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4013Z3Z2012SPSO QRP 10M5,25045425.8SQ3ET
402I5KAP2016ISO QRP 10M5,07044394.4 
403KH6CP1986KH6SO QRP 10M4,9207540  
404JA2MWV2011JA2SO QRP 10M4,85948435.6 
405N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M4,7564141  
406SQ9UM2003SPSO QRP 10M4,71947397.3  
407EU1AA2013EUSO QRP 10M4,662444211.0 
408YO5OPH2011YOSO QRP 10M4,58842374.5 
409EA3ERT1984EASO QRP 10M4,2517739  
410ED1CJJ1984EASO QRP 10M4,2146743  
411S51RW1994S5SO QRP 10M4,1824234  
412RA4DX2014UA-4SO QRP 10M4,10455543.7 
413KF7AXE2015W7SO QRP 10M4,08051489.3 
414SM7ACN1980SMSO QRP 10M4,0284738  
415K7EAU1992W7SO QRP 10M3,9446458  
416JH0ALB1983JA0SO QRP 10M3,9445034  
417W6GMT/52010W5SO QRP 10M3,92439366.9 
418EA4CFN1986EASO QRP 10M3,9004530  
419I6YEF1983ISO QRP 10M3,8165136  
420SQ9KPA2013SPSO QRP 10M3,71040358.4 
421RX3AU2012UA-3SO QRP 10M3,708393614.7 
422PU4ALZ2018PYSO QRP 10M3,69846437.9 
423UR2RCD1988ESSO QRP 10M3,6633733  
424JH9HXF/11986JA1SO QRP 10M3,6005448  
425UA3DEA1978UA-3SO QRP 10M3,5844032  
426JE7DOT1999JA7SO QRP 10M3,5154037  
427LW3DC2006LUSO QRP 10M3,50239348.5  
428NZ1I2015W1SO QRP 10M (T)3,31236364.3 
429I5KAP2009ISO QRP 10M3,28638312.6 
430A22LL2015A2SO QRP 10M (T)3,26434344.5 
431IZ2JPN2013ISO QRP 10M3,23036346.3 
432VE3DQN2014VE3SO QRP 10M3,16834322.1 
433I5KAP2006ISO QRP 10M3,12038305.0  
4349X0A19989XSO QRP 10M3,1033729  
435UR2RHF1980ESSO QRP 10M3,0943934  
436ES2SW2002ESSO QRP 10M3,05237286.7  
437EA4CU2014EASO QRP 10M3,04239392.8 
4389A2VX20149ASO QRP 10M3,01036352.9 
439VE2AEJ/31983VE3SO QRP 10M2,9703933  
4402E0ARM1998GSO QRP 10M2,9254135  
441JA2MWV2010JA2SO QRP 10M2,91442315.6 
442YO4ATW2010YOSO QRP 10M2,85034303.8 
443I5KAP2007ISO QRP 10M2,828352828.0  
444JF3EIU1997JA3SO QRP 10M2,8214631  
445NT5CC1997W5SO QRP 10M2,7543527KY5N 
446OK1AIJ2001OKSO QRP 10M2,7203732  
447FB1PMO1998FSO QRP 10M2,6883428  
448LU6EVD2012LUSO QRP 10M2,68634341.5 
449DL2TM2014DLSO QRP 10M2,62537353.0 
450JH9HXF/11985JA1SO QRP 10M2,6184534  
451LZ2UW2010LZSO QRP 10M2,61032305.1 
452OK1AIJ2002OKSO QRP 10M2,58032302.3  
453IK0BZE2011ISO QRP 10M2,55232292.9 
454VE5ACY1982VE5SO QRP 10M2,5423731  
455PU5UAI2014PYSO QRP 10M2,51635343.6 
456W6GMT/52009W5SO QRP 10M2,48432276.0 
457JA6UBK1996JA6SO QRP 10M2,4324638  
458VE7EKS1990VE7SO QRP 10M2,4033327  
459SP6JOE2011SPSO QRP 10M2,36632262.9 
460CX4AD2005CXSO QRP 10M2,346373427.2  
461VU2LYX2010VUSO QRP 10M2,32034292.6VU2UR
462JH7RTQ2005JA7SO QRP 10M2,23331297.7  
463WW0WB2006W0SO QRP 10M2,22533257.0  
464II7U2013ISO QRP 10M2,21430272.7 
465CT9/M0BCT2010CT3SO QRP 10M2,18429265.9 
466PY2MTV2005PYSO QRP 10M (R)2,160323026.6  
467JI3CJO2012JA3SO QRP 10M2,14432324.1 
468OH2BLU1981OHSO QRP 10M2,1443232  
469PA2REH2000PASO QRP 10M2,0773131  
470YO3III1999YOSO QRP 10M2,0715519  
471YL2MF2000YLSO QRP 10M2,0575147  
472PU2TRX2014PYSO QRP 10M2,04043407.2 
473JH3DMQ2005JA3SO QRP 10M1,9003920  
474DK1MIR2014DLSO QRP 10M1,88832326.7 
475UA0SG1988RA0SO QRP 10M1,8864741  
476WA7NWL1993W7SO QRP 10M1,8853129  
477WB0IWG/32006W3SO QRP 10M1,87628286.2  
478UY5UP1989URSO QRP 10M1,8722826  
479AD6G/52003W5SO QRP 10M1,856333226.8  
480OK2BMU1991OKOMSO QRP 10M1,8503025  
481JA1NEZ2016JA1SO QRP 10M1,84832247.8 
482CX4AD2013CXSO QRP 10M1,83030303.3  
483JI3BFG1985JA3SO QRP 10M1,7854235  
484JE1RZR2010JA1SO QRP 10M1,78231272.7 
4859A7KDT20159ASO QRP 10M (T)1,70025254.0 
486VU2LYX2011VUSO QRP 10M1,62029273.8VU2UR
487JA2MWV2008JA2SO QRP 10M1,60828245.4 
488UR5FCM2003URSO QRP 10M1,60030255.2  
489W6QU2007W6SO QRP 10M1,56426232.6W8QZA 
490WB8JUI2016W8SO QRP 10M1,56024242.2 
491SQ9DJG2005SPSO QRP 10M1,5402720  
492BD4HY2013BYSO QRP 10M1,52529256.5 
493N5BA1986W5SO QRP 10M1,4742822  
494OM8JP2012OMSO QRP 10M1,44923234.8 
495YO8DDP2011YOSO QRP 10M1,43023224.5 
496UB5DAG1982URSO QRP 10M1,4282421  
497JF3EIU1996JA3SO QRP 10M1,4043027  
498RW4HO2015UA-4SO QRP 10M1,32629265.6 
499EA4CFN1987EASO QRP 10M1,1972419  
500DF7LS2012DLSO QRP 10M1,17621212.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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