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1EA8AHEA8SO HP 20M11,142,1983,807981OH1RY 
2LP5HLUSO HP 20M4,022,8301,977707  
3EA9AMEA9SO HP 20M3,930,2902,066637  
4WH6CQHKH6SO HP 20M3,771,4862,369573  
5OK1RIOKSO HP 20M3,761,3802,080802  
6IQ4AISO HP 20M2,927,9811,816721  
7HD2RGHCSO HP 20M2,720,0911,572593  
8ZV8CPYSO HP 20M2,518,9921,512588  
9YT0AYUSO HP 20M2,221,3201,734692YZ6X 
10OH1JDOHSO HP 20M2,215,5161,624673  
11WE9VW9SO HP 20M2,113,2511,692721  
12S50RS5SO HP 20M2,006,4781,520657  
13S58ABS5SO HP 20M1,918,6201,486627  
14VA7AVE7SO HP 20M1,854,3711,457569  
15YM2ZWTASO HP 20M1,833,4001,428445  
16EA2CLUEASO HP 20M1,810,7041,437634  
17US1EURSO HP 20M1,661,4041,628626  
18IT9STXIT9SO HP 20M1,641,7981,614591  
19LZ7NLZSO HP 20M1,603,2641,517611  
20IT9STGIT9SO HP 20M1,592,3521,539608  
21LZ8ALZSO HP 20M1,337,4861,330577  
22RX0AERA0SO HP 20M1,329,6281,227491  
23LU7HLFLUSO HP 20M1,285,606964458  
24DJ6QTDLSO HP 20M1,271,2561,063564  
25SP5GRMSPSO HP 20M1,269,9501,150550  
26YU1JWYUSO HP 20M1,260,8201,283521  
27TM2DXFSO HP 20M1,081,350814445F6GWV 
28S58DS5SO HP 20M1,072,6031,005469  
29DK2OYDLSO HP 20M1,072,0001,100536  
30UA0WYRA0SO HP 20M1,043,7451,000467  
31RK9AWCRA9SO HP 20M1,012,775862425  
32YL0AYLSO HP 20M926,0261,094491YL2GM 
33VE7AVVE7SO HP 20M908,314974418  
34RW9UPRA9SO HP 20M841,916898436  
35VK2APKVKSO HP 20M840,693757399  
36DU1SANDUSO HP 20M800,100795350  
37N3HBXW3SO HP 20M768,414940498  
38HG5MHASO HP 20M719,355947455HA5MY 
39DL2DXDLSO HP 20M671,402763422  
404B1ACXESO HP 20M546,084858308XE1BEF 
41SM5LPOSMSO HP 20M464,400844387  
42RZ1ZZUA-1SO HP 20M431,210701403  
43JG4AKLJA4SO HP 20M400,328490326  
44OK2PVFOKSO HP 20M385,994714349  
45K7ZZW7SO HP 20M376,380597369  
46CT1ASUCTSO HP 20M361,974649366  
47W7FPW7SO HP 20M347,085642405  
48IN3XUGISO HP 20M284,563503323  
49RU0SURA0SO HP 20M270,351505279  
50KC4DWTW4SO HP 20M236,113424289  
51W7EBW7SO HP 20M209,935729347  
52OZ1INNOZSO HP 20M190,944424272  
53AI3QW3SO HP 20M187,726300253  
54JA7BEWJA7SO HP 20M166,520320230  
55CO8RCBCMSO HP 20M155,085450245  
56DL6NDN/PDLSO HP 20M146,652356242  
575N3/SP5XAR5NSO HP 20M144,590261190  
58UA3SEGUA-3SO HP 20M144,204366244  
59LA2IRLASO HP 20M140,880334240  
60WA1MKSW1SO HP 20M131,068257217  
61LZ5QZLZSO HP 20M129,375410225  
62LY2OXLYSO HP 20M121,303400217  
63DL1EKDLSO HP 20M115,218283222  
64CT1BNWCTSO HP 20M109,500260219  
65NN5ZW5SO HP 20M (T)95,604507257K5PX 
66JA2CWUJA2SO HP 20M93,247231173  
67UT3RNURSO HP 20M90,804345188  
68ED3WPXEASO HP 20M70,590183130EA3ANE 
69N9LCRW9SO HP 20M69,972301204  
70OZ5LHOZSO HP 20M62,363200151  
71K1EUW1SO HP 20M58,344181156  
72K6IIIW6SO HP 20M56,952228168  
73UT7MDURSO HP 20M47,740195155  
74F6FUNFSO HP 20M46,800166144  
75SP6FBDSPSO HP 20M43,056200144  
76EW3LNEUSO HP 20M35,168153128  
77JH2AQIJA2SO HP 20M31,65412598  
78RK3ADUA-3SO HP 20M28,899157117  
79DL6AXDLSO HP 20M26,096126112  
80N7DR/0W0SO HP 20M25,57610592  
81AF2KW2SO HP 20M23,968123112  
82F6DRPFSO HP 20M20,07610490  
83JA9CCGJA9SO HP 20M18,5609680  
84KG0UAW0SO HP 20M (R)16,128124112  
85EU8MAEUSO HP 20M11,44010080  
86W0PPFW0SO HP 20M7,8288476  
87JA0HYUJA0SO HP 20M6,5005650  
88KT4WW4SO HP 20M4,3686756  
89SM6FJYSMSO HP 20M3,9784239  
90JP6NUIJA6SO HP 20M3,8854135  
91DL7YSDLSO HP 20M3,6124242  
92EA5ALPEASO HP 20M1,9613937  
93W7TSQW7SO HP 20M1,0733029  
94RA9FFRA9SO HP 20M1,0443129  
95SP9JXCSPSO HP 20M6402220  
96N2ALE/6W6SO HP 20M6001515  
97JK1LUYJA1SO HP 20M7866  

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Please report any errors to questions@cqwpx.com


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