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401YO4AYE2008YOSO QRP 20M3,47648446.5 
402UB5VAA1985URSO QRP 20M3,4714139  
403HG1LPS2005HASO QRP 20M3,450515026.1  
404LY2LF2009LYSO QRP 20M3,44049432.1 
405SY1BSR2016SVSO QRP 20M3,43252529.4  
406SP4GFG1989SPSO QRP 20M3,3544039  
407DJ6TB2013DLSO QRP 20M3,32859523.1 
408EA1BYA2004EASO QRP 20M3,3006055  
409EA5FAG1986EASO QRP 20M3,2605348  
410YO6OEJ2012YOSO QRP 20M (T)3,24860582.9 
411VU3DJQ1998VUSO QRP 20M3,1985541  
412KR2AA2011W2SO QRP 20M3,19634342.3 
413YO4BII2008YOSO QRP 20M3,12847467.8 
414II7M2014ISO QRP 20M3,12049482.9 
415K9OSH1989W9SO QRP 20M3,0424039  
416KA1CZF1991W1SO QRP 20M2,9643938  
417KC9AMM2007W9SO QRP 20M2,948524428.5  
4189A8MM20099ASO QRP 20M2,94449462.8 
4192M0CFB2011GMSO QRP 20M (R)2,88050486.0 
420PA2CHM1991PASO QRP 20M2,8625453  
421OH2BUZ2005OHSO QRP 20M2,83547456.6  
422CG5DLD2017VE5SO QRP 20M2,77440385.0VE5DLD
423EA7JF2018EASO QRP 20M2,77243424.2 
424YO8DHD2008YOSO QRP 20M2,77243423.2 
425HA1TD1984HASO QRP 20M2,7365936  
426I1RBJ1980ISO QRP 20M2,7266147  
427UA1CEC2013UA-1SO QRP 20M2,72041402.7  
4289A8MM20059ASO QRP 20M2,66852461.5  
429SQ3OGP2014SPSO QRP 20M2,65547454.7 
430SQ3OGP2018SPSO QRP 20M2,64643426.9 
431SP4CMW1995SPSO QRP 20M2,6404040  
432JA4CSJ2013JA4SO QRP 20M2,62838367.2 
433UP2BB1986LYSO QRP 20M2,6074333  
434YO9CUF2009YOSO QRP 20M2,59238363.7 
435KT8K2006W8SO QRP 20M2,50841385.1  
4369A8MM20119ASO QRP 20M2,47843422.1 
437AN2SN2006EASO QRP 20M2,45147432.6EA2SN 
438SQ2CFJ1997SPSO QRP 20M2,4055337  
439UW3WU2013URSO QRP 20M2,37649447.2 
440UA3TW2011UA-3SO QRP 20M2,35639383.7 
441JF2PKI1982JA2SO QRP 20M2,2623129  
442IY7M2014ISO QRP 20M2,16249461.0 
443IV3AOL2009ISO QRP 20M1,95333318.6 
444IZ2QKG2016ISO QRP 20M (T)1,95043399.5 
445KB0NJJ2013W0SO QRP 20M1,94443366.2 
446DK1AUP2017DLSO QRP 20M1,93841389.1 
447BY4CYL2011BYSO QRP 20M1,92430263.7 
448NQ5M2017W5SO QRP 20M (R)1,88741375.5 
449E77J2009E7SO QRP 20M1,88133334.4YU2EA
450G4GSA2007GSO QRP 20M1,87035345.2  
451UP2BB1989LYSO QRP 20M1,8553535  
452UT4UMZ2017URSO QRP 20M1,80929273.2 
453KA5PVB1987W5SO QRP 20M1,8005245  
454M3GWO2016GSO QRP 20M1,79440395.6 
455OZ1AYY1978OZSO QRP 20M1,7855235  
456DJ6TB/P2016DLSO QRP 20M1,76033322.4 
457US1UU2017URSO QRP 20M1,68039354.6  
458HB9ENI2013HBSO QRP 20M1,60040407.0  
459EA2BTO1986EASO QRP 20M1,5983434  
460PA0NRD1985PASO QRP 20M1,5753535  
461SP2UUU1996SPSO QRP 20M1,5503331  
462HB9ENI2009HBSO QRP 20M1,51238366.7 
463JR7JLU1987JA7SO QRP 20M1,4752725  
464SP9EWO1995SPSO QRP 20M1,4573431  
465KK7VL2015W7SO QRP 20M1,42129296.6 
466YO6UO1982YOSO QRP 20M1,4104030  
467WB2OHD/61989W6SO QRP 20M1,4084032  
468DL1DQY2009DLSO QRP 20M1,35724232.0 
469WB7OCV1997W7SO QRP 20M1,3533433  
470KF5TXU2016W5SO QRP 20M1,34432325.7 
471BH4RNX2012BYSO QRP 20M (R)1,28831289.6 
472OK3CXS1988OKOMSO QRP 20M1,2883728  
473KK7VL2018W7SO QRP 20M1,28034325.7 
474IN3FOX2017ISO QRP 20M1,26523231.4 
475R2WW2012UA-3SO QRP 20M1,25434334.4 
476R2MA2015UA-3SO QRP 20M1,23230285.3 
477N8AXA1995W8SO QRP 20M1,2192523  
478JH3LCU/11983JA1SO QRP 20M1,2163532  
479KB1QEU2009W1SO QRP 20M (R)1,17525253.5 
480EA1ITC2017EASO QRP 20M1,13428273.9 
481XX9ET2009XX9SO QRP 20M1,11829267.7 
482NU4I2008W4SO QRP 20M1,05622222.7 
483M5AAV/P2007GSO QRP 20M (T)1,056242426.0  
484LZ1/TA2AHS2012LZSO QRP 20M (R)1,05328273.4 
485OK8EYJ2013OKSO QRP 20M99030305.9 
486W9BNO/02008W0SO QRP 20M98029284.1 
487WA6NOL2006W6SO QRP 20M (T)96020202.9  
488R7GU2017UA-6SO QRP 20M93627261.9R7TJ
489HR2/NP3D2010HRSO QRP 20M (T)93120190.3HR2J
490SQ3WW2013SPSO QRP 20M89319191.2 
491JA2BNN1988JA2SO QRP 20M8932619  
492OK1DKW1982OKOMSO QRP 20M8643024  
493ON3AD2010ONSO QRP 20M81228284.2 
494SP9EH1993SPSO QRP 20M7684016  
495UX7QG2012URSO QRP 20M72024243.6 
496EA4EOZ2006EASO QRP 20M682232227.4  
497JK1OXU1995JA1SO QRP 20M6805250  
498M6NNC2018GSO QRP 20M63023214.7  
499W6YVK1988W6SO QRP 20M5892019  
500F5NBK2002FSO QRP 20M57624243.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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