982ERSO HP 80M5,7723937  
1149OK2BJG1983OKOMSO HP 80M5,7046546  
1150W2XL1984W2SO HP 80M5,6125046  
1151YO3BWK1986YOSO HP 80M5,5808030  
1152PV8DX2002PYSO HP 80M5,568323231.9  
1153OK2BCZ1985OKOMSO HP 80M5,3586147  
1154Y25PE1985DMSO HP 80M5,3366046  
1155HA3JB1986HASO HP 80M5,2807148  
1156HA0HG1981HASO HP 80M5,2447146  
1157HI8LC1982HISO HP 80M5,2204030  
1158EA7PN1991EASO HP 80M5,1924744  
1159OK2BJG1982OKOMSO HP 80M5,1925744  
1160OK1DRR1982OKOMSO HP 80M5,1305945  
1161OK2PFX1985OKOMSO HP 80M5,1104535  
1162WA4DRU1980W4SO HP 80M5,0765147  
1163DU6/N6SS2017DUSO HP 80M5,07031303.5 
1164W8IMZ1984W8SO HP 80M5,04010772WB8MRU 
1165UA3AMR1982UA-3SO HP 80M5,0025341  
1166W0JU1984W0SO HP 80M4,8965751  
1167UB5JLJ1982URSO HP 80M4,7603434  
1168DM4YZA1979DMSO HP 80M4,7305443  
1169HI8LC1987HISO HP 80M4,7123631  
1170N5TV1983W5SO HP 80M4,6628663  
1171JA6SRB2010JA6SO HP 80M4,59038347.7 
1172OK3COK1980OKOMSO HP 80M4,5366054  
1173NA2X2002W2SO HP 80M4,50847463.2  
1174OK3CUZ1988OKOMSO HP 80M4,4805440  
1175YO5BEU1979YOSO HP 80M4,4726143  
1176UC2CBR1990EUSO HP 80M4,4257359  
1177HA3JB1984HASO HP 80M4,3206436  
1178N6PE1981W6SO HP 80M4,3005450  
1179PY2BW2005PYSO HP 80M4,29029268.6  
1180JF3LOP2009JA3SO HP 80M4,28441343.5 
1181UP2BIC1987LYSO HP 80M4,2565238  
1182YO6VF1987YOSO HP 80M4,2185337  
1183YV1OB1980YVSO HP 80M4,1763124  
1184Y48VO1981DMSO HP 80M4,1445137  
1185HA5BA1980HASO HP 80M4,1345939  
1186W6RKC2015W6SO HP 80M (T)3,96954495.5 
1187RD6DAA19864JSO HP 80M3,9064431  
1188UP2BKT1988LYSO HP 80M3,8765734  
1189UQ2GAG1981YLSO HP 80M3,8728044  
1190UR4MVJ2017URSO HP 80M3,86442422.9 
1191K7UR1987W7SO HP 80M3,8004038  
1192JA6LCJ1980JA6SO HP 80M3,8003330  
1193YO6AW1979YOSO HP 80M3,7805635  
1194OK1DNH1983OKOMSO HP 80M3,7745837  
1195LZ1HY1981LZSO HP 80M3,6664139  
1196JA1QZC1998JA1SO HP 80M3,6603030  
1197UB5IPN1982URSO HP 80M3,6404035  
1198Y38ZB1983DMSO HP 80M3,6085244  
1199UQ2PG1984YLSO HP 80M3,5344331  
1200HA7SR1981HASO HP 80M3,5105039  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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