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401JA7GAX1980JA7SO HP 10M14,9408460  
402JF7PHE2015JA7SA LP ALL14,28074706.8 
403JH7VXB1993JA7SO QRP 20M14,0587971  
404JH7QOM1983JA7SO HP 10M14,01610464  
405JP7GRU2015JA7SA HP ALL13,987877112.6 
406JA7SSP2011JA7SO LP ALL (T)13,90869616.6 
407JE7GRW1984JA7SO HP ALL13,7909070  
408JP7CFP2014JA7SO LP 10M13,680907614.4 
409JR7LVK1996JA7SO LP 15M13,5108170  
410JM7UBI2014JA7SO QRP 10M13,10478725.9  
411JP7CFP2013JA7SO LP 15M13,024847414.0 
412JR7WFC1994JA7SO LP 20M12,8707366  
413JF7JOV1985JA7SO HP 15M12,3509065  
414JH7JDB1980JA7SO HP ALL12,2387558  
415JA7KM1997JA7SO LP 15M12,0788566  
416JK7ADM1991JA7SO HP 15M11,88010572  
417JA1MZM/71976JA7SO HP 20M11,5208960  
418JA7HMZ1983JA7SO HP 80M11,4247456  
419JA7ADV2004JA7SO LP 15M11,34016270  
4208J7JODO/72012JA7SO LP ALL11,23260524.6 
421JH7KTI2012JA7SO LP 15M10,92169673.2 
422JA7CNS2016JA7SO HP ALL (T)10,773806310.9 
423JA7VEI2015JA7SO LP 10M10,46568655.1 
424JF7PHE2016JA7SA LP ALL10,40064524.6 
425JO7KMB2017JA7SO HP 20M (T)10,38071605.7 
426JR7RHR1982JA7SO HP 15M10,3176657  
427JA7JH2011JA7SO HP 10M10,14064608.4 
428JH7LVK1981JA7SO HP 80M10,0886352  
429JA7ADV2000JA7SO LP 15M9,7006260  
430JA7HYS2009JA7SO LP 20M9,68568659.8 
431JH7DUM2009JA7SO HP ALL9,676705912.0 
432JA7UFZ1983JA7SO HP 20M9,2227258  
433JL7AIA2003JA7SO LP ALL9,12955512.7  
434JI7OED1992JA7SO HP ALL8,9606256  
435JA7NX2015JA7SO HP ALL8,69256532.8 
436JA7NHV1991JA7SO HP 10M8,3706254  
437JH7PWS1980JA7SO HP 15M8,3645651  
438JF7WLX1988JA7SO HP 15M8,2087657  
439JH7RTQ2018JA7SA LP 20M8,10955535.2 
440JA7FFN1995JA7SO HP 40M8,0804540  
441JP7GRU2016JA7SO LP ALL7,897655314.0 
442JA7ARW1999JA7SO LP ALL7,8007740  
443JA7RXU1984JA7SO HP 20M7,7556355  
444JA7LLL2009JA7SO LP 20M7,68556533.8 
445JG7BCD1989JA7SO HP 15M7,5906346  
446JA7LLL2012JA7SO LP 20M7,45254543.3 
447JR7CDL1983JA7SO HP 10M7,23810677  
448JA7HYS2011JA7SO LP 40M (T)7,21641416.8 
449JA7FFN1994JA7SO HP 40M7,1764039  
450JA7KM1998JA7SO LP ALL7,1445547  
451JH7BRG1976JA7SO HP 20M7,0205252  
452JA7ARW1993JA7SO LP 10M7,0206052  
453JA7KAC1976JA7SO HP 80M6,9005250  
454JA7KAC1975JA7SO HP 80M6,6305939  
455JA7OWD2009JA7SO HP 10M6,41977495.2 
456JE7OXJ1983JA7SO HP ALL6,3367248  
457JP7CFP2012JA7SO LP 15M6,17163519.3 
458JH7PWS1981JA7SO HP 15M6,1654745  
459JH7PWS1982JA7SO HP 15M6,0724646  
460JA7VEI2011JA7SO LP ALL5,93447461.4 
461JA7GVL1981JA7SO HP 10M5,8635541  
462JR7XKN1981JA7SO HP 15M5,6245238  
463JA7ZP2017JA7SA LP ALL5,53847394.8 
464JK7ESY2002JA7SO HP ALL (R)5,41248412  
465JH7UWY1979JA7SO HP 15M5,0764736  
466JA7KM2004JA7SO LP 10M4,99553455.4  
467JR7NFW1981JA7SO HP 40M4,8165243  
468JA7FFN1992JA7SO HP 40M4,6403029  
469JG7HYF1987JA7SO HP 15M4,6334941  
470JG7PSJ2012JA7SO HP 40M4,15828271.1 
471JA7DNO2017JA7SA LP 15M4,14248385.8 
472JN7FPB2002JA7SO LP ALL4,09543395.2  
473JI7OED1993JA7SO HP ALL4,0254035  
474JA7JH2010JA7SO HP 10M3,83847386.7 
475JH7DPU1976JA7SO HP 20M3,6665639  
476JH7BMF2015JA7SO QRP 15M3,66337372.4 
477JA7JGD1978JA7SO HP 15M3,5964031  
478JE7XNN1984JA7SO HP ALL3,5524932  
479JH7XVB2009JA7SA HP ALL3,52037322.4 
480JE7DOT1999JA7SO QRP 10M3,5154037  
481JE7SOG2014JA7SO HP ALL3,46837343.2 
482JA7FFN1993JA7SO LP 40M3,3602624  
483JE7DOT1998JA7SO LP ALL3,3603632  
484JG7EHM2017JA7SO HP 20M3,33236342.8 
485JH7AJD1985JA7SO HP 20M3,2013533  
486JE7GRW1985JA7SO HP 20M3,1684036  
487JH7CZQ1976JA7SO HP ALL3,1324736  
488JR7CDL1987JA7SO HP 10M3,0535643  
489JA7ADV2003JA7SO LP 15M3,0363433  
490JA7JHT2003JA7SO LP 40M2,99025232.6  
491JA7HYS2012JA7SO LP ALL (T)2,90029295.2 
492JA7ADV2013JA7SO HP ALL2,860574412.4 
493JA7HYS2016JA7SO LP 15M (T)2,84833322.3 
494JH7DUM2008JA7SO HP ALL2,81639324.8 
495JE7DOT1985JA7SO HP ALL2,6643836  
496JA7AXP1990JA7SO HP ALL2,6403433  
497JA7JH2008JA7SO HP 10M2,60437315.3 
498JA7FFN1996JA7SO HP 40M2,5522422  
499JR7BKB1991JA7SO HP 10M2,5203030  
500JO7APG2009JA7SO LP ALL2,44234334.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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