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1101LA2EG1985LASO HP 10M8122928  
1102Y33VL1985DMSO HP 10M8053423  
1103OZ1FAO1988OZSO HP 10M7991717  
1104SM3DXV1981SMSO HP 10M7982219  
1105JA0FVU2010JA0SO HP 10M79225243.0 
1106UB5ZEL1986URSO HP 10M7922724  
1107VE2AEJ/31985VE3SO HP 10M7922218  
1108OK2ABU2012OKSO HP 10M75026251.9 
1109YU3XU1987YUSO HP 10M7503030  
1110PA2GER1986PASO HP 10M7503525  
1111WA7KLK1986W7SO HP 10M7442524  
1112Y23HE/A1985DMSO HP 10M7252925  
1113JM1TUY1985JA1SO HP 10M7024939  
1114W6ISQ1991W6SO HP 10M7002625  
1115JA1BDI1989JA1SO HP 10M6401616  
1116IT9IMJ2009IT9SO HP 10M (T)62426244.1 
1117JH6SQI1998JA6SO HP 10M6162322  
1118SP6BVR1984SPSO HP 10M6121817  
1119UH8BO1980EZSO HP 10M6003315  
1120UA3MSS2009UA-3SO HP 10M59520172.7 
1121OK2ABU1986OKOMSO HP 10M5892819  
1122OK1XC2017OKSO HP 10M58824213.1 
1123JH7BDS1987JA7SO HP 10M5802120  
1124JH5AUE1982JA5SO HP 10M5581818  
1125DH3BAP/P1989DLSO HP 10M5512019DL5XX 
1126JO1NZT1985JA1SO HP 10M5444532  
1127Y87WL1981DMSO HP 10M5201413  
1128SP3AOT1991SPSO HP 10M4942019  
1129SM5DUT1987SMSO HP 10M4842522  
1130SP1GZF2009SPSO HP 10M48019161.0 
1131UA0SU1989RA0SO HP 10M4801616  
1132OZ1CCB1980OZSO HP 10M4753219  
1133JA2HYD2014JA2SO HP 10M (T)45513137.2 
1134VU2CVS2016VUSO HP 10M45022181.6 
1135SP3IBS1990SPSO HP 10M4341614  
1136OZ8E1989OZSO HP 10M4321212  
1137JA7AAT1991JA7SO HP 10M4201815  
1138JA1AAT1980JA1SO HP 10M4081212  
1139W5KI2012W5SO HP 10M (T)40313130.5 
1140SP3AOT1983SPSO HP 10M3921414  
1141SM7KNW1984SMSO HP 10M3772113  
1142HA3GJ1986HASO HP 10M3611413  
1143JM1SMY1985JA1SO HP 10M3503125  
1144JF6OJX1996JA6SO HP 10M3363124  
1145HA5KHS1982HASO HP 10M3361514J_Koszegi 
1146YO7AWZ/DJ1981DLSO HP 10M3361312  
1147JA7OWD2016JA7SO HP 10M32513132.8 
1148OZ8E1987OZSO HP 10M3252513  
1149SP2UU1983SPSO HP 10M3191311  
1150SP7BFO1981SPSO HP 10M3081211  
1151EA6VQ1988EA6SO HP 10M3042016  
1152W8AKS/61985W6SO HP 10M2882718  
1153W6VNR2010W6SO HP 10M27218172.3 
1154UL7GCU1980UNSO HP 10M2601010  
1155UA9UR2012RA9SO HP 10M24010101.8 
1156JH9ETC1988JA9SO HP 10M2401212  
1157LA1VL1984LASO HP 10M2211513  
1158JA1GO1984JA1SO HP 10M2201010  
1159UA9QBT1979RA9SO HP 10M2091311  
1160HA5KV1982HASO HP 10M1961514  
1161HA3GQ1986HASO HP 10M18299  
1162Y66ZN1985DMSO HP 10M1801512  
1163JA8LN1991JA8SO HP 10M1691313  
1164WP4WW2012KP4SO HP 10M (T)168980.2KP4JRS
1165Y74XG1988DMSO HP 10M16299  
1166JR0GFM1994JA0SO HP 10M1473121  
11674X6ZK20074XSO HP 10M1448824.9  
1168OH6RC1979OHSO HP 10M126119  
1169SO5N2017SPSO HP 10M12010104.7SP5BMU 
1170JA1YAG1987JA1SO HP 10M1121514  
1171LA1PBA1985LASO HP 10M1101110  
1172JA1XEM1999JA1SO HP 10M10866  
1173JR1AHH1982JA1SO HP 10M9877  
1174UT2IY2013URSO HP 10M96660.2 
1175JA7PCH1987JA7SO HP 10M901310  
1176RB5IOV1986URSO HP 10M8888  
1177UA6LFQ1986UA-6SO HP 10M8199  
1178ZY5G2003PYSO HP 10M726624.3PP5WG 
1179OK1FBH1984OKOMSO HP 10M7266  
1180UA3MDX1980UA-3SO HP 10M7077  
1181SP6BFK1984SPSO HP 10M6575  
1182RK9AY2017RA9SO HP 10M605511.3 
1183JH6WHN1986JA6SO HP 10M5698  
1184SM5DUT1986SMSO HP 10M4987  
1185SP6BFK1985SPSO HP 10M4595  
1186YU2LLL1986YUSO HP 10M4266  
1187NN3SI1988W3SO HP 10M3686W4KM 
1188SP2BMX1986SPSO HP 10M3666  
1189SP3LPR1985SPSO HP 10M3666  
1190DL2SWN2007DLSO HP 10M273324.2  
1191KH6B1981KH6SO HP 10M2733  
1192OK1KZ1987OKOMSO HP 10M2055  
1193JA2ODS1986JA2SO HP 10M1533  
1194KP4JRS2011KP4SO HP 10M (T)1222 
1195Y36RG1987DMSO HP 10M933  
1196JH1ADR1989JA1SO HP 10M621  
1197JK1LRH1982JA1SO HP 10M422  
1198RA3SS2012UA-3SO HP 10M311 
1199JF6TMH1986JA6SO HP 10M222  
1200SP3CFM2010SPSO HP 10M111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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