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2E0WAWSO LP ALLLimited to 50 watts by licence. Licenced since 17th June 2009. Difficult to make myself heard, but good fun. Used SD to log contacts - very easy to use.
2W0XTPSO LP ALLROOKIE ENTRY LICENCED August 2008 Very enjoyable, quite good conditions to USA/S.America Difficult getting a 2W0 callsign understood!
5P8WSO LP ALLthanks to OZ1ELY Mogens for help with the log after contest.
6W1SJSO HP 15MThis LOG includes QSO's made on 20m before I lost electricity and those QSO's are for LOG checking purposes. My category is SO 15m High, not multiband.
6W2SCSO LP 15MElecraft K3, Spiderbeam, great propagation this year!
6Y1XSO HP ALLFirst Real Year as a Ham Operator, this was great.
7K1CPTSO QRP 15MRig:K3 output 5W Ant:Dipole 10mh
7K1EQGSO LP 15MVery short period of participation for business trip schedule. Still fun.
7N2UQCSO LP 10MI was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig:IC-706, ANT:Dipole
7N4CPTSO LP ALLNot big score but enjoyed much!
7S5SSO LP ALLK3 100W to KT34XA + Dipoles
7Z1HLSO LP 15MGreat conditions on 15m, but unfortunately no time because of weekend and work. Still enjoyed the contest with many great stations around. See you next time...
9A2EUSO HP 160MGood propagation, but very low activity on 160. Only 12 hrs on.
9A2USA HP 10MFT-1000MP Mark-V Field,1000W, 4el Quad, 3el yagi
9A3CWWSO LP 15M73 from yl Kristina
9A7PSO LP ALLTS-2000X; Inv.V 80/40m, 2el QUAD 20/15/10m
9A9LSO QRP 40MIt was great fun to be a part of nice activity on 40 M with 3 el Moxon and "car-radio" FT-817.
9M6BRCMSHRig: Transceiver Ten-Tec Omni VI and Icom IC-PW1 Linear @ 400w. Antennas: (HF) Cushcraft A4S (LF) 40-80m Inverted Vee We had a few experienced ops but were very glad to welcome some first time ops including a group from the Keningau area. They did very well and hopefully will have enjoyed working on the HF bands so will be encouraged to upgrade their licenses. The others who monitored the proceedings should be confident enough to go on the mike next time! Band condx were poor on Saturday better on Sunday but much poorer than they have been recently.
9W2ESMSO LP 10MNewbiew in 10m, start with no plan using vertical antenna
A71CVSO HP 15MI feel in love with 15m WPX SSB 2010 was a great opportunity to test my setup since I installed my antenna one week before the contest. 15m was my target and I was running the station for about 26 hours. In the first day after the sunset I had a huge pileup with North America and the continental distribution in WIN-TEST was show a green for a long time that was good for me because most of US call was a new multiplier. It really was a big opening, US stations were stronger than European at that time just for the first day. During the contest I worked 802 prefix and 102 DXCC. Working condition: Radio: Kenwood TS-2000 Antenna: Hy-gain TH-11DX (16m high) Amplifier: Emtron DX-2SP (TNX Ali A71BX) 15m was a lot of fun and at the end I think I feel in love with 15m Many thanks for all worked station and good luck for all See you in WPX SSB 2011 73s from Qatar A71CV, Abdulla
A71ELSO HP 10MIt was big fun since it was my first contest. The band wasn't open all the time, any way I had many many QSOs with South America. I hope good luck for all and see you next year. Best 73s from Qatar de A71EL, Mohammad
AA0NKSO LP ALLMy best contest results so far even with my rotor that stopped working after 2 hours.
AA4DSO HP 40MLots of good mults but I deleted that H44 that was S9+20 in VA. As usual, had a blast. By far my favorite contest since you can get mults on 40 all day long.
AB8DFSO LP ALLTrying out XLog for the first time. It work better than expected.
AC6DXSO HP ALLHad a Blast, to bad I had to work most of the contest, see all of you in the Pile-up's, 73 de AC6DX
AD3PASO LP 10M100w and a vertical isn't much on 10 meters, but it's still fun
AD4LSO HP ALLCushcraft A4S @ 25', TS850, AMP @ 500w
AD7JSO LP 20MBest score on low power in last 5 years on 20M, Had fun, tnx to those who may the test possible & to those that worked me,cheers, Chuck
AD7UPSO LP ALLHave not heard 40 and 10 this good in a long time. Hope to be back on next year.
AE4ECSO HP ALLbest effort ever for me
AE5PWSA LP ALLAs a relative newcomer to HF (since mid-2008), I have often heard stories about how you can actually have QSOs on 10 meters instead of just listening to static. I thought those hams were just making stories up about what happens when there are sunspots and a decent solar flux. Imagine my surprise when I found 10 meter activity in the opening minutes of the contest! And then tuning to 15 meters there was even more. As a very very little gun, I focused my efforts on 10 and 15 only, and 90% of it was search and pounce. I did call CQ on 15 meters for a couple hours and was pleased to have actual takers. Thanks to all of you who answered my very weak CQ calls! The station here is simple - a Yaesu FT950 running 100 watts with a Butternut HF9V vertical, ground mounted. As I always say in these soapbox comments, I never cease to be amazed at what such a simple setup can do. I did manage to pick up 4 new DXCC entities on 10 meters, and another 4 new ones on 15 meters. Thank you to all the friendly participants in this contest. I look forward to the next one!
AE8USO LP ALLThis was my first contest!!
AF9JSO QRP ALLHad Fun! I wish I'd had more time avialble for participating
AG0ASO LP ALLHad fun, search and pounce mode. Tried a couple of runs but better searching and going up and down bands. First night had high swr on vertical, second night had it corrected.
AH6RRSA HP 20MJust thought I would try to have some fun. I want to try to break 900 Q's or 1.25 Mil points Q's. I did meet my goal in the WPX RTTY contest of 500 Q's
AI4VAChecklogFT-450 & long wire antenna
AI5MMSHOur first contest under our new club call, AI5M. Great Weekend!
AJ5CSO LP ALLAfter 54 years this was my first contest!
AK1WSO HP ALLBusiness trip made me miss the first (good conditions) half of the contest.
AM3MSA HP 40MI had prepaired all antennas for multiband operation. On saturday my amp protects all the time, a problem with the tribander. After testing all day, i could make on 40 on sunday. CY next year with a new tribander!
BA1SNSO LP ALLrig: ft-1000, ant: 5 band inv v at 4mh
C31CTSO LP 20MTNX for organization contest. Vy 73 Salvador.
C4ZSO LP 15MONLY ABLE TO SPEND LIMITED TIME Hope to make the full 36 hrs in the cw event. Cndx ok but could be better Logging with SD was flawless.
CE1ZMSHwas an unforgettable experience with several stations having contactodos Antofagasta chile goodbye and thanks ce1z dx group
CN2BCSO LP ALLCould improve my result compared to last year, although beam was fixed to EU only. Was called by some not actively participating DX-stations, being obviously one of only two CN2s helps in this case....


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