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PP5JYSO HP ALLVery good contest
PP5WGSO HP 10MI will be back!
PV2MSO HP ALLI had fun!!!
PY1SXSO LP ALLVertical 5/8 - DXV8RR By Electril Radio: ICOM IC 736 Microphone: ICOM SM 10
PY2XCSA LP 10MUnfortunately band conditions did not collaborate once more...
PY2YUSO HP ALLRig: TS-850S Amp: Dentron MLA-2500B (2x 4CX400A) - 500 Watts Ant: TH7DX @ 14 meters (10/15/20) 2 el. Yagi @ 19 meters (40)
PY3ATRChecklogThanks for your attention. I really appreciate the contest.
PY3DXSO LP ALLGreat contest, as usual! Sounds like a big party where everyone is invited. Unfortunately, haven't more time to be on the air due to homework, just 24h on dutty. Was fascinating to meet some friends and being recognized by some others. I'll catch you all in the CW issue. Good luck to everybody! Paul - PY3DX.
RA3TLASO LP ALLThanks for this contest!!!
RA3XEVSA LP 20MThank you for the interesting test. 73!
RA9XUSO LP 20MFT-450 ant CZ-56
RD3WFSO LP ALLOff times 1 - 2008-03-29 0650 ... 2008-03-30 0530 Off times 2 - 2008-03-30 1040 ... 2008-03-30 1750
RK3DZHMSHThanks for perfect competitions! Our school club "Contact" acted in structure 4 schoolboys. Their age 12 years. PWR - 100 WATTs; ANT - DELTA. The trainer - UA3DAF, Chaplygin Vladimir. 73!
RM9RZSA HP ALLMany peoples worked in contest. Bad my antenna, cu in cw WPX
RN3ZINSO LP ALLTRCVR KENWOOD TS-50 (100W) ant vert-20 delta-80 IV-40 LW-160 Tks for FB contest!
RN3ZRSO LP ALLTRCVR- YAESU FT-450 (100W), ant-VERT-160 es 40m,delta-80 m,2 QUAD-20m, 3 QUAD-15m. Tks for FB contest!
RN4CASO LP ALLSDR-1000 (FlexRadio) 100Wtt YAGI 3EL. 20M; 3EL. 15M; 5EL. 10M; DELTA 80/40M
RU3SESO LP 20MI could not carry out any contact with NA using my dipole antenna. In addition propagation to W/VE was bad. It is a pity!
RU6HJSO LP ALLTransiver UW3DI, Antenna GP
RU9CDSO LP ALLLicensed July 27 2005
RV4LCSO LP ALLSorry, no propagation on 10M, very poor on 15m. Thanks for the contest! 73! Val, RV4LC
RV6LFESO LP ALLFirst full effort since 1999 with low power! Hope to appear in CW!
RW0CVSO LP 20MThanks to everyone!
RW3AISO QRP ALLIcom 7800 pwr 5 watts, Ant: CP6, LW 120m
RW6FOSO QRP ALLRig Elecraft K2 Ant Yagi (10, 15 20 m), Dipole, LW
RX3AGDSO HP ALLTRX:ICOM-756 PRO III + Amplifier GS35B(600watt in SSTV) Antennas:14 ele YAGI 20-15-10m ; INV V Dipole 40-80-160 meters
RX9AMSO LP ALLTx - Icom756 pro2,Power 100 wtts; Ant: Ant: 10/15/20 - 3/3/3 el yagi,40/80/160 - dipole
S50ASO HP ALLoff times 0810-1301, 2303-0016, 0404-0702, 0937-1235
S51AMSHWhat a contest! After a long time Andrej S56ZAB, Ziga S56LZI and I managed to put on air again S53APR or S51A in a HF contest in a M/S setup. It was our first time HP from this location and we wanted to see if there were any problems with the setup, so we opted for 1 radio to see if there was anything wrong before going on a 2 radio setup. We tought we made all preparation possible and all, but... Our setup was th6dxx on 12m an an Eco dipole for 40m rotary on 14m and dipoles for 7, 3.5 and 1.8 on 12m. + 1 Bvg goin E-W Using a Ts-950Sdx + Acom 2000A. Proir the contest we checked all the things and decided to not go over 800W on the rotary dipole, which is declared for only 1kW. Better safe than sorry, HI..but ECO is ECO .... :) So Jane S57L joined me 1h before the contest we had all set up and ready to start. Started on 80m, but after 20 minutes the first failure...the dipole went arching somewhere and we couldnt figure it out where. So we discared the band after some tryes and went on 7. The bands were unusualy quiet...(we still didnt knew what was going on). I tought that the conditions were just bad and that was the cause, only later on sunday night we found out that the beverage was causing the station to go deaf in RX. After we removed the beverage it went all to normal ( only last 6h were worked like that :/ ) But, we learned something new, so that's what it's all about. All the signals were weak and hard to read. I'm apologising to all that we couldnt hear or were under the AGAIN AGAIN NUMBER AGAIN sindrome that we had... The beverage caused something like 30-60 Db Attenuation on the signals, so if we did get on someone's cq frq we apologise. I spent 6 or more hours on the tower in the middle of the contest fixing all that went wrong or didnt want to work properly. Ziga and Andrej fixed the dipole for 40m. The dipole for 80 was finnaly fixed on sunday morning and we operated for 2 days on 80m with a bad arching dipole and 150-300 W + the station problem. Now that i look on it i'm surprised how we managed the 1400 qso that we had prior of solving the problem with the radio. I will just congratulate the hams that stuck with patience to out deafness. After the 80m failure there was a failure on the 40m dipole. Same problem. The middle part was an ECO dipole center, declared for 3kW, but.....it didnt hold even 1,5kW. So never again using ECO stuff at all. The only dipole working fairly good was the 160m one. After a saturday run on 40m to collect the EU mults, the ECO rotary dipole for 40m was fryed even with only 600-800W in (30 min of cq and the rate was quite nice for a a dipole that high). Yey, i was stunned, but after a call from Jane S57L we keep holding on with the remaining setup. A thunderstorm made it to Ljubljana and i had to stop operating for 2h cuz of the qrn and the danger of lightnings. Dragan S55Z and Ales S59MA came to give a hand and offer some operating time while i was on the tower trying to fix stuff. On sunday afternoon after running 80m with realy bad signals Damjan S52W told us that we were totaly deaf, and we finnaly managed to fix the problem. Yey, the bands opened and it was like another world, but we lost most of the time. Oh well, it will be for next time...(i can say that we lost something like 800 qso on all bands cuz of that) The station and the Acom 2000A worked ok even with all the problems mentioned above. The Acom is realy realy a pleasure to work with and you only need 3s to be on another band with it. Realy awesome. Not a glitch and thanks the guys from acom to the auto protection of the PA. otherwise it would've been realy smoky in the shack. Thanks again to all and it was a pleasure to work many OM and WWYC's. A special thanks to the S53APR people and others that made it possible. There were 1 bad point in the contest when an old bitter ham made a realy stupid comment on our cq frq. But that is to be expected from his intellectual greatness. :) Next time hopefullx with a 4 el Quad and things that will work on other bands (hoepfully :P ) S51A will come back with a better and working setup. We are allways learning. Bostjan S55O
S57SUSO QRP 40MWhere are all USA stn's? Only few called CQ... Closed down 3h before end. There was a moral dilema: scanning band ten times in a row for new QSO? Maybe score would be bigger by 10 QSO and few mults.... guess will never know...
SE5SSO LP ALLOK, this was fun! Many new DXCC for me and nice to get an idea of whats waiting when conditions getting better in cycle 24. Contest site was club house with a 20m mast with 3el3band beam and 100W. Worked quite well! Thanks for all QSO's! I'll be back!!
SF6DXMMWkd for fun. All ops out there please bethink this: a brand new radio transceiver is not equal to a clean tx signal! You do need to use the buttons too. TNevertheless the WPX is a fun thing. C U next time!
SG3OSO LP 15MNice to hear signals on 15 again and here are the points for the ones I worked. 73 de Nils SM3AGO/SG3O.
SM0GYXSA HP ALLic 756 pro 3 ampliffer expert 1 k-fa dopel dipol 80 40 3 ele yagi
SM5LSMSO LP ALLThanks for a very nice test.
SM6AHUSO HP 20MRig Yaesu FT 747 + FL 2100Z 400 W Ant 3 el yagi
SM7BZVSO HP ALLNot time to take part - but couldn't resist some cherry
SN3CSO LP 20MI try to work on ssb , is difficult for me hi
SN5MChecklogOnly a few contacts to sign the guestbook. No time
SN9ISO LP 40MIC738 140w input Ant: Quad 84m Horiz.
SO6ISO HP ALLts 440, GP, PA 300W
SP1DMDChecklogtx/rx icom 746 100W antena vertical

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