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1001OM3CPY1994OMSO HP 10M2,6045142  
1002OK1DBM1987OKOMSO HP 10M2,5834841  
1003SM5DUT1991SMSO HP 10M2,5355339  
1004OK3ZAF1984OKOMSO HP 10M2,5203936  
1005RU2JL1980ESSO HP 10M2,4576339  
1006W7ZR1989W7SO HP 10M2,4404840  
1007UP2BBF1985LYSO HP 10M2,3985643  
1008UN5J2011UNSO HP 10M (T)2,39447382.6 
1009UA3YAO1980UA-3SO HP 10M2,3315137  
1010KQ1V1992W1SO HP 10M2,2723532  
1011I2JIN1989ISO HP 10M2,2683227  
1012JE1SLP1988JA1SO HP 10M2,2404740  
1013OK2BMA1988OKOMSO HP 10M2,2264642  
1014SM0CKT1980SMSO HP 10M2,2265342  
1015OK2ABU2006OKSO HP 10M2,190493026.4  
1016LA1XDA1985LASO HP 10M2,1615337  
1017NV0P1990W0SO HP 10M2,16013680  
1018DL7MAE1985DLSO HP 10M2,1455539  
1019OZ4O2003OZSO HP 10M2,142494226.0  
1020HG5UA1983HASO HP 10M2,1083631  
1021JA1XEM2000JA1SO HP 10M2,1003330  
1022OH6ZH1980OHSO HP 10M2,0904538  
1023JA1XZF2007JA1SO HP 10M2,0824136  
1024SP9DGO/P2000SPSO HP 10M2,0773131  
1025UL7LAW1979UNSO HP 10M2,0704930  
1026DL2OM2006DLSO HP 10M2,06543355.5  
1027Z35M2001Z3SO HP 10M2,0403030  
1028W8IMZ1981W8SO HP 10M2,0304229  
1029VE2AEJ/31982VE3SO HP 10M2,0253125  
10307J2AAF1991JA2SO HP 10M1,9954035  
1031SP8TJU2006SPSO HP 10M1,95249326.8  
1032OH6RC1988OHSO HP 10M1,9443936  
1033JH1CRF1979JA1SO HP 10M1,9444324  
1034KA9AUS1980W9SO HP 10M1,9244237  
1035RD6DJ19874JSO HP 10M1,9202824  
1036UB5INT1991URSO HP 10M1,9043734  
1037W6YMH1979W6SO HP 10M1,9043728  
1038OK2ABU1987OKOMSO HP 10M1,8874337  
1039EG2IA1980EASO HP 10M1,8853129  
1040JA2ODV1988JA2SO HP 10M1,8762928  
1041SP9HWN1997SPSO HP 10M1,8724436  
1042DJ6TK1991DLSO HP 10M1,8273129  
1043W6RKC2014W6SO HP 10M (T)1,82029262.0 
1044EA2CR1987EASO HP 10M1,8204635  
1045W6VNR2003W6SO HP 10M1,79427262.5  
1046JA8AQ1982JA8SO HP 10M1,7923128  
1047UB5VDO1986URSO HP 10M1,6564436  
1048YO6KNI1982YOSO HP 10M1,6382826YO6BCW 
1049WA4OML1982W4SO HP 10M1,6344119  
1050EA5DM2016EASO HP 10M (T)1,62038363.8 
1051JK6QJH1989JA6SO HP 10M1,6002625  
1052UB5IMJ1980URSO HP 10M1,5904330  
1053UR5FAV2008URSO HP 10M1,58434240.9 
1054JE2SOY1982JA2SO HP 10M1,5604939  
1055OK2ABU1982OKOMSO HP 10M1,5503631  
1056UB5ZDF1983URSO HP 10M1,5402622  
1057W2RR2016W2SO HP 10M1,51229273.7WA2AOG
1058VE3HX1996VE3SO HP 10M1,4842928  
1059UQ2GP1985YLSO HP 10M1,4704235  
1060Y62XG1983DMSO HP 10M1,4492623  
1061W7ON2014W7SO HP 10M (T)1,40324231.4 
1062OK2ABU1997OKSO HP 10M1,3924029  
1063UL7AAS1984UNSO HP 10M1,3802523  
1064JA7OWD2012JA7SO HP 10M1,33424233.5 
1065SP5ZA1990SPSO HP 10M1,3202624  
1066JA6ZLI1997JA6SO HP 10M1,3124032  
1067UV6HTV1991UA-6SO HP 10M1,3053429  
1068JE1SLP1987JA1SO HP 10M1,3026342  
1069F6BVB1982FSO HP 10M1,2753225  
1070K5FUV1980W5SO HP 10M1,2692727  
1071KN8D1987W8SO HP 10M1,2397159  
1072UB5BZ1986URSO HP 10M1,2392521  
1073VE3HX1992VE3SO HP 10M1,2322622  
1074RX9LW2010RA9SO HP 10M1,21025223.6 
1075LZ2SD1985LZSO HP 10M1,2105522  
1076DK5OS1981DLSO HP 10M1,1802220  
1077HC5EG2000HCSO HP 10M1,1762221  
1078EA6WX1986EA6SO HP 10M1,1603229  
1079UA4CC2011UA-4SO HP 10M1,12223222.1 
1080Y26DO1986DMSO HP 10M1,1163631  
1081EA5DNO1987EASO HP 10M1,0503125  
1082UB5VDO1983URSO HP 10M1,0502825  
1083JA7OWD2013JA7SO HP 10M1,04028261.5 
1084VY1EI2015VE8SO HP 10M (T)1,029212111.4 
1085OK1AXK1981OKOMSO HP 10M1,0002120  
1086JA7CPW2014JA7SO HP 10M99023227.1 
1087WB2DND/11989W1SO HP 10M9872119  
1088W2HG1996W2SO HP 10M9844741  
1089UA3TFZ1983UA-3SO HP 10M9762116  
1090JE2SOY1984JA2SO HP 10M9303831  
1091WA6FGV1987W6SO HP 10M9243128  
1092JR1CER1981JA1SO HP 10M9181817  
1093DU1EV2012DUSO HP 10M91219191.2 
1094SP3AOT1984SPSO HP 10M9122019  
1095JA2ODS1987JA2SO HP 10M8703130  
1096UB5VAS1986URSO HP 10M8642722  
1097OK1XC1997OKSO HP 10M8582826  
1098JA7KM1989JA7SO HP 10M8551919  
1099W6YMH1980W6SO HP 10M8282018  
1100OM3KTI1995OMSO HP 10M8163024  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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