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501IW5BT2014ISO QRP 10M1,16020202.3 
502JA4DQX2016JA4SO QRP 10M1,15922192.0 
503KD4URA1993W4SO QRP 10M1,1052417  
504SQ8MHI2014SPSO QRP 10M1,10426234.0 
505SQ6IYV2014SPSO QRP 10M1,10022222.3 
506EW6CU2003EUSO QRP 10M1,06021204.5  
507VU2UR2008VUSO QRP 10M1,05828232.5 
508PU4ALZ2017PYSO QRP 10M1,05624226.5 
509PU2TRX2018PYSO QRP 10M1,03526233.4 
510UA3IDX1982UA-3SO QRP 10M1,0032317  
511KB4IOS1988W4SO QRP 10M9882119  
512UJ8XA1988EYSO QRP 10M9862827  
513EA1BYA2005EASO QRP 10M96919171.9  
514RA3DQP1980UA-3SO QRP 10M9602220  
515WB0IWG1993W0SO QRP 10M9462222  
516UR0ET1999URSO QRP 10M8742019  
517EA4CFN1985EASO QRP 10M8671917  
518M6SNS2015GSO QRP 10M (R)86122214.1 
519DF7LS2011DLSO QRP 10M83317172.6 
520W6CPE1991W6SO QRP 10M8122928  
521EA3FHC1985EASO QRP 10M7802115  
522ZS1LL2013ZSSO QRP 10M (T)75217164.4 
523YO5OAG1990YOSO QRP 10M7382118  
524RD3VC2014UA-3SO QRP 10M68020201.0 
525LZ1KVZ1996LZSO QRP 10M6802117  
526Y26JD1984DMSO QRP 10M6752315  
527UB5LBX1992URSO QRP 10M6481818  
528WA8BIN1981W8SO QRP 10M6442623  
529XE1HKR1997XESO QRP 10M6002720  
530VK6FLAB2015VKSO QRP 10M (T)54619142.7 
531LU1FNH1997LUSO QRP 10M5161616  
532UR3PGW2015URSO QRP 10M50414141.7 
533PU1KVA2010PYSO QRP 10M (R)50023202.7 
534SM5KQS2002SMSO QRP 10M4951515  
535N0JK2018W0SO QRP 10M49413130.7  
536SP9KAG2003SPSO QRP 10M46814132.5  
537VE5ACY1984VE5SO QRP 10M4681413  
538KB5ONY1992W5SO QRP 10M4201615  
539EC4AA2010EASO QRP 10M40812121.6 
540YO5OHY2010YOSO QRP 10M39612111.5 
541OH2MPO1993OHSO QRP 10M3961312  
542EA7DZL1987EASO QRP 10M3961211  
543KH6KG2015KH6SO QRP 10M37815142.8 
544JQ1JQJ1994JA1SO QRP 10M3641513  
545BD4HY2011BYSO QRP 10M35212113.3 
546JL2XMW2015JA2SO QRP 10M35015142.7 
547IW7BIM2013ISO QRP 10M34111110.6 
548RO5OCN1984ERSO QRP 10M3401210  
549BG4IJL2013BYSO QRP 10M32513134.1 
550PP5OLA2017PYSO QRP 10M32019163.2  
551JA2MWV2009JA2SO QRP 10M319151115.5 
552UA6AK2016UA-6SO QRP 10M30010100.8 
553SM0JEM1984SMSO QRP 10M3001410  
554EA1DVY2000EASO QRP 10M2971111  
555UC2ACK1980EUSO QRP 10M2701110  
556LZ1VPV2013LZSO QRP 10M26010101.7 
557VK6NU2014VKSO QRP 10M24713132.1  
558N4EUK2003W4SO QRP 10M2401010  
559SP4CQU1993SPSO QRP 10M21699  
560KE0ABI2015W0SO QRP 10M (R)20010101.7 
561PY2ZQ2015PYSO QRP 10M19810111.2 
562JQ1NGT2014JA1SO QRP 10M (T)176880.4 
563HP1DFV2009HPSO QRP 10M176880.7 
564UA0LGY2015RA0SO QRP 10M152881.0 
565HP1RIS2016HPSO QRP 10M147770.7 
566SM0JDR1978SMSO QRP 10M14787  
567EA3ERT/P1986EASO QRP 10M12687  
568EW6DX2004EUSO QRP 10M1086625.4  
569KJ6JNC2011W6SO QRP 10M105771.1 
570N9ACD1986W9SO QRP 10M9686  
571JE1RZR2014JA1SO QRP 10M75550.1 
572EA3ERT1985EASO QRP 10M7565  
573JA2MWV2007JA2SO QRP 10M726625.5  
574JR1USU2012JA1SO QRP 10M66661.6 
575PY1CMT2006PYSO QRP 10M4844  
576ZS1LL2012ZSSO QRP 10M (T)45551.1 
577LU1FNH1993LUSO QRP 10M4044  
578N2UHR1999W2SO QRP 10M3644  
579RZ3TYL2002UA-3SO QRP 10M324424.9  
580WB0IWG/32007W3SO QRP 10M273324.7  
581UA1NDV1990UA-1SO QRP 10M2555  
582K1SEA/02013W0SO QRP 10M (R)2433 
583RA2FDE1983UA2SO QRP 10M1833  
584ON2AD2013ONSO QRP 10M12220.1 
585JA1POS2012JA1SO QRP 10M933 
586JK1LRH1979JA1SO QRP 10M822  
5879W2ORB20159M2SO QRP 10M422 
588VR2XNG2011VRSO QRP 10M4220.7 
589IZ8DFO2017ISO QRP 10M311 
5907N1QMC2010JA1SO QRP 10M311 
591VK2GZZ2018VKSO QRP 10M1110.1 
592VK2AXX2017VKSO QRP 10M111  
5935W1SA20165WSO QRP 10M (T)111 
594JA1POS2015JA1SO QRP 10M111 
595N3CZ2014W3SO QRP 10M111 
596OK2ABU2009OKSO QRP 10M111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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