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4601DF5SI2018DLSA LP ALL2,72037345.6 
4602SP7BCA2014SPSA LP ALL2,72034323.9  
4603WV1M2006W1SA LP ALL2,72037342.5  
4604UI0L2016RA0SA LP ALL (T)2,71635284.0 
4605WW6G2015W6SA LP ALL2,70034304.4 
4606UF8T2017RA9SA LP ALL2,68832322.9  
4607KM4FRM2017W4SA LP ALL2,68634344.3 
4608NE6AA2015W6SA LP ALL2,66042355.9 
4609VE3MZD2018VE3SA LP ALL (R)2,64037303.0  
4610W4CDO2016W4SA LP ALL2,63534314.6 
4611SM6MVE2007SMSA LP ALL2,62344437.1  
4612MM0IMC2012GMSA LP ALL (R)2,61835346.1 
4613UA9OAL2011RA9SA LP ALL2,61835346.0 
4614EW4CD2017EUSA LP ALL2,61342394.7 
4615AD5XM2014W5SA LP ALL2,61031293.5 
4616HF0DKI2018SPSA LP ALL2,59234323.1 
4617PP5BB2016PYSA LP ALL (T)2,59233325.3 
4618PY1GQ2014PYSA LP ALL2,59235322.2 
4619NR9Q2017W9SA LP ALL2,59037352.0 
4620AD0RW2017W0SA LP ALL2,58032305.3 
4621W9IKU2015W9SA LP ALL2,58030303.4 
4622PY4LI2017PYSA LP ALL2,57444395.4  
4623KK4BKD2018W4SA LP ALL2,56040401.7  
4624UR5IFB2016URSA LP ALL2,56042401.0 
4625SP5WLO2006SPSA LP ALL (R)2,55536353.2  
4626S55VM2013S5SA LP ALL2,55031303.1 
4627KC2JKU2013W2SA LP ALL2,54135336.2 
4628PA3A2013PASA LP ALL2,53743431.0 
4629PY2TTE2018PYSA LP ALL2,52038365.8 
4630AC9IG2017W9SA LP ALL2,52040362.1 
4631BG9DOL2016BYSA LP ALL2,52039365.6 
4632UF8T2011RA9SA LP ALL2,52030302.2 
4633JA1BJI2009JA1SA LP ALL2,52024212.9 
4634N0BAK2016W0SA LP ALL2,51636342.5 
4635K8TS2017W8SA LP ALL2,50847385.2 
4636PY2ABN2013PYSA LP ALL2,49633323.6 
4637DC2CT2012DLSA LP ALL2,49429296.3 
4638W6UX2010W6SA LP ALL2,48440366.8 
4639DG5LW2018DLSA LP ALL2,46041414.3 
4640NT5I2016W5SA LP ALL2,46031304.5 
4641IU2EBO2017ISA LP ALL2,44932313.0 
4642JJ2ICA2017JA2SA LP ALL (T)2,44236335.0 
4643IK4MGP2012ISA LP ALL2,44234331.1 
4644WU9D2013W9SA LP ALL2,43241382.7 
4645VU3INK2015VUSA LP ALL2,43039307.2 
4646S52INA2017S5SA LP ALL (R)2,41435341.6 
4647BD4HZ2013BYSA LP ALL2,41244366.4  
4648RL3FXX2011UA-3SA LP ALL2,40040404.1 
4649EA1JW2003EASA LP ALL2,40030259.4  
4650IU2CVS2017ISA LP ALL2,38731318.6 
4651K6LIZ2018W6SA LP ALL2,35645385.3 
4652RC8I2014RA9SA LP ALL2,34929292.1R9IR 
4653YB8FS2014YBSA LP ALL2,34928272.0 
4654W4BTA2016W4SA LP ALL (R)2,34635349.4 
4655AC3U2017W3SA LP ALL2,34032261.0 
4656VE7KCY2017VE7SA LP ALL (R)2,33635322.3 
4657F8AEE2016FSA LP ALL2,33633321.6 
4658NE1F2009W1SA LP ALL2,33633322.5 
4659N3JON2018W3SA LP ALL2,32825242.2 
4660EC5CSW2017EASA LP ALL2,32531313.1  
4661WA4PGM2011W4SA LP ALL2,32233271.8 
4662G0T2015GSA LP ALL (T)2,31236342.1 
4663KA7T2017W7SA LP ALL2,31038334.9 
4664GM8YUI2017GMSA LP ALL2,29642414.6 
4665N1XSS2017W1SA LP ALL2,29433313.9 
4666BH3PTL2016BYSA LP ALL2,27540355.1 
4667PY2GMR2008PYSA LP ALL (T)2,26337318.5PY2OMT
4668CT7ABD2015CTSA LP ALL2,25030302.9 
4669BV9AA2017BVSA LP ALL2,244343310.3 
4670DO2FM2015DLSA LP ALL2,244373312.2 
4671W5JAO2009W5SA LP ALL (R)2,24436334.8 
4672VE3MZD2016VE3SA LP ALL (R)2,24029286.7 
4673SM6MVE2006SMSA LP ALL2,24035359.6  
4674PA0MJM2011PASA LP ALL2,23628266.4 
4675DJ7A2018DLSA LP ALL (T)2,23236362.4DJ7AT
4676BD6OT2017BYSA LP ALL2,21039343.0 
4677RU4HY2015UA-4SA LP ALL2,20826247.3 
4678EW1E2016EUSA LP ALL (T)2,20429292.8 
4679IK2SAU2018ISA LP ALL2,20131311.1 
4680XX9LQ2016XX9SA LP ALL2,19642364.4 
4681DL1HWH2012DLSA LP ALL2,18444394.5 
4682LY2MC2018LYSA LP ALL2,17032311.2 
4683WW6G2018W6SA LP ALL2,16038307.8 
4684KI4HHK2011W4SA LP ALL (T)2,15629282.0 
4685N5SLY2017W5SA LP ALL2,14629293.6 
4686RZ1O2016UA-1SA LP ALL2,14630295.7 
4687DG8HJ2015DLSA LP ALL2,14434321.5 
4688G7TWC2017GSA LP ALL2,13033302.6  
4689KG5YFQ2018W5SA LP ALL (R)2,12851386.1 
4690G6VMR2013GSA LP ALL (T)2,11730293.1 
4691N0KQ2017W6SA LP ALL2,08831291.3 
4692ZL2MM2017ZLSA LP ALL2,08850249.5 
4693DL8WJM2011DLSA LP ALL2,07928273.7 
4694PH4X2015PASA LP ALL2,07231282.7 
4695SQ8JMC2015SPSA LP ALL2,05931292.2 
4696BD9CJH2016BYSA LP ALL2,05240367.4 
4697K7SEK2015W7SA LP ALL2,05229276.3 
4698N6PM2018W6SA LP ALL2,04837327.3 
4699YT7TA2009YUSA LP ALL2,04834321.2 
4700W5LGK2018W4SA LP ALL2,04634312.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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