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401IU2KDZ2018ISA LP 20M (R)8,100848112.1 
402JH9DRL/22017JA2SA LP 20M7,860656010.0 
403BD4RDU2013BYSA LP 20M7,729725917.8 
404RU0AT2010RA0SA LP 20M7,70052505.0 
405N3GJ2012W3SA LP 20M7,59952511.3 
406N0SMX/42016W4SA LP 20M7,571686710.3 
407OK7MT2017OKSA LP 20M (T)7,19865593.5 
408M0LSK2007GSA LP 20M6,86765635.0  
409GM4UYZ2016GMSA LP 20M6,74575713.2 
410SP3VSE2011SPSA LP 20M6,55257566.3 
411RW9QA2011RA9SA LP 20M6,52850483.4 
412JH1OES2013JA1SA LP 20M (T)6,500565213.1 
413Z39A2018Z3SA LP 20M (T)6,20472663.9 
414K7AHF2016W7SA LP 20M6,16057567.0 
415PY2VM2012PYSA LP 20M (T)6,01853514.4 
416BD4RDU2015BYSA LP 20M (T)5,992615612.0 
417PY2MR2016PYSA LP 20M5,98049463.7 
418OK1IC2010OKSA LP 20M5,97463581.5 
419RN3DKQ2012UA-3SA LP 20M5,94047446.9 
420SQ5BB2007SPSA LP 20M5,922504711.0  
421R2SA2018UA-3SA LP 20M5,91765617.3 
422HA0NAR2012HASA LP 20M5,82454521.0 
423OK2UHP2016OKSA LP 20M5,73462618.5 
424YU6AW2017YUSA LP 20M5,72373593.7 
425EC5AN2012EASA LP 20M5,61068663.7 
426GM4UYZ2013GMSA LP 20M5,54467632.7 
427DL5GAC2018DLSA LP 20M (T)5,48858561.5 
428K6TUJ/72012W7SA LP 20M5,472625710.7 
429IZ3DVU2018ISA LP 20M5,40055542.9 
4309A5KIR20189ASA LP 20M5,36963596.5 
431CF3FS2017VE3SA LP 20M5,34150497.8 
432IK5YJK2017ISA LP 20M5,13365595.2 
433SP7Z2018SPSA LP 20M5,09657563.8SP7SZK
434DG9KB2018DLSA LP 20M (T)5,07461595.1 
435PA2RG2016PASA LP 20M4,99254522.4 
436MM2T2018GMSA LP 20M4,92857562.0 
437EI8JX2016EISA LP 20M4,82356533.3 
438AF5OI2016W5SA LP 20M (R)4,816615611.5 
439RV4AS2012UA-4SA LP 20M4,73849463.1 
440YL2KF2010YLSA LP 20M4,69761612.3 
441RC9S2015RA9SA LP 20M4,38741410.8 
442IZ4AKO2015ISA LP 20M4,27248484.6 
443CE3CBM2018CESA LP 20M4,21240393.6 
444DJ2SN2017DLSA LP 20M4,14055453.3 
445IW9HIK2008IT9SA LP 20M4,08153533.6 
446EA7KI2016EASA LP 20M4,08052512.7 
447OH2FS2008OHSA LP 20M4,08042405.5 
448M0WYH2016GSA LP 20M3,97658568.5 
449BH4OUF2017BYSA LP 20M3,94852476.7 
450SV1DPI2017SVSA LP 20M3,91545452.6 
451UA9FKH2018UA-9SA LP 20M3,86459566.5 
452PY1SX2017PYSA LP 20M3,78036354.0 
453RA3WCG2008UA-3SA LP 20M3,713494710.2 
454TA2ACW2018TASA LP 20M3,70637342.7 
455VE8DW2008VE8SA LP 20M (R)3,64844388.7 
456VE3CWU2013VE3SA LP 20M3,62637371.0 
457KI6SCT2018W6SA LP 20M3,57755498.4 
458A75GN2018A7SA LP 20M3,45638363.6 
459MI1M2018GISA LP 20M3,44443414.1MI0LLG
460DF5EM2018DLSA LP 20M3,36051482.7 
461YO3IMD2017YOSA LP 20M3,35051502.0 
462OE3IDE2017OESA LP 20M3,34446382.6 
463GM4UYZ2017GMSA LP 20M3,03850491.5 
464JF6RIM2016JA6SA LP 20M2,95842348.4 
465BY2WL2014BYSA LP 20M2,92541396.6BD2TBJ
466BG4UQX2017BYSA LP 20M2,90539354.6 
467UA6GU2011UA-6SA LP 20M2,860454411.9 
468KJ9A2008W9SA LP 20M2,80044402.2 
469RK9DO2017RA9SA LP 20M2,77234331.4 
470PY4PW2009PYSA LP 20M (T)2,73044394.8 
471R2SA2017UA-3SA LP 20M2,71448463.3 
472VE1RUS2018VE1SA LP 20M2,70031301.8 
473VK4VSP2010VKSA LP 20M2,64034337.4 
474RA4LBS2012UA-4SA LP 20M2,62247462.5RALBS
475PY5ZW2018PYSA LP 20M2,41538353.2 
476YV4GLY2016YVSA LP 20M2,41535358.1  
477DL1HWH2011DLSA LP 20M2,32246434.4 
478N4UEZ2013W4SA LP 20M2,30435321.0 
4794M1F2011YVSA LP 20M2,29130292.7YV1JGT
480EA8AJO2007EA8SA LP 20M2,184282825.4  
481EA2GM2017EASA LP 20M2,16247466.6 
482JA0GCI2018JA0SA LP 20M2,14437324.3 
483K4GNR2017W4SA LP 20M2,11729292.9 
484OH4EBD2015OHSA LP 20M (T)2,070333011.2 
485SQ4LP2013SPSA LP 20M2,07031300.8 
486AF2M2018W2SA LP 20M2,04632315.0 
487UZ5Q2018URSA LP 20M1,92033323.5UY5QZ
488RA0ANO2016RA0SA LP 20M1,87226243.2 
489KC9LNH2009W9SA LP 20M1,79833315.7 
490BW/JN3MXT2017BVSA LP 20M1,76445362.1 
491VU2AE2017VUSA LP 20M (T)1,75530274.6 
492RX9UK2018RA9SA LP 20M1,68024242.5 
493BH4OUF2018BYSA LP 20M1,66635345.5 
494RL3T2017UA-3SA LP 20M1,62838370.6 
495PY3EAM2016PYSA LP 20M1,59328274.9 
496OE5DRM2018OESA LP 20M1,58439332.3 
497RA9MLR2015RA9SA LP 20M1,52525255.6 
4987L2OHM2010JA1SA LP 20M1,51225243.4 
499RU9YF2017RA9SA LP 20M1,44024244.8 
500KD2JPV2017W2SA LP 20M1,41033302.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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