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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
1OL1AOK2020SA QRP 160M185,83236626116.2OK1CW
2OL1AOK2021SO QRP 160M180,54035725515.9OK1CW
3OL1AOK2017SA QRP 160M147,95530923314.7OK1CW
4HA8BEHA2020SA QRP 160M142,92230123915.1 
5OL1AOK2013SA QRP 160M119,41228421414.8OK1CW
6LY5ALY2006SO QRP 160M114,07529219514.3  
7OL1AOK2019SA QRP 160M103,11525420512.9 
8OL1AOK2015SA QRP 160M94,05025619014.5OK1CW
9OL1AOK2022SO QRP 160M82,53323518311.5OK1CW
10OM0TTOM2005SO QRP 160M77,228220172  
11E77YE72017SO QRP 160M77,17521517514.2 
12DL1EFWDL2020SO QRP 160M72,44622817815.7 
13OL1AOK2018SA QRP 160M67,96920716711.3 
14HA8BEHA2010SO QRP 160M59,3431961519.8 
15HA5NBHA2017SO QRP 160M (T)57,09619215613.4 
16S57MS52019SA QRP 160M (T)54,72019614417.4 
17DL1AOBDL2021SO QRP 160M48,75018615012.5 
18S57MS51997SO QRP 160M43,500175125  
19S57MS52018SO QRP 160M41,60016413015.1 
20OL1AOK2016SA QRP 160M41,2621621389.3OK1CW
21S53ARS52020SO QRP 160M40,92017213215.0 
22OH1RXOH2020SA QRP 160M40,7881651328.8OH1RX
23RA3AUUUA-31987SO QRP 160M39,60019099  
24S53ARS52012SO QRP 160M39,50015812514.7 
25S53ARS52017SO QRP 160M39,20415813214.8 
26HA1TIHA2021SO QRP 160M (T)37,63215412817.1 
27HA1TIHA2019SO QRP 160M (T)36,36015512017.8 
28OL1AOK2014SA QRP 160M36,06814912713.1OK1CW
29S53ARS52011SO QRP 160M35,62415212218.0 
30S53ARS52019SO QRP 160M35,46414812416.1 
31HA5NBHA2015SO QRP 160M (T)34,84515411514.4 
32S53ARS52013SO QRP 160M34,68614812316.6 
33S52PS52015SO QRP 160M34,54215511413.1 
34ES1CWES2009SO QRP 160M34,48514812113.5 
35DL9YXDL2008SO QRP 160M32,08515311516.4 
36DL1AOBDL2022SO QRP 160M31,92014912013.2 
37HA1TIHA2020SO QRP 160M (T)30,97614612114.8 
38LY4TLY2018SO QRP 160M30,82014211510.5 
39LY2OULY2020SA QRP 160M30,37114312110.8LY2OU
40LY4BFLY2006SO QRP 160M27,60414010310.7  
41UB5RHFUR1990SO QRP 160M26,82014390  
42S57MS52016SO QRP 160M26,48712610911.5 
43LY4BFLY2011SO QRP 160M26,3781271095.8 
44HB9CPSHB2019SA QRP 160M23,76611810216.1 
45UT8ITUR1996SO QRP 160M23,75011995  
46ON4AEBON2004SO QRP 160M23,5521299212.0  
47HG5PHA2012SO QRP 160M21,4081369611.1 
48HA5NBHA2018SO QRP 160M (T)20,210109947.2 
49LY4BFLY2012SO QRP 160M20,116110945.7 
50EE3XEA2018SA QRP 160M20,0561099212.8EA3KX
51RZ8MSEX1986SO QRP 160M19,9927452  
52YO7CVLYO2017SA QRP 160M18,655105917.1 
53HB9CPSHB2020SO QRP 160M17,6801058513.7 
54IK0XBXI2021SO QRP 160M (T)17,55099904.7 
55LY4BFLY2005SO QRP 160M17,496100815.3  
56LY4BFLY2010SO QRP 160M17,372105864.9 
57UA9MSUA91984SO QRP 160M17,3406951  
58OH4MFAOH2006SO QRP 160M17,334111817.1  
59UB5PBAUR1982SO QRP 160M16,64411673  
60SP4GLSP2009SO QRP 160M16,5751058511.2 
61S53ARS52015SO QRP 160M16,548103848.6 
62US3IWUR2018SO QRP 160M16,40598855.9 
63HB9CPSHB2015SO QRP 160M (T)15,9081018211.1 
64SM3CSM2006SO QRP 160M14,400100758.0SM5CCT 
65RZ3VAUA-32004SO QRP 160M13,83290764.7  
66UG6GAWEK1988SO QRP 160M13,6315243  
67HA3GOHA2021SO QRP 160M13,35189792.9 
68OL1BIPOKOM1984SO QRP 160M12,43210974  
69YT1RYT2002SO QRP 160M12,28289698.5YU1RA 
70R2FIUA22019SO QRP 160M12,06989818.5 
71LY1BALY2004SO QRP 160M11,27083707.6  
72UA3AQPUA-31985SO QRP 160M10,9508150  
73OK1DROOKOM1985SO QRP 160M10,92010570  
74UB5IFNUR1987SO QRP 160M10,1269361  
75UU7JFUR2012SO QRP 160M9,64875675.2 
76OK2BXROKOM1989SO QRP 160M9,6489267  
77UB5RENUR1985SO QRP 160M9,3968254  
78UW1TBUA-11988SO QRP 160M9,20410057  
79RB5IPTUR1988SO QRP 160M9,1208357  
809A704DC9A2016SA QRP 160M8,71070657.69A4DC
81UX9QUR2013SA QRP 160M8,70475687.9 
82OL8CWIOKOM1989SO QRP 160M8,7049364  
83RA2FDEUA21983SO QRP 160M8,2117651  
84YP8AYO2019SA QRP 160M8,17464614.2YO8WW
85RP2BIHLY1985SO QRP 160M8,1608348  
86UA3ATVUA-31985SO QRP 160M8,1008352  
87OK1MPOKOM1984SO QRP 160M8,0408060  
88OL1BIPOKOM1985SO QRP 160M7,9047652  
89UB5RIFUR1991SO QRP 160M7,5268653  
90OL8COJOKOM1985SO QRP 160M7,4108257  
91OL8WATOKOM1989SO QRP 160M7,0767758  
92OK3CXSOKOM1985SO QRP 160M7,0768858  
93UA0QGQ/UTUR1999SO QRP 160M7,0186558  
94UO5OGBER1988SO QRP 160M6,8626747  
95UO50LWER1984SO QRP 160M6,6366842  
96HA1TIHA2022SO QRP 160M (T)6,49662567.4 
97UA9AGNUA91984SO QRP 160M6,2704730  
98OK2PCNOKOM1989SO QRP 160M5,7127056  
99HA5KHCHA2011SO QRP 160M5,66565555.3 
100SP4GLSP2008SO QRP 160M5,618615310.7 
226 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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