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1P40VP4SO HP ALL16,638,8414,8221,09136.0  
23V8BB3VSO HP ALL (T)15,266,8804,3271,080YT1AD 
3CT3BXCT3SO HP ALL14,185,3054,2101,059  
4HD8ZHC8SO HP ALL12,534,1483,9781,034HC1OT 
5KQ2M/1W1SO HP ALL11,875,2403,9871,06636.0  
6C4A5BSO HP ALL11,745,6003,9599609A3A 
7JY9NXJYSO HP ALL (T)11,000,0964,056907JM1CAX 
8NH7AKH6SO HP ALL10,602,2103,528942  
9V31JPV3SO HP ALL10,319,6603,753988K8JP 
10KE3QW3SO HP ALL10,092,0183,6021,009  
11JH7PKUJA7SO HP ALL10,011,3003,577975  
12P43EP4SO HP ALL (T)9,968,1543,326966  
13V47KPV4SO HP ALL9,921,6833,716953  
14WW2YW2SO HP ALL9,797,5623,701963N2NT 
15NB1BW1SO HP ALL9,568,9533,2591,017  
16IR2WISO HP ALL9,162,6753,608965I2VXJ 
17VA3UZVE3SO HP ALL (T)9,026,4163,126971  
18WB9ZW9SO HP ALL8,893,3123,343976  
19YT1ADYUSO HP ALL8,558,5503,344990Z32ZM 
20KZ6DW6SO HP ALL8,538,3003,287954W6NL 
21KR1GW1SO HP ALL8,498,4923,294929  
22K3ZOW3SO HP ALL8,480,3993,173943  
23KZ4XXW4SO HP ALL8,401,2723,265968K4JNY 
24LY7ZLYSO HP ALL8,340,6243,2901,032LY2TA 
25SK3WSMSO HP ALL8,333,3253,277975SM3SGP 
26K5TRW5SO HP ALL8,329,8283,495988  
27S50KS5SO HP ALL (T)8,321,2803,439985  
28LA8WLASO HP ALL8,304,8403,2251,020LA8SDA 
29VP6BRVP6SO HP ALL (T)8,085,0633,053877OH2BR 
30RW4AAUA-4SO HP ALL8,052,4773,5681,047  
31VK5GNVKSO HP ALL7,799,2932,898907  
32K1TTTW1SO HP ALL7,773,8223,105927N9KAU 
33S57SS5SO HP ALL7,594,4003,220880  
34EX8WEXSO HP ALL7,546,7953,131905  
35NV4XW4SO HP ALL7,529,1362,976908K4MA 
36K6LL/7W7SO HP ALL (T)7,226,6913,102929  
37OE4AOESO HP ALL (T)7,216,7333,030989OE1EMS 
38K7RIW7SO HP ALL6,830,3402,937948  
39OH5LFOHSO HP ALL6,568,3202,860933  
40OE8SKQOESO HP ALL6,480,6422,872938  
41OM5DXOMSO HP ALL6,262,0992,845857  
42XX9TRRXX9SO HP ALL6,150,8163,150864OH2PM 
435P1EROZSO HP ALL (T)6,117,6482,970932TF3CW 
44KZ5DW5SO HP ALL (T)5,736,1922,630896  
45UP4LUNSO HP ALL5,666,6582,355841UN7LZ 
46VU3VLHVUSO HP ALL5,651,0552,712765OK1MM 
47N4PNW4SO HP ALL (T)5,611,9982,435861  
48CT9KNCT3SO HP ALL (R)5,315,9122,285764  
49OH3MMMOHSO HP ALL5,297,8122,593884OH1NOA 
50F5RZJFSO HP ALL5,245,1302,414902  
51W1CUW1SO HP ALL (T)5,171,1662,210858  
52LY2IJLYSO HP ALL5,020,3062,431857  
53K5ZOW5SO HP ALL4,959,3182,254879  
54RW9HARA9SO HP ALL4,949,1132,451793  
55PQ7BZPYSO HP ALL4,909,7651,973755PT7BZ 
56IK4MTFISO HP ALL (T)4,671,9752,346809  
57DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL4,614,6602,307827  
58N1EU/2W2SO HP ALL (T)4,586,2961,908844  
59SL3ASMSO HP ALL (R)4,557,0002,302840SM3WMV 
60VK3TZVKSO HP ALL (T)4,554,8692,038757  
61ND8DXW8SO HP ALL (T)4,477,8152,045809  
62LY3BHLYSO HP ALL4,389,7982,230798  
63JM1XCWJA1SO HP ALL4,385,0891,952751  
64UV7DURSO HP ALL4,328,1502,336809UT7DX 
654U1VIC4U1VSO HP ALL (T)4,313,5682,362784  
66VK4UCVKSO HP ALL4,257,8701,890710  
67K4VUDW4SO HP ALL4,172,5442,110768  
68SJ9WLSMSO HP ALL (T)4,162,4492,222857  
69KE9NAW9SO HP ALL (T)4,155,2002,042784  
70WA7EQWW7SO HP ALL (T)4,152,7202,127780  
71YL2KOYLSO HP ALL4,030,8872,161833  
72VO1WETVEOSO HP ALL (T)4,020,7922,163636  
73N5RZW5SO HP ALL3,925,5562,015787  
74HZ1ABHZSO HP ALL3,823,4341,894683SM0CXU 
75WX0BW5SO HP ALL3,619,2171,898757OH7WV 
76AE6YW6SO HP ALL3,581,7201,938755  
778S2FSMSO HP ALL3,519,7082,019786SM2ODB 
78N5JRW5SO HP ALL3,456,1021,770751  
79OI5AXOHSO HP ALL3,453,2802,083764OH2JTE 
80JI2KVWJA2SO HP ALL3,412,7281,727682  
81VE5CPUVE5SO HP ALL (T)3,381,8481,744722  
82W0YR/4W4SO HP ALL3,336,3001,765674  
83OH3UUOHSO HP ALL3,301,3171,885769  
84JA0QWOJA0SO HP ALL (T)3,074,9221,654666  
85NT1NW1SO HP ALL (T)3,067,7921,578728  
86JA2BNNJA2SO HP ALL3,023,0601,660668  
87SP6AZTSPSO HP ALL3,020,1111,711773  
88RU3QWUA-3SO HP ALL2,917,8451,986785  
89K2PLF/3W3SO HP ALL (T)2,911,4581,546682  
90EI4DWEISO HP ALL2,905,1041,764696  
91UY4IURSO HP ALL2,899,5002,044750US3IZ 
92K7ZZW7SO HP ALL (T)2,802,6371,692697  
93AK6RW6SO HP ALL2,789,5491,939721  
94ZL1ANJZLSO HP ALL (T)2,780,5441,448624  
95WC4EW4SO HP ALL2,700,0561,559668  
96TF8GXTFSO HP ALL (R)2,564,2902,000745  
97K2UOP/8W8SO HP ALL (T)2,551,9501,437642  
98AN6AEQEA6SO HP ALL (T)2,532,8161,630738EA6AEQ 
99OK1EPOKSO HP ALL (T)2,477,3701,551705  
100LZ6ALZSO HP ALL2,462,4601,735715LZ4BC 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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