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SL 20M



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1YW5TYVSO LP 20M2,700,7531,39366924.7YV5JBI
2PY1ZVPYSO LP 20M1,459,72294856128.0 
3TG0AATGSO LP 20M1,031,4721,03046417.6TG9ANF
4HI3TTHISO LP 20M964,30883849323.8 
5EF2FEASO LP 20M795,84499860226.6EA2DNR
6FM4KAFMSO LP 20M769,51562243515.0FM5FJ
7UA1AQAUA-1SO LP 20M742,02688756632.5 
8UT8UFURSO LP 20M706,1251,03552514.8  
9LR1HLUSO LP 20M695,07263940622.7 
10XR1CCESO LP 20M (T)525,09655735117.0CE1KR
11HC1JQHCSO LP 20M480,97449333810.4 
12UN6LNUNSO LP 20M426,25044734116.1 
13CS8/PD9DXCUSO LP 20M (T)341,50648336120.0 
14HZ1TTHZSO LP 20M (R)309,9694282796.1 
15VE3IAEVE3SO LP 20M (T)291,65037730720.7 
16YL5WYLSO LP 20M282,00057837627.7 
17S51AFS5SO LP 20M279,10564234516.6 
18E79DE7SO LP 20M272,6915413699.9  
19UA4CNZUA-4SO LP 20M252,28850638420.5 
20EI4HQEISO LP 20M (T)232,51242033622.2 
21CT1EEKCTSO LP 20M (T)218,99438833922.1 
22DL9ZPDLSO LP 20M (T)218,42043232630.8 
23JR4GPAJA4SO LP 20M (T)201,45031025517.7 
24WB2TFM/4W4SO LP 20M200,14333726311.8 
25IK1HZZISO LP 20M (T)195,69038233021.9 
26RW3XZUA-3SO LP 20M188,17045131012.7 
27VE1SQVE1SO LP 20M158,44025823315.5 
28UT1XXURSO LP 20M152,44037329623.4 
29TA4EDTASO LP 20M145,65624720410.5  
30RK4RUA-4SO LP 20M136,88832428416.0 
31UR5ZSUURSO LP 20M135,30034827517.2 
32UY0CAURSO LP 20M120,3933392737.9 
33DL0GEODLSO LP 20M119,96634626620.6DL2YAK
34OZ4NAOZSO LP 20M (T)116,33230525419.4 
359A6ARB9ASO LP 20M115,24030526815.0 
36JA1NQUJA1SO LP 20M109,72923219723.2 
37UR7MNURSO LP 20M109,39228625823.9 
38G0DCKGSO LP 20M102,69527723513.1 
39EA4YKEASO LP 20M99,77427724114.3 
40UX7UURSO LP 20M93,00030525018.4UX7UA
41VA3GUYVE3SO LP 20M (T)80,8281751677.5 
42OG3POHSO LP 20M (T)80,59824520216.2OH3P
432E0ZAZGSO LP 20M (R)77,38125322314.2 
44OM3TBOMSO LP 20M75,77425821924.2 
45YO2LELYOSO LP 20M71,78124021325.5 
46N7FLTW7SO LP 20M (T)70,86419417215.2 
47K2HVEW2SO LP 20M67,06419316615.6 
48R6DGUA-6SO LP 20M66,57024421014.1  
49IK7XNFISO LP 20M62,91623621416.2 
50S57PKTS5SO LP 20M62,88423119916.3 
51OK1AYOKSO LP 20M62,2202332047.8 
52UA2FTUA2SO LP 20M58,88020118411.5 
53EA4EJREASO LP 20M57,34020218812.7 
54HA8YUHASO LP 20M (T)56,8482131879.6 
55KD0NELW0SO LP 20M56,27421516620.1 
56W5CSMW5SO LP 20M56,10821116922.0 
57KG2AFW2SO LP 20M54,16816114816.7 
58SP6LUVSPSO LP 20M52,64017116011.0 
59UR3PGWURSO LP 20M47,3481961788.2 
60WB3CIIW3SO LP 20M45,21016313711.5 
61OK1MMNOKSO LP 20M40,87217215611.3 
62HB9EDBHBSO LP 20M38,10017115013.5 
63BG2AUEBYSO LP 20M35,5181391186.9 
64RT9OMRA9SO LP 20M34,57811711310.6  
65UR5MAFURSO LP 20M33,86716615910.1 
66JH0EPIJA0SO LP 20M32,9671231117.7 
679A6RMI9ASO LP 20M32,23414914213.6 
68OH5GIOOHSO LP 20M32,0461571477.9 
69OZ1XVOZSO LP 20M28,48215314113.2 
70SP5DRESPSO LP 20M27,9511251217.7 
71KG1VW1SO LP 20M27,4051141054.2 
72IZ5RKCISO LP 20M (T)27,0131311197.4 
73PY2DXAPYSO LP 20M25,5421039912.1 
74US1MYURSO LP 20M24,44413512611.1 
75EA3GTJEASO LP 20M24,2651311159.6 
76E20YLMHSSO LP 20M22,79093867.4 
77IZ8RSOISO LP 20M (T)22,3861271235.8 
78OM8HGOMSO LP 20M22,0641191127.5 
79UX7QGURSO LP 20M21,54613312614.9 
80IZ4ORFISO LP 20M (T)21,0631261196.6 
81S57YKS5SO LP 20M (T)19,20512711518.0 
82EW3AAMEUSO LP 20M18,9601271208.2 
83IZ2WMWISO LP 20M (R)18,0961281169.4 
84PA5ADPASO LP 20M17,6321361168.8 
85JH1XUZJA1SO LP 20M15,75684786.1 
86F5PXFFSO LP 20M15,0381121036.9 
87UR5EFLURSO LP 20M14,1111141035.8  
88SQ3RLCSPSO LP 20M (R)13,8711059710.3 
89JA5XPDJA5SO LP 20M12,39074708.7 
90IZ2LTWISO LP 20M12,32092886.8 
91IZ2EEVISO LP 20M12,01295916.4 
92F5MPNFSO LP 20M10,62594853.5 
93IZ7DMTISO LP 20M (R)10,41698936.7 
94XE2JUMXESO LP 20M (R)9,536756410.7 
95SP6HDSSPSO LP 20M9,51662619.3 
96CT3FJCT3SO LP 20M9,18460567.9 
97UC0LAFRA0SO LP 20M8,90566657.5  
98SA7JSMSO LP 20M8,26595877.7 
99ES1ZWESSO LP 20M (T)8,23292846.7ES3VGA
100IZ6NNHISO LP 20M7,14072704.3 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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