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801M0RNR2009GSA HP ALL (T)107,99626220313.3 
802K4IU/02010W0SA HP ALL (T)106,7692571914.8 
803YC2NDX2017YBSA HP ALL (T)106,76523916325.0 
804LU5FF2016LUSA HP ALL (T)106,2962241723.2 
805UA0SR2011RA0SA HP ALL (T)106,2252191757.4 
806JO7KMB2016JA7SA HP ALL (T)105,96321016912.1 
807DG2MKV2012DLSA HP ALL (T)103,75224519815.2 
808PY1WS2015PYSA HP ALL (T)103,42821116911.7 
809WF4W2009W4SA HP ALL (T)103,4153261859.7 
810JH1RFM2014JA1SA HP ALL (T)103,00821417411.0 
811F5CQ2018FSA HP ALL (T)102,91221919213.7 
812W7SW2010W7SA HP ALL (T)102,50021116413.1 
813DF2MM2010DLSA HP ALL (T)102,3962222129.9 
814K9EN2014W9SA HP ALL (T)101,52021218812.2 
815R9DA2013RA9SA HP ALL (T)101,30821917212.8 
816K9EN2013W9SA HP ALL (T)101,13623719611.1 
817K8YE2018W8SA HP ALL (T)100,95623617912.3 
818N6WK2009W6SA HP ALL (T)100,63621818114.0 
819DK1KC2014DLSA HP ALL (T)100,57223020412.0 
820DJ8EW2014DLSA HP ALL (T)100,3022352198.0 
821W4CU2015W4SA HP ALL (T)99,7102131698.2 
822W2GDJ2018W2SA HP ALL (T)99,5502121815.0 
823N3HS2004W3SA HP ALL (T)99,0722071725.1  
824HA3OU2018HASA HP ALL (T)98,94624520710.0 
825PA9ZZ2003PASA HP ALL (T)98,69726219718.4  
826M0RNR2008GSA HP ALL (T)98,64825920916.1 
827N4DXI2010W4SA HP ALL (T)98,2832321819.8 
828DL2DQL2018DLSA HP ALL (T)96,92824320812.4 
829BH4SCF2013BYSA HP ALL (T)96,78634317110.5 
830EA3EJI2008EASA HP ALL (T)96,19521416510.9 
831K7JQ2018W7SA HP ALL (T)96,0003221929.9 
832JA1XRH2007JA1SA HP ALL (T)95,66724014316.1  
833EA5FID2004EASA HP ALL (T)94,5602221604.8  
834W4CU2006W4SA HP ALL (T)94,50721116112.9  
835F5JFU2012FSA HP ALL (T)94,4281881838.6 
836M1JJK2011GSA HP ALL (T)93,31026721518.8 
837N0QO2012W0SA HP ALL (T)92,1692151716.5 
838DL8UAT2010DLSA HP ALL (T)91,93618916910.3 
839JN3SAC2017JA3SA HP ALL (T)91,65023514120.0 
840KG6WIK2017W6SA HP ALL (T)90,46523216315.1 
841IW9GMF2013IT9SA HP ALL (T)90,43221719215.9 
842K5VIP/42008W4SA HP ALL (T)90,07219913913.8 
843SQ1BHH2018SPSA HP ALL (T)89,89020717823.8 
844AJ1M/82006W8SA HP ALL (T)89,77530117130.0  
845K9CS2017W9SA HP ALL (T)89,43321617114.1 
846JJ0JML2013JA0SA HP ALL (T)88,3572201498.5 
847NM6E/52011W5SA HP ALL (T)87,3522381799.0 
848LU1BJW2017LUSA HP ALL (T)87,1922081686.5 
849UX0RR2014URSA HP ALL (T)85,3582211827.9 
850K1TH2016W1SA HP ALL (T)84,4561931383.1 
851K2RD/62013W6SA HP ALL (T)83,3492151473.4 
852EB2RA2013EASA HP ALL (T)82,8802071856.8 
853OK6DJ2012OKSA HP ALL (T)82,1642001679.9 
854N9LQ2017W9SA HP ALL (T)81,2762221565.4 
855WB5B1996W5SA HP ALL (T)79,707200163  
856BG2WAU2015BYSA HP ALL (T)78,87321518311.5  
857IW0GYC2010ISA HP ALL (T)78,71020117010.5 
858IZ2DII2014ISA HP ALL (T)77,6162271965.6  
859OP4B2011ONSA HP ALL (T)77,5882031636.9 
860JN3SAC2018JA3SA HP ALL (T)77,54219813712.2 
861W7MCM2014W7SA HP ALL (T)77,12117917116.3 
862N1GLT2007W1SA HP ALL (T)76,95019016217.3  
863WA3OFC/42009W4SA HP ALL (T)76,2931761737.8 
864WG0M2011W0SA HP ALL (T)75,5792211774.6 
865ED4A2016EASA HP ALL (T)75,2952111855.3EA4TV
866RA1QD2015UA-1SA HP ALL (T)74,6241971769.4 
867WK2E2011W2SA HP ALL (T)74,25617015612.8 
868N4NM2009W4SA HP ALL (T)74,2502061655.2 
869YT2AA2012YUSA HP ALL (T)73,30818316412.5 
870KE8UM2008W8SA HP ALL (T)73,05017515012.7 
871B4TB2008BYSA HP ALL (T)72,9602881605.4BA4TB
872KT8D2013W8SA HP ALL (T)72,76016313611.5 
873KR4F2009W4SA HP ALL (T)70,8191841518.1 
874LU1BJW2018LUSA HP ALL (T)70,3361961576.9 
875JH1QDB2016JA1SA HP ALL (T)70,20015713011.5 
876RN3BO2013UA-3SA HP ALL (T)70,0701881828.6 
877R0QA2013RA0SA HP ALL (T)69,9941851587.3 
878AF5CC2016W5SA HP ALL (T)68,3281831568.6 
879JW7QIA2013JWSA HP ALL (T)67,6501811506.9 
880SP6QNU2013SPSA HP ALL (T)67,54519117111.5 
881KT7E2014W7SA HP ALL (T)67,4901731708.1 
882JH1OVY2011JA1SA HP ALL (T)66,76816315619.9 
883EW7M2018EUSA HP ALL (T)66,28617013118.6 
884N5MOA2013W5SA HP ALL (T)66,0251681399.0 
885K9EN2016W9SA HP ALL (T)65,96518516713.0 
886EF2O2018EASA HP ALL (T)65,25017914511.4EA2AOO
887DJ6KS2010DLSA HP ALL (T)65,1202041608.2 
888DL8OBF2017DLSA HP ALL (T)64,5541961593.6 
889PY5KA2008PYSA HP ALL (T)62,3351711379.2 
890DC8TT2018DLSA HP ALL (T)60,5882011539.7 
891KM9M2008W9SA HP ALL (T)60,5142881585.7 
892AJ7T2012W7SA HP ALL (T)60,38421714812.4 
893W4DMB2011W4SA HP ALL (T)60,3841481488.3 
894M0RNR2007GSA HP ALL (T)60,06018615615.2  
895N6VH2009W6SA HP ALL (T)58,35921314711.7 
896I3FGX2018ISA HP ALL (T)57,39216113613.9 
897KM6I2010W6SA HP ALL (T)56,9601941285.7 
898N1IW2004W1SA HP ALL (T)56,67718815727.9  
899N8AGU2012W8SA HP ALL (T)55,6401511305.7 
900NE1HP2007W1SA HP ALL (T)55,1301701494.5KV1J 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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