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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
1LU7EELU2000SO QRP 10M1,075,612868436  
2LT7HLU2014SO QRP 10M608,68558935719.0 
3LT7HLU2015SA QRP 10M449,29848132720.6LU7HZ
4PQ2QPY2000SO QRP 10M439,752512292PY2WC 
5LU7HZLU2013SO QRP 10M420,20053727523.6 
64X1VF4X2000SO QRP 10M352,683457263  
7I0UZFI2012SO QRP 10M307,80247737434.5 
8ZL0AAHZL1989SO QRP 10M256,665425213  
9EE3OEA2023SO QRP 10M249,56041834025.3EA3O
104I1EBCDU2022SO QRP 10M246,12042621019.8 
11HG10CCHA2016SA QRP 10M206,04057034027.9HA3JB
124X0A4X2012SO QRP 10M (T)196,5883002369.34X1VF
13F6GOEF2000SO QRP 10M185,460432281  
14RA3RAUA-32021SO QRP 10M174,46045230522.9 
154X1VF4X2001SO QRP 10M166,888311184  
16LZ2RSLZ2014SO QRP 10M159,50035829020.9 
177Z1SJHZ2014SA QRP 10M155,76028923616.4 
18I1BAYI2001SO QRP 10M155,33031824522.3  
19EW6DXEU2008SO QRP 10M143,57645727415.8 
20RU7AUA-62012SO QRP 10M143,00034826022.9 
21CX5CBACX2013SO QRP 10M140,81127418714.8 
22JR3RWBJA32002SO QRP 10M139,10525721526.5  
23DH8BQADL2008SO QRP 10M (T)137,63242427226.6 
24M5WG2020SA QRP 10M135,18449628421.0M0HMJ
25YO8DDPYO2010SO QRP 10M135,18241826326.7 
264F3BAADU1990SO QRP 10M128,856422104  
27LZ2RSLZ2016SO QRP 10M125,48140127723.2 
289A3GU9A2000SO QRP 10M122,976324244  
29HA5BSWHA1999SO QRP 10M122,820313230  
30UW8SMUR2019SA QRP 10M118,84538628523.3 
31LZ2RSLZ2020SO QRP 10M114,40136527720.2 
32DH8BQADL2015SA QRP 10M107,55026622519.3 
33DL8MBSDL2020SO QRP 10M103,62237626320.9 
344F3OMDU2022SO QRP 10M (T)99,96229215120.6 
35LZ2RSLZ2012SO QRP 10M99,86427421919.7 
36ON9EEEON2019SA QRP 10M97,94435326420.9 
37LU7HZLU2011SO QRP 10M94,24823115415.4 
38RU7AUA-62015SO QRP 10M93,80827720817.9 
39YO8WWYO2019SA QRP 10M93,24033225216.1 
40Z35FZ32014SO QRP 10M (T)91,16828822416.2 
41I0UZFI2011SO QRP 10M90,88528321924.5 
42JR3RWBJA32001SO QRP 10M88,50021417725.0  
43VR2ZQZVR2009SO QRP 10M88,32329517720.4 
44DJ6QTDL2014SA QRP 10M (T)88,16824521421.6 
45K5NAW52014SO QRP 10M86,58025518529.6 
46M0BPQG2007SO QRP 10M81,95225819710.5  
47DJ2RGDL2019SO QRP 10M80,88031724015.0 
48YO8WWYO2020SA QRP 10M78,97532522515.6YO8WW
49ZY2ORFPY1990SO QRP 10M78,120210168  
509A5M9A2019SA QRP 10M77,3502962389.1 
51S54AAS52012SO QRP 10M71,62120818719.3 
52PY2ORFPY1989SO QRP 10M71,300209155  
534X1VF4X2010SO QRP 10M67,9521811374.6 
54EW6CUEU2008SO QRP 10M66,62527520526.2 
55HG3IPAHA2023SO QRP 10M62,79222418821.0HA3JB
56EA3CXEA2020SA QRP 10M (T)61,06528520724.1EA3CX
57HA3HXHA2014SO QRP 10M58,96222818615.4 
58HG50IPAHA2015SA QRP 10M58,30819717221.7HA3JB
59W5GAIW52012SO QRP 10M56,24017014812.7 
60LU7HTJLU1997SO QRP 10M55,860164114  
61RA3RAUA-32020SO QRP 10M (C)52,83623720420.0 
62YU5WYT2015SO QRP 10M52,32616715321.8YU1QW
63LW3EBJLU1998SO QRP 10M50,874148122  
64G0TDXG1995SO QRP 10M50,393296161  
65LZ1QNLZ1989SO QRP 10M49,350208141  
66OK1LVOK2020SO QRP 10M (C)49,00025320014.7 
67DF9ZPDL2002SO QRP 10M48,9001781509.5  
68LZ1MGLZ2010SO QRP 10M48,15122817919.8 
69LW7EICLU1999SO QRP 10M48,140143116  
70EA33GVEA1988SO QRP 10M48,081200141  
71JA1EFJA11981SO QRP 10M46,368174126  
72SP4GFGSP2016SO QRP 10M44,84021619015.1 
73YO8WWYO2021SO QRP 10M44,4882121669.1 
74LY2OULY2023SO QRP 10M42,75720316926.1 
75PS7HDPY2015SO QRP 10M42,36014512013.5 
76EW6DXEU2007SO QRP 10M41,0402181528.6  
77YT1BXYT2005SO QRP 10M40,09220315625.4  
78YO5DASYO2001SO QRP 10M37,973140127  
79HA7VKHA2010SO QRP 10M37,84819815212.5 
80YO8WWYO2015SA QRP 10M36,9841601389.0 
81JH9HXF/1JA11988SO QRP 10M35,721172147  
82DL9YXDL2010SO QRP 10M34,85419115714.3 
83N4IJW42022SO QRP 10M34,8451381158.7 
84PY1FWPY2023SO QRP 10M34,44313912915.2 
85UA6CFDUA-62010SO QRP 10M33,8802051405.9 
86F8AKCF2010SO QRP 10M33,51617014720.1 
87K3TW/4W42014SO QRP 10M33,36014412016.8 
88OH6NPVOH2001SO QRP 10M33,143144131  
89BM0QRPBV2013SO QRP 10M33,00016512516.1BV3FG
90JK7DWDJA72023SO QRP 10M32,89316312721.4 
91W5GAIW52010SO QRP 10M32,25018512514.0 
92DL2TMDL2020SO QRP 10M32,17519916512.0 
93RA3OUUA-32000SO QRP 10M31,416145136  
94DL8TGDL2010SO QRP 10M30,87918014117.7 
95DR2QDL2016SO QRP 10M30,64619015425.0DL8MBS
96NA4CWW42005SO QRP 10M30,62415911618.6  
97LY5GLY2023SO QRP 10M30,34017514815.7 
98OM7PYOM2023SO QRP 10M30,0001381259.7 
99OK1MGWOK2000SO QRP 10M29,510142130  
100SP4NKJSP2023SO QRP 10M27,91815414120.5 
559 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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