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601S56WJL2009S5SO LP 80M14,56088808.0 
602EA1ZH2004EASO LP 80M14,47685773.8  
603UW3M2010URSO LP 80M14,10491868.4US2MT
604R3PE2015UA-3SO LP 80M14,06286796.8 
605SP2CYK1997SPSO LP 80M13,9048679  
606ER3AAQ1995ERSO LP 80M13,664116112  
607DO1CS2009DLSO LP 80M13,60095858.6 
608HA3FMR2017HASO LP 80M13,52884764.4 
609IW5EIJ2007ISO LP 80M13,30083766.0  
610YO5CCX2009YOSO LP 80M13,26084786.3 
611PR7AR2007PYSO LP 80M13,06449464.8  
612LY4G2009LYSO LP 80M12,97581752.4 
613HI8GPR2012HISO LP 80M12,90657546.0 
614NR8U2009W8SO LP 80M12,792111788.2 
615DG5SBK2009DLSO LP 80M (R)12,72088806.6 
616OK2ZV1999OKSO LP 80M12,6488068  
617UX2HR2016URSO LP 80M (T)12,63885713.7 
618SQ9JXJ2008SPSO LP 80M12,45080759.2 
619KB7QND2012W7SO LP 80M (T)12,3821308211.7 
6209A2GA20099ASO LP 80M12,30079752.4 
621DO2HEY2018DLSO LP 80M12,04577734.1 
622EZ8CW2005EZSO LP 80M12,0154645  
623AE7VA2013W7SO LP 80M (T)11,4401218016.5 
624YV4ET2015YVSO LP 80M11,40847467.1 
625OM50KHE2007OMSO LP 80M11,242767326.7OM6AZ 
626SP9CLU2009SPSO LP 80M11,218797113.6 
627JD1BIA2001JD/oSO LP 80M11,2009450  
628JH9URT2006JA9SO LP 80M11,178655410.2  
629EA5CRC2015EASO LP 80M10,73666615.0 
630VE7YU2012VE7SO LP 80M10,71258527.5 
631W6HH/52011W5SO LP 80M (T)10,296676622.6 
632PY7ZY2002PYSO LP 80M10,29646448.5  
633SP5OXJ1997SPSO LP 80M10,2527168  
634DH4JQ1996DLSO LP 80M10,2068163  
635OZ5ABD1996OZSO LP 80M10,2007668  
636OM7AES2017OMSO LP 80M10,07472695.6 
6374X0T20034XSO LP 80M10,00043404Z5FI 
638YB2DX2011YBSO LP 80M9,984534812.9 
639JE1SPY2012JA1SO LP 80M9,93268527.2 
640W2LP2009W2SO LP 80M9,89186636.5 
641OM2SM1995OMSO LP 80M9,7287664  
642EA1HP2001EASO LP 80M9,63872613.1  
643EB5EKT2010EASO LP 80M (T)9,15062611.3 
644W4YDD1995W4SO LP 80M9,1206360  
645DF9JZ1997DLSO LP 80M9,0887064  
646YL2GUV2009YLSO LP 80M9,07264639.0 
647JE1SPY2013JA1SO LP 80M9,04869525.0 
648JE1SPY2009JA1SO LP 80M8,964725410.8 
649OM4APD2004OMSO LP 80M8,82071634.4  
650RA4PTI2009UA-4SO LP 80M8,64270586.4 
651EA5BJI2006EASO LP 80M8,52857526.3  
652SQ2DYL2007SPSO LP 80M8,51467664.7  
653DO1TGM2009DLSO LP 80M (R)8,50565634.2 
654IZ5OQX2013ISO LP 80M8,385696512.2 
655YU1FLM2017YUSO LP 80M8,32261575.1YT1BD
656RA4PTI2010UA-4SO LP 80M8,24671629.9 
657JE1SPY2007JA1SO LP 80M8,05559459.6  
658CT2GMH2014CTSO LP 80M8,00459583.3 
659EC2AUD1993EASO LP 80M7,9366962  
660NA8V2011W8SO LP 80M7,79149491.4 
661SQ8IN2005SPSO LP 80M7,62062606.9  
662DO5TMM2018DLSO LP 80M7,61163595.5 
663UR7HCX2006URSO LP 80M7,480625526.2  
664DL2RZG2014DLSO LP 80M7,44066601.8 
665NO0Y1994W0SO LP 80M7,3928777  
666YT3TA2014YUSO LP 80M7,31559553.5 
667OK1HXH1999OKSO LP 80M7,2086853  
668SQ9Z2017SPSO LP 80M7,04957535.4 
669LY3BA2008LYSO LP 80M6,94461560.7 
670JE1SPY2006JA1SO LP 80M6,862574710.9  
671OK1MCA1996OKSO LP 80M6,8326156  
672SP9IKN1995SPSO LP 80M6,7106255  
673SV1MO2017SVSO LP 80M6,681535115.0 
674DL2RZG2003DLSO LP 80M6,60863563.5  
675UA0ZBK/01994RA0SO LP 80M6,48010354  
676SN2U2008SPSO LP 80M6,42664541.0SQ2GXO @SP2PUT
677EA3DUM2006EASO LP 80M6,39655526.4  
678EU6AF2009EUSO LP 80M6,30051504.2 
679N0YY2007W0SO LP 80M (T)6,27253492.6  
680CO8AW2009CMSO LP 80M6,08046409.1 
681EC2BAH1997EASO LP 80M5,9365653  
682JE1SPY1999JA1SO LP 80M5,8505045  
683SK4UW1996SMSO LP 80M5,8246052  
684KB3AFT1997W3SO LP 80M5,76010072  
685N4OO2018W4SO LP 80M5,75065462.4 
686DH0LQU/P1994DLSO LP 80M5,7245853  
687IV3RCH2000ISO LP 80M5,5465347  
688W2DZO/42009W4SO LP 80M5,54476562.1 
689DO7DOC2018DLSO LP 80M (R)5,51255524.3 
690ES1TP/22010ESSO LP 80M5,50855518.1 
691SP2CMD2003SPSO LP 80M5,42710427  
692JE1SPY2005JA1SO LP 80M5,3204138  
693YL2PP2008YLSO LP 80M5,29249492.0 
694SP4AAZ1998SPSO LP 80M5,2925449  
695JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 80M5,2822219  
696Z32AF2005Z3SO LP 80M5,21750471.7  
697JE1SPY2004JA1SO LP 80M5,14547357.8  
698OK1CLD2005OKSO LP 80M (R)5,04053487.6  
699SM6IQD2016SMSO LP 80M4,99851492.2 
700SP9WLC2006SPSO LP 80M4,92258464.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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