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1001NV9X2009W9SO LP ALL6,2401069619.4 
1002KA9ZAP1995W9SO HP ALL6,0724946  
1003KB9S2013W9SO LP 15M (T)6,06952512.2 
1004ND9C2015W9SO HP ALL5,99557553.1W9TC
1005NJ9Z2010W9SO HP ALL5,98553452.5 
1006N9LYE2017W9SO LP ALL5,89072626.0 
1007KB9PY1982W9SO HP 15M5,7345647  
1008K1TN/92014W9SO LP 20M (T)5,71250485.0 
1009N9LF2006W9SA LP ALL5,68464496.5  
1010W9HR2007W9SO LP ALL5,5685048  
1011WQ9T2010W9SO LP ALL5,55960512.9 
1012N9BT2011W9SO LP ALL5,40859524.4 
1013N9GBB2012W9SO LP 20M5,40652517.0 
1014WD8DSB/92014W9SO LP 160M5,40077545.3 
1015KK9DX2001W9SO LP ALL5,39051494.4  
1016W9IIX2012W9SA HP ALL5,37143414.1 
1017K9HCK2006W9SO LP ALL5,33560554.5  
1018AB9M2015W9SA LP ALL (T)5,28944433.4 
1019KC9EE2017W9SA QRP 40M5,28049443.7 
1020WQ9T2011W9SO LP ALL5,25055504.1 
1021K9FO2013W9SO LP ALL (T)5,23257482.3 
1022K9PY2005W9SO LP ALL5,19849467.6  
1023N9BT2010W9SO LP ALL5,14864524.9 
1024KA9VHG2007W9SO LP ALL5,141595329.3  
1025W9TNZ1979W9SO HP ALL5,1254441  
1026W9AKS2013W9SO LP 15M (T)5,06055553.8 
1027AF9J2015W9SO QRP ALL5,05060506.9 
1028W9KHH1987W9SO HP ALL5,0327874  
1029NE0P/91995W9SO LP 20M4,9505045  
1030KC0TOT/92015W9SO LP ALL4,77348439.3  
1031W9PNE1998W9SO QRP ALL4,7607768  
1032W9IIX2017W9SA HP 20M4,758656110.0 
1033NI9C1990W9SO QRP 15M4,7206659  
1034KI9A1982W9SO QRP 20M4,6979177  
1035NQ9A2016W9SA LP ALL4,67463578.1 
1036KG9N2004W9SO LP 20M4,65557491.0  
1037K9PG2017W9SA LP ALL4,63349414.7 
1038K9OZ2012W9SO QRP ALL4,62857524.1 
1039N9GUN2013W9SA LP ALL4,41652464.1 
1040W9RN2016W9SO LP ALL4,27249484.0 
1041W9PNE1999W9SO QRP ALL4,2404040  
1042K9HCK2007W9SO LP ALL (T)4,21259523.3  
1043KD9MS2017W9SO LP 20M4,18646461.8 
1044W9PNE2000W9SO QRP ALL4,1204040  
1045N9AVG2002W9SO QRP ALL4,08547435.0  
1046WD9IAB1986W9SO HP 20M4,04211385  
1047K9PLX2003W9SO LP ALL4,02959516.0  
1048W9AKS2017W9SO HP 40M (T)3,95061503.7 
1049K9OSH2005W9SO LP 20M3,93939391.0  
1050KK9DX2016W9SO LP 20M3,83838384.2 
1051W9ILY2011W9SO LP ALL3,77356491.6 
1052N9BT2014W9SA LP ALL3,68042402.9 
1053KE9EX2012W9SO LP ALL3,67236364.3 
1054N9DMA2016W9SA LP ALL3,479534911.4 
1055WU9D2013W9SO LP ALL3,47153394.1 
1056K9FOH2006W9SO QRP ALL3,45062466.3  
1057AF9J2011W9SO QRP ALL3,40862484.8 
1058WO9B2016W9SA QRP ALL3,40245425.7 
1059NE9U2014W9SO QRP ALL3,384897217.7VE5AE
1060AF9J2007W9SO QRP ALL3,38061526.4  
1061N9NBC2015W9SA QRP 20M3,26648465.1 
1062W9CC2011W9SO QRP 20M3,22048463.7 
1063AI9I2009W9SO LP ALL3,17451465.6 
1064K9ZT2013W9SA LP ALL3,13534335.4  
1065AF9J1998W9SO QRP ALL3,1287068  
1066WQ9T2009W9SO LP 20M3,06934332.0 
1067W9FFA2017W9SA HP ALL3,00050404.4 
1068WD8DSB/92013W9SO LP 160M2,92651384.0 
1069K9PLX2011W9SO LP ALL2,88842383.9 
1070K1GI/92010W9SA HP ALL2,86758472.2 
1071WX9U2010W9SO HP 20M2,83836331.5 
1072K9DTB1997W9SO QRP ALL2,8244745  
1073KX9DX2001W9SO LP 40M2,821363125.7  
1074WB9CHY2009W9SO LP ALL2,81443425.4 
1075N9GUN2017W9SA HP ALL (T)2,76946392.2 
1076AF9J2006W9SO QRP ALL2,73063427.9  
1077KA9IMX1998W9SO LP 20M2,6984038  
1078KX9DX2003W9SO LP 80M2,680524028.8  
1079KE9EX2011W9SO LP ALL2,66830293.5 
1080AI9T2016W9SA HP ALL2,62242381.4 
1081KS9U1984W9SO QRP 80M2,6005450  
1082AF9J2010W9SO QRP ALL2,52052404.7 
1083WU9D2015W9SA LP 40M2,50723233.1 
1084N9TF2009W9SO LP 80M (T)2,48443363.2 
1085W9IIX2013W9SA HP 20M2,46046414.8 
1086N9TF2010W9SO LP 10M (T)2,33138372.4 
1087N9GBB2011W9SO LP 20M2,33138373.4 
1088KK9V1982W9SO HP 40M2,3005046  
1089WB0PTO/92012W9SO HP ALL2,24240384.5 
1090K9GY2017W9SO LP 20M2,14539391.8 
1091KK9V2012W9SA LP 10M (T)2,04631314.5 
1092AA9AX1994W9SO LP 160M2,01610072  
1093AD9T2007W9SA LP ALL2,01031302.3  
1094KA9FOX2011W9SA HP ALL1,95534231.5 
1095KB9WBM2006W9SO LP 20M1,94734337.0  
1096KA9AUS1980W9SO HP 10M1,9244237  
1097W9IND2009W9SO HP 160M1,86047304.6 
1098N9NW1998W9SO LP ALL1,8603130  
1099W9AEM2004W9SO LP ALL1,8002524  
1100KE9EX2013W9SO LP ALL1,66426263.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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