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1KH6XXKH6SO HP 10M4,020,6463,970343  
2W1BIH/PJ2PJ2SO HP 10M2,280,0962,173351  
3FG0DYM/FS7FSSO HP 10M1,975,6802,078392W4GSM 
4EL2AVELSO HP 10M1,874,1401,509415  
54M3AZCYVSO HP 10M1,663,1461,627342YV3AZC 
6SP3DOISPSO HP 10M1,617,8321,718344  
7YU3DMYUSO HP 10M1,485,8761,605343  
8K6SVLW6SO HP 10M1,457,1841,710344  
96D1LCHXESO HP 10M1,380,1651,969303  
10WA6OCVW6SO HP 10M1,345,2001,747304  
11OA4SSOASO HP 10M1,262,3781,429299  
12K6HNZW6SO HP 10M1,170,9001,518300  
13OK1FAROKOMSO HP 10M1,064,0001,325320  
14DL8PCDLSO HP 10M1,050,5431,183351  
15KG6JKSKH2SO HP 10M978,9961,617204  
16JH7DNOJA7SO HP 10M970,2551,174295  
17AA5BW5SO HP 10M940,9051,584315  
18UB5ILDURSO HP 10M929,8291,419281  
19CT3BXCT3SO HP 10M907,2081,007302  
20JH1OJUJA1SO HP 10M886,912930328  
21W0YKW0SO HP 10M814,5361,372243  
22JF1EEKJA1SO HP 10M814,275913315  
23VE7CIBVE7SO HP 10M804,6401,658214  
24K5NWW5SO HP 10M782,488912356  
25N5UDW5SO HP 10M759,906911326  
26DM5JLDMSO HP 10M748,2931,142273  
27OI2YYOHSO HP 10M671,3471,029289  
28F6ECIFSO HP 10M643,179997269  
29JH3GREJA3SO HP 10M631,125814275  
30I6PLNISO HP 10M612,447932277  
31UB5LAWURSO HP 10M598,784934256  
32JA2JSFJA2SO HP 10M578,760823265  
33OE1DSA/3OESO HP 10M577,584894252  
34YU1BCDYUSO HP 10M565,455872253YU1OQZ 
35UV3GZUA-3SO HP 10M562,718915299  
36G3XBYGSO HP 10M551,551840247  
37DM5ELDMSO HP 10M538,650900225  
38UA4CAKUA-4SO HP 10M527,592896267  
39N6AWW6SO HP 10M524,630889230  
40UB5ILLURSO HP 10M520,168917257  
41JJ1NDZJA1SO HP 10M519,680778256  
42N4KGW4SO HP 10M508,480852280  
43JF3BFSJA3SO HP 10M506,750732250  
44JH1AGUJA1SO HP 10M497,280665259  
45XE1LLSXESO HP 10M479,8081,102192  
46UB5VAZURSO HP 10M476,890885206  
47JH1VRQJA1SO HP 10M469,504666262  
48I0WKSISO HP 10M454,512691272  
49CZ6LBVE6SO HP 10M444,5281,002189  
50JA6YAIJA6SO HP 10M439,586670238JA6QXW 
51IQ5VXGISO HP 10M439,043761239  
52UL7GBDUNSO HP 10M422,048984218  
53WB6FCRW6SO HP 10M421,200878195  
54VE5RAVE5SO HP 10M421,095777201  
55YU1OBAYUSO HP 10M407,490670235  
56I4YNOISO HP 10M397,936738209  
57KH6JHJ/KH4KH4SO HP 10M386,448784166  
58JG1IVI/JD1JD/oSO HP 10M385,518702201  
59RB5IXXURSO HP 10M376,272849208  
60UA0SGLRA0SO HP 10M375,685841227  
61HI8LCHISO HP 10M365,673622231  
62UB5EDUURSO HP 10M350,385608285  
63RA9CIURA9SO HP 10M339,584762224  
64UB5ABJURSO HP 10M319,152647218  
65W6CNW6SO HP 10M317,604634228  
66UR2RAMESSO HP 10M308,910558210  
67I4JMYISO HP 10M295,431562213  
68DJ4TRDLSO HP 10M273,030562190  
69UB5CDFURSO HP 10M263,961561211  
70AD5WW5SO HP 10M263,590543215  
71K5RFW5SO HP 10M240,240486240  
72I8KPVISO HP 10M228,646485209  
73JA8ULVJA8SO HP 10M222,780408188  
74W7AYYW7SO HP 10M210,900434190  
75UJ8JCREYSO HP 10M206,968433164  
76JR6FTSJA6SO HP 10M201,399392187  
77RB5IOVURSO HP 10M195,382446166  
78OK3KTYOKOMSO HP 10M185,592525132OPR. OK3-26715 
79JH1ARCJA1SO HP 10M183,092365182  
80UA9FATRA9SO HP 10M182,629402181  
81IN3XUGISO HP 10M181,818386222  
82RA9AKORA9SO HP 10M174,915360169  
83SP9KBYSPSO HP 10M165,648360168SP5GRM 
84WA1UZHW1SO HP 10M160,740404228  
85JJ1WPUJA1SO HP 10M153,282310177  
86VK5NKPVKSO HP 10M150,625417125  
87RA9OEURA9SO HP 10M150,176586152  
88JE1HOOJA1SO HP 10M149,621337157  
89KI4HW4SO HP 10M146,879466191  
90DJ6TKDLSO HP 10M141,225342175  
91JH7JGGJA7SO HP 10M139,308320156  
92VU2GOVUSO HP 10M137,410362151  
93UA0KAJRA0SO HP 10M134,922743113  
94G4DKTGSO HP 10M132,125328175  
95UP2PADLYSO HP 10M130,093322167  
96AX6VGVKSO HP 10M120,018251166  
97DL7SPDLSO HP 10M119,647292149  
98CT4NHCTSO HP 10M117,992407196  
99UA1AWOUA-1SO HP 10M115,570368182  
100N0ARNW0SO HP 10M113,040311180  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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