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1EA9AMEA9SO HP ALL12,712,4604,061838EA9IE 
26Y4V6YSO HP ALL6,373,2303,649654AI6V 
3VP2MBAVP2MSO HP ALL5,294,8053,189645W7FP 
4AH6GQKH6SO HP ALL5,038,0002,658500  
54X7DX4XSO HP ALL4,932,7442,5235644X6DX 
6KM1HW1SO HP ALL4,547,0672,427739KQ2M 
7VP2MLVP2MSO HP ALL4,428,9503,031626  
8OK1RIOKOMSO HP ALL4,074,4232,180681  
9K4YT/4FDUSO HP ALL3,950,2772,092472  
109J2EZ9JSO HP ALL3,773,4902,157595  
11UA9CIRA9SO HP ALL3,479,2162,011559  
12VE3XNVE3SO HP ALL3,446,8391,696649  
13WL7EKLSO HP ALL3,227,8801,888555  
14K5ZD/1W1SO HP ALL3,130,9001,707655  
15YE0XYBSO HP ALL2,930,9282,225429YB0DPO 
16NS0GW0SO HP ALL2,852,7481,630727KM9P 
17YT3MYUSO HP ALL2,822,8831,651587YU3ZO 
18DJ6QT/9L9LSO HP ALL2,587,7391,590539  
19CX9COCXSO HP ALL2,485,7981,525554  
20KC8C/3W3SO HP ALL2,401,7341,568613  
21I6FLDISO HP ALL2,352,5881,660588  
22OK3CUMOKOMSO HP ALL2,072,6081,587542  
23IV3PRKISO HP ALL2,070,3961,419578  
24JL1BLWJA1SO HP ALL1,990,6991,318509  
25UL7OBUNSO HP ALL1,933,5331,479329  
26VO1MPVEOSO HP ALL1,909,3321,447497  
27JA2EZDJA2SO HP ALL1,896,4661,291494  
28DL8PCDLSO HP ALL1,884,7921,267546  
29KY2JW2SO HP ALL1,843,7281,415568  
30K6HNZW6SO HP ALL1,839,9391,366431  
31VE1DHVE1SO HP ALL1,728,0551,384485  
32JE4VVMJA4SO HP ALL1,722,0001,221492  
33NJ2L/1W1SO HP ALL1,661,0391,548571  
34KL7LF/KH3KH3SO HP ALL1,656,3701,429365  
35WS4Q/5W5SO HP ALL1,653,0121,71184  
36OH6EIOHSO HP ALL1,447,6241,249472  
37UP2CYLYSO HP ALL1,281,2911,092451  
38JH7WKQJA7SO HP ALL1,205,820974420  
39SO7TNSPSO HP ALL1,197,8641,055524OK1TN 
40AI2C/4W4SO HP ALL1,197,5331,012487  
41KR0Y/5W5SO HP ALL1,135,7501,019550  
42OH0/G4JVGOH0SO HP ALL1,130,2201,168468  
43HA0MMHASO HP ALL1,101,2211,036479  
44DJ9ZBDLSO HP ALL1,052,100852501  
45KE5FIW5SO HP ALL1,009,9421,234554  
46KB0GW0SO HP ALL987,9871,054517  
47K1BAZ/DV1DUSO HP ALL966,6801,467220  
48YB5NOFYBSO HP ALL960,828936348  
49KG5UW5SO HP ALL928,7101,058510  
50KF2OW2SO HP ALL899,811820447  
51ZP5LOBZPSO HP ALL840,180788380  
52EA7DHPEASO HP ALL828,060751370  
53FV7NDXFSO HP ALL802,6961,190373F8WE 
54FE6AOJFSO HP ALL797,416741379  
55YB4FWYBSO HP ALL764,767915269  
56HA8XXHASO HP ALL755,200812400  
57VK2APKVKSO HP ALL736,890671330  
58N8BJQW8SO HP ALL710,562784437  
59SP9PDFSPSO HP ALL701,597726377SP9NRD 
60HB9AAAHBSO HP ALL697,480654376  
61ZY4OYPYSO HP ALL673,552664344  
623G4BCESO HP ALL668,610719323CE4ETZ 
63YO8KOAYOSO HP ALL633,180907346YO8DDP 
64UP3BHLYSO HP ALL616,980701364  
65Y22YDDMSO HP ALL603,500862355  
664X/K6KLY4XSO HP ALL555,345662287  
67YV3BKCYVSO HP ALL552,440517280  
68SP3BYZSPSO HP ALL529,317648309  
69KA5WW5SO HP ALL498,126644366  
70Y53DDDMSO HP ALL497,292800348  
71Y28ALDMSO HP ALL497,119750329  
72ON5KIONSO HP ALL493,584770339  
73OH4RHOHSO HP ALL492,898716323  
74WB5SSDW5SO HP ALL452,144766367  
75SP2ZFJSPSO HP ALL450,208601352SP2FAP 
76KV0IW0SO HP ALL449,236913437  
77CS9CUCT3SO HP ALL436,050620250CT3SU 
78RW9AWRA9SO HP ALL435,940540284  
79KS7TW7SO HP ALL429,183777387  
80ZS3BIV5SO HP ALL425,272611236  
81HA7UIHASO HP ALL416,480667304  
82UA0ZDDRA0SO HP ALL412,080622303  
83WR6RW6SO HP ALL400,860548262  
84K6EIDW6SO HP ALL392,152619341  
85UB5MNOURSO HP ALL391,741621293  
86WQ5CW5SO HP ALL386,254603362  
87OH1BVOHSO HP ALL386,206726307  
88ZS4NSZSSO HP ALL382,536486253  
89LA1XDALASO HP ALL371,727801309  
90KS2MW2SO HP ALL363,248474311  
91LZ1EFLZSO HP ALL351,648654332  
92UB5IALURSO HP ALL349,401595289  
93JG1FVZ/5N05NSO HP ALL347,720464264  
945H3ZR5HSO HP ALL346,032733162  
95ZV2BWPYSO HP ALL334,017432267  
96Y78ULDMSO HP ALL331,188534286  
97IK2DZNISO HP ALL331,173501279  
98PA0IJMPASO HP ALL329,472613256  
99Y28XL/ADMSO HP ALL322,982550277  
100NO8HW8SO HP ALL321,434521346  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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