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901N9LJX2017W9SA LP 40M14,70083704.9 
902W9VQ2008W9SO LP ALL (T)14,51486823.1 
903K9PMV2013W9SO LP ALL14,50887783.2 
904K9AIH2011W9SA LP ALL14,448102846.8 
905N9DD2011W9SO LP ALL14,02595753.8 
906WB8RFB/92016W9SA LP ALL13,72872665.1 
907KB9YGD2007W9SO HP ALL13,689968116.1  
908KC9GBX2008W9SO LP ALL13,6891048111.4 
909KB9O2012W9SA LP ALL13,61678746.7 
910W9AEM2005W9SO LP ALL13,5787373  
911W9AKS2012W9SO LP 15M (T)13,36383838.3 
912WM9Q2013W9SA HP 20M (T)13,27282793.0 
913K0TQ/92015W9SA HP ALL13,26065651.7  
914KG9LZ2005W9SO LP ALL13,01396778.3  
915W9CM2001W9SO LP ALL (T)12,9209076  
916W9FFA2016W9SA HP ALL12,87998814.5 
917KB9S2017W9SO LP 20M12,870122903.7 
918KB9YGD2009W9SO LP ALL12,8351028514.1 
919N9BT2008W9SO LP ALL12,6921037610.2 
920WB8RFB/92012W9SA LP ALL12,67275726.4 
921AA9IO1995W9SO HP 20M12,6548074  
922KJ9C2017W9SO HP ALL12,64096791.4 
923K9AIH2010W9SO LP ALL12,580101749.5 
924AF9J2016W9SO QRP ALL12,5551118110.8 
925KK9V2017W9SA HP 20M (T)12,516101843.1 
926KC9QQ2013W9SA LP ALL12,28480745.5 
927KU9V2015W9SO LP ALL12,28380717.9 
928AG3R/92008W9SO LP ALL12,212108864.0 
929AB9CD2017W9SA HP ALL12,141717111.3  
930W9PNE1982W9SO QRP ALL12,1369174  
931K9GDF1982W9SO HP ALL12,10311691  
932WB9HRO1982W9SO HP ALL12,09610496  
933AB9PN2017W9SA HP ALL12,070717110.3 
934N9LQ2017W9SA HP 80M (T)11,970105705.7 
935KW9N1984W9SO QRP ALL11,86910283  
936KB9KEG2012W9SA HP ALL11,85974676.1 
937K9PNG1982W9SO QRP ALL11,700134100  
938KS9J1985W9SO HP 15M11,61611096  
939KY9P1984W9SO HP ALL11,61010086  
940N9HDE2008W9SO LP 40M11,60797738.1 
941WD9IIX1979W9SO HP 20M11,57013789  
942AF9J2013W9SO QRP ALL11,48095828.8 
943N9ENA1995W9SO LP 40M11,4248984  
944KS9J1983W9SO HP 15M11,3568068  
945N9BOR2004W9SO LP ALL11,17299844.2  
946KA9VHG2012W9SO LP ALL11,16979734.5 
947K9BGL1984W9SO HP ALL10,9446957  
948K9GY2004W9SO QRP ALL10,87279723.1  
949WQ9T2017W9SO LP ALL10,857101773.9 
950K9DUR2013W9SA HP ALL10,85084705.6 
951W9AKS2016W9SO HP 40M (T)10,72087807.7 
952AF9J2009W9SO QRP ALL10,40090807.5 
953K9DUR2017W9SO HP ALL10,36896723.8 
954W9YYG1995W9SO HP 20M10,327279229  
955KK9V2011W9SO HP 20M (T)10,27582752.3 
956KC9EE2016W9SO LP 20M10,07481732.6 
957KK9V2013W9SA HP 40M (T)9,95472633.6 
958KY9P1985W9SO HP ALL9,888105103  
959ND9Z2016W9SO LP ALL9,80490765.1  
960N9LYE2012W9SO LP ALL9,66467644.4 
961W9CM2000W9SO LP ALL9,5488062  
962KC9TV1997W9SO LP 40M9,4304341  
963N9WVM2017W9SO LP ALL9,272917611.0 
964N9ID2016W9SA LP ALL9,07256562.2 
965WA9VEE2009W9SO LP ALL9,02057557.9 
966WA9LEY2010W9SO LP ALL8,96079704.5 
967W9RE2013W9SO LP ALL8,92873622.4 
968WC9B2010W9SO LP ALL8,84470676.1 
969W9VQ2010W9SO LP ALL8,83277694.3 
970K9CS2005W9SO LP 10M8,77572655.6  
971W9SE2017W9SO LP ALL8,64378672.5 
972AF9J2014W9SO QRP ALL8,64377678.5  
973W9SE2009W9SA HP 10M8,614103739.7 
974KE0L/92015W9SO LP 40M8,53357532.0 
975N9KO2002W9SO LP ALL8,51572656.2  
976K9GDF1981W9SO HP ALL8,50010468  
977W9YCV1986W9SO HP 20M8,4155655  
978KG9N1986W9SO QRP ALL8,3705954  
979N9BT2015W9SA LP ALL8,23567616.4 
980AF9J2012W9SO QRP ALL8,120827011.1 
981W9PNE1992W9SO QRP ALL8,1137061  
982W9LW2015W9SA LP ALL8,03761572.2 
983AF9J2008W9SO QRP ALL7,9921067411.9 
984KX9DX2014W9SO HP ALL (T)7,93668643.8 
985WO9S2010W9SO QRP ALL7,90676671.6 
986KY6AA/92016W9SA LP 80M7,87470629.6 
987N9LYE2005W9SO HP ALL7,86975615.6  
988K9QH2008W9SO LP ALL7,44844383.8 
989WT9Q2014W9SO LP ALL7,12883726.3 
990AK9N1983W9SO QRP ALL7,1286754  
991W9LYA2005W9SO LP ALL (T)7,089585126.7  
992NE9A2006W9SO LP ALL7,00354479.1  
993WD9DZV2007W9SO LP 10M6,882846230.2  
994K1TH/91979W9SO HP ALL6,86411066  
995WQ9T2008W9SO LP ALL6,75877626.0 
996WD9GGY1981W9SO HP ALL6,7055445  
997KX9DX2011W9SO HP 80M (T)6,52782614.7 
998AJ9C2013W9SA LP ALL6,43167591.6 
999N9LYE2016W9SO LP ALL6,43169594.9 
1000KA9AOD1979W9SO HP 10M6,3867462  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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