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2E0RCVSO LP ALLThe 2E0 prefix was not an easy one for the guys to handle! Some thought it was VE0, ZE0, 7E0, others thought it was G0 or M0. Some thought I was still M3RCV while others thought I was my son, 2E0CVN! At least I gave the guys a multiplier and my call is in a few databases ready for next time!
2E0TQRSO LP 20M50 wts. Thanks to all. SD used very good
3V8SSSO LP ALLI really enjoyed the contest! Amazing 40m!
4D1NSO QRP ALLMy PC had crashed and took time to recover and to submit my logs.
4V4JRMSHThis special call was obtained for the contest by Jean-Robert HH2JR We operated from the NW Haiti Christian Mission in St Louis du Nord, Haiti. Rig: ICOM IC-7000 with 300 watt solid state amp Antennas: Mosley TA-33 at 70 feet, Butternut HF2V. Operating time was limited by availability of generator power. We were also limited on the low bands by very high local noise.
5D5ASO HP 20MMy result is in memory of Claudio, father of Stefano IK2QEI.
7N2UQCSO LP 10MI was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig:IC-706, ANT:Dipole
8S0C/5MSHIt was so difficult with these poor conditions. However, we will be back next year and we hope that they have improved. It is not possible that they can be worse. Thanks for a fun contest with a lot of activities.
9A2USA HP 10MHard work, 12 hrs first day, and 12 hrs on sunday, but no results. HI!
9A8MMSHTS-930S, TS-2000, L4B, OM2500 160 INV V 80 INV V, VERTICAL 40 2L, INV V 20 2L QQ, 3L QQ 15 2L QQ, 4L QQ 10 NEVER MIND BEVERAGE NW
9M8ZSO HP ALLNearly 1000 QSOs and 2 million points down on my score in 2008. This is a reflection of the poor propagation: 15m did not really open to Europe this year. Rig: FT-1000MP, JRC JRL-2000 Solid-state linear amplifier, to Optibeam OB-17-4 at 72ft (3-eles on 40m, 4-eles on 20 and 15m, 6-eles on 10m).
A73AMSHOur target was the 12 million score but due to unusual conditions and propagation, like rain, static's and bad propagation on 15m second day which lowered our QSO rate sometimes, we reached the 10 million score but I believe that this is a great score since we exceed the last year results Special thanks to my best friend Juma, A71EM, for the second station Amplifier also it was our pleasure and we were really happy to meet friends in this contest, A71CT, HZ1DG, HZ1HN and 3V8SS were doing great job and they were all in the log but we didn't worked 7Z1SJ K5GN had to leave the station Saturday night to resume duty on Sunday and he joined us in afternoon as A71CV and A71AD did a great job in this contest The highest rate was 260 Q/h The lowest rate was 8 Q/h but not for long GL to all CU in WPX CW de A71BX
AA4UCSO LP ALLThis is the first time I've ever really worked a contest and found it very enjoyable even though I am antenna limited in an appartment. Looking forward to the CW event in May.
AA6KSO LP ALLPretty good conditions on 40 meters.
AB5XZSO LP ALLA couple of big guns busted contacts with me because of being in a hurry.
AD6ZJSA HP ALLHad both my girls home from college this weekend so I let one of them log for a little while to maybe pickup the contest bug (or at least get her license). While I had the help I wasn't that productive because we spent most of the time talking about where the stations were located. Based on my "help" I am submitting my score as assisted. I think this score is my highest in any contest. I had good runs on 40M Friday night calling CQ but much of the rest was S&P. Because my girls were in town most of my opperating was late at night or S&P for several and then back to family duties. Still managed to get about 18 hours in...I worked about 15 or so new band/modes with a few DX I had never worked. All in all I had a great time. Best runs on 40M were 66@128/hr and 107@68/hr. Best run on 75M was 61@49/hr. Didn't run much on other bands. - All for now, AD6ZJ Loren
AD7JSO LP 20MAnother snow, rain and BIG WINDSTORM with some lost time account rain static but had fun anyway.
AD7UPSO HP ALLAnother interesting contest. Hope to be back for the next one.
AE5PWSO LP ALLThis was my first time participating in the contest, and I did so with very casual operating. It was fun, and I plan to put in a more serious effort next time. It was great to actually make some contacts on 15m and 10m, mostly down to South America on Sunday.
AE6RFSO HP ALLIcom IC-756ProII, N1MM, microKeyer, Ameritron AL-80B, Palstart BT1500A, 2-el SteppIR, 80m inverted-vee doublet. Part time effort, mostly to hand out AE6 to friendly locals turned into a more serious effort. SSB isn't my "thing."
AF6AVSO LP ALLI operated mobile
AF6MESA HP ALLI've had my license for a bit less than a year now, and am loving contesting, even though I don't have the motivation or the health to really put on a competitive showing. I finally got my license when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and no longer was working; mostly I use a contest as a personal challenge and a way to work some rare DX. The WPX contest is my favorite contest yet, and considering I only operated for about 30 hours with one radio, 600W PEP and a vertical, I think I did okay! Busting pileups with a little skill and great prep work on my equipment is really satisfying, especially when I have serious "underdog" hardware in so many ways (no tower, low-power amp vs. legal limit, omni receive antenna, etc.)
AH0BTM2We are very enjoyed the WPX contest. Our young star Yoshiki/KH0UA who is 8-years-old son of Kuny/W1FPU made more than 800QSOs.
AI4GSO LP ALLIt was really nice to see 15M open on Sunday.
AI4WUChecklogOperated 20m-40m-80m for a total of 17 hours.
AJ4JDSO LP ALLThis was a very fun contest. My 1st time and I had a blast. Hope to work it again next year.
AK1WSO HP ALLLast minute work project required me to work and travel over the weekend. Managed to sneak in a few hours during breaks from the work project. Nice to see so much activity!
AM3EGBSO LP ALLFine contest i hope work the next edition 2010 goog conditions 20 and 15 mts and closed 10 mts. My best regards to members of contest cu agn.
AO5LSO LP 20MOnly works on 14 mhz.
AO7TSO LP 20MGood job with SD
CN2BCSO LP ALLHaving a 5-ele-TriBander can be a lot of fun, but only if you can turn the antenna. As rotator didn't work, missed all Asia and a lot of South America, by luck the antenna was pointing to Europe...
CN2RSO HP ALLIn Charki's memory
CT/LZ3NDSO QRP 20MOne more contest by lz3nd good fun just with 5w,and... cu agn on the next contest by-by!
CT1AOZSO LP 10Mvery poor propagation and too busy all the wekend with home work hi... hope to see all of you again in WPXCW... 73 de Jose CT1AOZ
CT1EGWSO LP 20MAlways a nice contest.
DD1JNSO HP ALLIC-7700 ACOM 1000 Dipol
DF0BVSO HP ALLQRV with K3, TH5DX and Dipole, most QSO were made with 100W, a few with 700W
DF1HFSA LP 80MThanks for copy me, hard work with low power. See you next year again
DF2PHSO LP ALLTnx for the nice contest, had too less time for it
DF5LRSA HP ALLWith Solar-Flux around 72 fair conditions to the States, but on 15m practically only the Big Guns came through from overseas. On Sunday on 40m Meter the extension to 7200 KHz here in Europe was very helpful to pick up the various Stations. Had a lot off Fun on the bands during the couple of hours I worked. Station:Ft-2000 /Ameritron 811 linear/ G5RV Dipole 10m above Ground. Thanks to all Stations who picked me up in the sizzling Bands. Best 73 Andy (DF5LR)
DF5RFSA HP ALLRig: IC775 + ACOM1010 500W, Vertical, SAMS-matched Dipole
DF8JKSO LP ALLFlex 5000, Windom, MixW
DG0CCSO HP ALLsecond: worked with DM2C


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