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4501N2DWS2009W2SO HP 20M60819190.8 
4502W7RIR1981W7SO HP 20M6021514  
4503N2ALE/61997W6SO HP 20M6001515  
4504JA0FVU1996JA0SO HP 20M6001010  
4505DM2CPE1975DMSO HP 20M5952017  
4506JL3SBE1994JA3SO HP 20M5851815  
4507WB0HAD1977W0SO HP 20M5851515  
4508PA7GBY1975PASO HP 20M5781817  
4509WE4AWJ2014W4SO HP 20M57616164.0 
4510Y24LN/A1985DMSO HP 20M5702019  
4511JA1AAT1977JA1SO HP 20M5701615  
4512UA3IAM1976UA-3SO HP 20M5702019  
4513UA1OE1978UA-1SO HP 20M5601614  
4514DM2EXH1976DMSO HP 20M5602320  
4515JW1UW1983JW/bSO HP 20M5501811  
4516YO5BLA1985YOSO HP 20M5462514  
4517SQ1II1975SPSO HP 20M5441816  
4518Y59ZF1986DMSO HP 20M5402018  
4519YO6BLU1986YOSO HP 20M5322516  
4520UA6RB1978UA-6SO HP 20M5321414  
4521Y21OL1987DMSO HP 20M5292323  
4522M0MQV2009GSO HP 20M51319192.3 
4523OK1FBH1976OKOMSO HP 20M5121216  
4524JA1GHR2017JA1SO HP 20M51015151.1 
4525SP5EAQ1981SPSO HP 20M5101515  
4526JA7KM1975JA7SO HP 20M5071913  
4527CE3LQH2015CESO HP 20M50414142.7 
45289V1AL20069VSO HP 20M504141426.7  
4529SP7EJS1980SPSO HP 20M4941413  
4530DM2BBC1978DMSO HP 20M4931917  
4531W4MPJ2017W4SO HP 20M47617174.4 
4532Y26MH/a1986DMSO HP 20M4682218  
4533UG6LQ1981EKSO HP 20M4681312  
4534OZ1DYI1984OZSO HP 20M4602320  
4535Y26VG/A1985DMSO HP 20M4592117  
4536N6BY2009W6SO HP 20M (R)45619190.8 
4537JA4AOR/31976JA3SO HP 20M4421813  
4538DM2BGC1977DMSO HP 20M4341414  
4539SP6ECA1976SPSO HP 20M4341614  
4540VE4UA1977VE4SO HP 20M4321212  
4541UA0JD1985RA0SO HP 20M4291313  
4542UA3IDT1982UA-3SO HP 20M4291311  
4543VE2HAR1985VE2SO HP 20M4201810  
4544OH2BNS1987OHSO HP 20M4161616  
4545OH2KI1986OHSO HP 20M4161313  
4546JA6AHT1976JA6SO HP 20M4162113  
4547Y67PN1990DMSO HP 20M4033013  
4548JA4AQR/31975JA3SO HP 20M4031513  
4549SP3GVX1980SPSO HP 20M4001716  
4550Y21IC1984DMSO HP 20M3961211  
4551VE6CGY1979VE6SO HP 20M3961212  
4552PY1BKA1987PYSO HP 20M3901313  
4553UL7NAA1976UNSO HP 20M3901510  
4554UR2RER1985ESSO HP 20M3841212  
4555KA5DAC1980W5SO HP 20M3841716  
4556UR2MG1977ESSO HP 20M3842020  
4557DM4JA1976DMSO HP 20M3841816  
4558RK6CM2009UA-6SO HP 20M37814141.2 
4559SM7FSV1977SMSO HP 20M3771313  
4560WD8PCG1982W8SO HP 20M3741211  
4561JE4MYY1986JA4SO HP 20M3721312  
4562DK5OS1975DLSO HP 20M3641413  
4563UA9OO1984RA9SO HP 20M3631111  
4564Y22LO1985DMSO HP 20M3601212  
4565LA4PQ1975LASO HP 20M3522016  
4566OH5MX1985OHSO HP 20M3421918  
4567SM5LPC1985SMSO HP 20M3411111  
4568UA0SLN1984RA0SO HP 20M3411311  
4569SB3W2016SMSO HP 20M33614140.3 
4570IS0DFC2006ISSO HP 20M33617165.7  
4571OH6VV1976OHSO HP 20M3361514  
4572LA1PBA1981LASO HP 20M3301515  
4573VE5ZC2008VE5SO HP 20M32513131.6 
4574W4JUK1975W4SO HP 20M3251313  
4575JE5JHZ2018JA5SO HP 20M32412120.9  
4576JE1GZB1983JA1SO HP 20M3191511  
4577JG1TIX1979JA1SO HP 20M3191111  
4578RK3DTC2009UA-3SO HP 20M31212120.6 
4579JA0VHK1976JA0SO HP 20M3121612  
4580OH2BMP1975OHSO HP 20M3121412  
4581OK2BBJ1981OKOMSO HP 20M3081614  
4582UF6RB19794LSO HP 20M3001010  
4583UA0CFX1983RA0SO HP 20M2901110  
4584UB5PS1982URSO HP 20M2901110  
4585UA0BAC1976RA0SO HP 20M2881012  
4586Y22YJ1984DMSO HP 20M2861211  
4587SM0BDS1977SMSO HP 20M2801414  
4588W3GCQ/31976W3SO HP 20M2801010  
4589Y53ZL1985DMSO HP 20M2761512  
4590JG1TIX1984JA1SO HP 20M2751111  
4591Y24KZ/A1985DMSO HP 20M2731513  
4592AC6OJW1976W6SO HP 20M2731913  
4593KI4ZGF2008W4SO HP 20M (R)27010100.7 
4594JA3ARM1975JA3SO HP 20M2701110  
4595VK1LF1983VKSO HP 20M2641311  
4596JA1BNW1977JA1SO HP 20M264138  
4597DM3EH1979DMSO HP 20M2551715  
4598NG7M2017W7SO HP 20M25212120.7 
4599PI4F2017PASO HP 20M (R)25214141.7PD9FJ 
4600UA3GGQ1985UA-3SO HP 20M2521312  

Page 46 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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