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4401KD9MS2017W9SO HP 20M (T)1,14020200.5 
4402JH2VQB1977JA2SO HP 20M1,1402320  
4403PA0YN1994PASO HP 20M1,1342827  
4404SM3LIV1987SMSO HP 20M1,1282924  
4405W8WG1995W8SO HP 20M1,1272323  
4406CE5BSS1987CESO HP 20M1,1272423  
4407UF7FWM19904LSO HP 20M1,1212319  
4408M3C2015GSO HP 20M1,12020200.6G0VQR 
4409WA8OGR1977W8SO HP 20M1,1022019  
4410SP3CB1976SPSO HP 20M1,1002720  
4411OK30KCU1975OKOMSO HP 20M1,0923521  
4412JA3BCT1977JA3SO HP 20M1,0832619  
4413Y34XN1985DMSO HP 20M1,0802220  
4414W7TSQ1997W7SO HP 20M1,0733029  
4415JA4EII1978JA4SO HP 20M1,0712321  
4416RV1CC2017UA-1SO HP 20M1,06420191.7 
4417AC4EEO1976W4SO HP 20M1,0601920  
4418RA9FF1997RA9SO HP 20M1,0443129  
4419M0RHS2017GSO HP 20M1,03224241.4 
4420Y31MB1985DMSO HP 20M1,0322524  
4421PF5A2009PASO HP 20M1,02631273.9 
4422DM3WDJ1977DMSO HP 20M1,0123024  
4423Y66QL1982DMSO HP 20M1,0083028  
4424PA0VST2009PASO HP 20M1,00719193.1 
4425Y26GN1980DMSO HP 20M1,0071919  
4426SP9EML1984SPSO HP 20M1,0002020  
4427LA2IE1975LASO HP 20M1,0002620  
4428OH3AA1978OHSO HP 20M9992727OH3TQ 
4429YB8ROP2018YBSO HP 20M (T)99026222.8 
4430OH2BSS1985OHSO HP 20M9904018  
4431UK6AAJ1977UA-6SO HP 20M9802220UA6AYR 
4432OH5PA1979OHSO HP 20M9682222  
4433UP2BAW1975LYSO HP 20M9682422  
4434JR4ISK1986JA4SO HP 20M9602924  
4435Y51XE1982DMSO HP 20M9602220  
4436Y64UF1987DMSO HP 20M9462522  
4437W5ZAF2011W5SO HP 20M93618185.7 
4438KD7DCR2009W7SO HP 20M (T)93618183.5 
4439LZ1KIC1989LZSO HP 20M9252525DF2RG 
4440UA3DGI1983UA-3SO HP 20M9252725  
4441KM4AML2015W4SO HP 20M (R)92421212.0 
4442SP8HXN1981SPSO HP 20M9182827  
4443SP7ASZ1977SPSO HP 20M9182118  
4444LA1OEA1985LASO HP 20M9122019  
4445OK1KTW1981OKOMSO HP 20M9002118OK1AAE 
4446UA3AAK1976UA-3SO HP 20M8972823  
4447OZ9FM1979OZSO HP 20M8963228  
4448KH2GUM2015KH2SO HP 20M89321194.7 
4449DM2FGN1979DMSO HP 20M8931919  
4450OH1PY1985OHSO HP 20M8841817  
4451WA8CKT1975W8SO HP 20M8822118  
4452UA0KBO1983RA0SO HP 20M8671717  
4453Y22BC1985DMSO HP 20M8641818  
4454SP2ADW1977SPSO HP 20M8602220  
4455JA3CE1994JA3SO HP 20M8502910  
4456OK2BSA1984OKOMSO HP 20M8461918  
4457RN3DDS2009UA-3SO HP 20M84021211.1 
4458LA4TG1981LASO HP 20M8362222  
4459Y22BC1984DMSO HP 20M8331717  
4460F6EPH1979FSO HP 20M8323026  
4461WB2PXA1986W2SO HP 20M8282323  
4462SP4JCP1980SPSO HP 20M8282018  
4463OH2TE1985OHSO HP 20M8263515  
4464JA3INN/61976JA6SO HP 20M8172119  
4465UA9XF1987RA9SO HP 20M8161716  
4466JA2RFG1976JA2SO HP 20M8162317  
4467KU1X1986W1SO HP 20M8002020  
4468KG4FPJ2004W4SO HP 20M792181824.4N4GI 
4469SP5GKN1975SPSO HP 20M7802520  
4470Y26NM/A1985DMSO HP 20M7772521  
4471VA3IK2018VE3SO HP 20M77418180.6 
4472Y31RB1984DMSO HP 20M7702522  
4473UA4HAN1976UA-4SO HP 20M7592823  
4474Y24PE1982DMSO HP 20M7362623  
4475SM7ASN1975SMSO HP 20M7361816  
4476JR3JRI1979JA3SO HP 20M7262211  
4477DM2CTB1975DMSO HP 20M7201716  
4478UZ3RR2011URSO HP 20M71323232.1 
4479OH2BFS1986OHSO HP 20M7132723  
4480JA3CE1999JA3SO HP 20M704168  
4481DM2EHL1975DMSO HP 20M6972317  
4482LZ2KHB1985LZSO HP 20M6902823William 
4483JG1TIX1975JA1SO HP 20M6842518  
4484SP9CLO1984SPSO HP 20M6822722  
4485W3KHQ/ZS1983ZSSO HP 20M6751515  
4486JA4PA1983JA4SO HP 20M6722412  
4487OH3XZ1976OHSO HP 20M6651919  
4488RB5QP1988URSO HP 20M6633917  
4489KM4ZQE2018W4SO HP 20M66016151.6 
4490SM5CVC1976SMSO HP 20M6601720  
4491JR3PFH1975JA3SO HP 20M6562416  
4492UA4WBJ1984UA-4SO HP 20M6512321  
4493SP9JXC1997SPSO HP 20M6402220  
4494N8BKX1980W8SO HP 20M6301515  
4495UA0FBZ1976RA0SO HP 20M6304614  
4496SP9CGH1977SPSO HP 20M6272519  
4497LZ1KPP2011LZSO HP 20M62427261.7 
4498OH7UV1989OHSO HP 20M6242424  
4499OK2BNK1978OKOMSO HP 20M6202120  
4500RC2AP1986EUSO HP 20M6162222  

Page 45 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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