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901UR2RND1988ESSO HP 10M5,8285047  
902JS1KQQ1999JA1SO HP 10M5,7335349  
903OZ5KU1980OZSO HP 10M5,6686353  
904UB5VAA1982URSO HP 10M5,6647359  
905G3SQX1993GSO HP 10M5,6057959  
906VK4AFU2015VKSO HP 10M5,58847445.6 
907KE5CV1985W5SO HP 10M5,54418299  
908NU4Y1985W4SO HP 10M5,46713377  
909KU2Q1987W2SO HP 10M5,46012684  
910RA0AM2008RA0SO HP 10M5,40655513.5 
911OK2BSG1987OKOMSO HP 10M5,3947858  
912SP5PBE1990SPSO HP 10M5,2805448  
913Y26DO1987DMSO HP 10M5,2467861  
914JA3EQC1980JA3SO HP 10M5,2206345  
915JA4VZX/31981JA3SO HP 10M5,1485144  
916UA3EAT1981UA-3SO HP 10M5,1484839  
917A71CM2012A7SO HP 10M5,07448431.7 
918DF2CHA1980DLSO HP 10M5,0446252  
919RA6AMU1997UA-6SO HP 10M5,0299147  
920OH6RC1990OHSO HP 10M5,0005850  
921LZ2DF2013LZSO HP 10M4,94551433.0 
922DK9LD1980DLSO HP 10M4,9209640  
923UC2OCH1988EUSO HP 10M4,8387859  
924VE2AEJ/31986VE3SO HP 10M4,7565541  
925CT2IOV2013CTSO HP 10M4,68059529.9 
926OK2SG1996OKSO HP 10M4,6486956  
927KD1U/41987W4SO HP 10M4,48010580  
928OK2BTI1980OKOMSO HP 10M4,4446044  
929JH7UJU1980JA7SO HP 10M4,4186847  
930NX5M1997W5SO HP 10M4,4086158  
931UA1XM1980UA-1SO HP 10M4,3997353  
932DJ6TK2010DLSO HP 10M4,38069606.2 
933KF8TM1998W8SO HP 10M4,3685148  
934DL2JDS1995DLSO HP 10M4,3687056  
935YU1ORS1979YUSO HP 10M4,3685539  
936JR2NTC1989JA2SO HP 10M4,3294339  
937LY2OU1994LYSO HP 10M4,3206454  
938OH2BO2014OHSO HP 10M4,31250491.0 
939KC0Q1981W0SO HP 10M4,1824741  
9409K2HN20099KSO HP 10M4,18038380.5 
941KU2Q1986W2SO HP 10M4,1587663  
942WB7FDQ1986W7SO HP 10M4,1488061  
943OK1AES1985OKOMSO HP 10M4,1257975  
944PY2DBU1999PYSO HP 10M4,0333737  
945UA4CM1991UA-4SO HP 10M4,0326148  
946OZ1FTE1983OZSO HP 10M4,0005240  
947OH2EJ1990OHSO HP 10M3,9955347  
948JA6YAI1982JA6SO HP 10M3,9756853JR6EZE 
949RA0ALM2008RA0SO HP 10M3,91348431.1 
950JA2OJ1991JA2SO HP 10M3,8224539  
951IZ8EDL2009ISO HP 10M3,79657523.3 
952JE7MAY1991JA7SO HP 10M3,7844944  
953VE3HX1997VE3SO HP 10M3,7804835  
954JA1AAT1981JA1SO HP 10M3,7624333  
955EA7CP1995EASO HP 10M3,7446052  
956Y23RJ1985DMSO HP 10M3,7366439  
957N3UA/42010W4SO HP 10M3,73545459.8 
958KC2X1982W2SO HP 10M3,7267054  
959OK1TW1988OKOMSO HP 10M3,7244838  
960JA1JCF/11989JA1SO HP 10M3,7204140  
961WL7E2014KLSO HP 10M3,69638334.1 
962HB9BRQ1981HBSO HP 10M3,6724336  
963EA1EVW1991EASO HP 10M3,6666047  
964RA6LE1987UA-6SO HP 10M3,6266549  
965UB5TAU1985URSO HP 10M3,6007372  
966LX9EG2017LXSO HP 10M3,59658583.4LX1NO
967DL2HUM2000DLSO HP 10M3,5204444  
968IO0KHP1987ISO HP 10M3,5046348  
969W2RR2010W2SO HP 10M3,46548454.6WA2AOG
970EW3LN1996EUSO HP 10M3,4567048  
971OK3TVI1990OKOMSO HP 10M3,4444241  
972YO9GP1989YOSO HP 10M3,4345534  
973UA3XBB1985UA-3SO HP 10M3,3126948  
974IK7FMQ2013ISO HP 10M3,29839344.4 
975Y22WF1982DMSO HP 10M3,2805241  
976WA2SYN1993W2SO HP 10M3,2665446  
977EA1CVY1985EASO HP 10M3,1397643  
978YO4BBH1981YOSO HP 10M3,1364032  
979OZ1JSH1995OZSO HP 10M3,1056145  
980K3UA1995W3SO HP 10M3,1007462  
981VE2AEJ/31983VE3SO HP 10M3,0943934  
982SP9CTW1981SPSO HP 10M3,0803935  
983SP9NLK1988SPSO HP 10M3,0743629  
984VE2AEJ/31987VE3SO HP 10M3,0724332  
985YO6KNX1983YOSO HP 10M3,0694533Victor 
986Y54XA1980DMSO HP 10M3,0405138  
987ES2JL2013ESSO HP 10M3,01548457.5 
988JA4ETH1990JA4SO HP 10M2,9883936  
989RZ3AV2013UA-3SO HP 10M2,96443395.6 
990JA2ODV1991JA2SO HP 10M2,9523936  
991DJ6TK1990DLSO HP 10M2,9524036  
992NA2X1997W2SO HP 10M2,9126652  
993JA2IVY1987JA2SO HP 10M2,9076851  
994YO6BHN1987YOSO HP 10M2,9005750  
995UB5TN1987URSO HP 10M2,8816343  
996LZ1KWS1986LZSO HP 10M2,8805145Dmitor 
997JG4KKP1988JA4SO HP 10M2,7203432  
998JA4ATV1988JA4SO HP 10M2,6523826  
999N7LOX1990W7SO HP 10M2,6404844  
1000YO6DDF1985YOSO HP 10M2,6155945  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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