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4101JH0TUD1984JA0SO HP 15M18999  
4102JP1LRT1983JA1SO HP 15M1801110  
4103OK2SWD1986OKOMSO HP 15M17698  
4104OH1EB1982OHSO HP 15M17688  
4105JA3FZI1986JA3SO HP 15M175137  
4106RM4R2012UA-4SO HP 15M168980.8 
4107JG7LBN1988JA7SO HP 15M162109  
4108UQ2GIP1986YLSO HP 15M1561412  
4109EC7CST1984EASO HP 15M153179  
4110W7AYY2003W7SO HP 15M152585736.0  
4111JA3YJQ1975JA3SO HP 15M15298  
4112JA3AVO2015JA3SO HP 15M147771.0 
4113JG1OWV1982JA1SO HP 15M14777  
4114JR3CVJ1979JA3SO HP 15M14777  
4115EA2IA1978EASO HP 15M14787  
4116Y21HF/A1984DMSO HP 15M1401010  
4117JG7LBN1990JA7SO HP 15M136118  
4118JR4HTB1984JA4SO HP 15M13599  
4119Y31SG1984DMSO HP 15M13599  
4120WB2MDZ1980W2SO HP 15M13599N2AHW 
4121EA3BWX1985EASO HP 15M13377  
4122OK2SGW1980OKOMSO HP 15M13377  
4123W5RIT1983W5SO HP 15M11987  
4124JH4MVA1976JA4SO HP 15M11977  
4125YC1RW2008YBSO HP 15M (R)114760.3 
4126JL2RTW1990JA2SO HP 15M11277  
4127JA1JLP1989JA1SO HP 15M11287  
4128JH3YJQ1976JA3SO HP 15M11287  
4129JQ1DKK1985JA1SO HP 15M10575  
4130OZ1ACB1985OZSO HP 15M10577  
4131UA3PAU1981UA-3SO HP 15M9999  
4132LA1RN1985LASO HP 15M9656  
4133JG1KOE1990JA1SO HP 15M90119  
4134LA5TBA1989LASO HP 15M9065  
4135JN1RFI1986JA1SO HP 15M9076  
4136JE2GAL1977JA2SO HP 15M9065  
4137JM1DUH1980JA1SO HP 15M8575  
4138OZ4VW1986OZSO HP 15M8476  
4139JM1GPV1984JA1SO HP 15M8466  
4140I5WPC1977ISO HP 15M8466  
4141JA1EPJ2016JA1SO HP 15M75551.3 
4142OH1PY1984OHSO HP 15M7555  
4143JH1OEL1982JA1SO HP 15M7555  
4144JA1CVP1978JA1SO HP 15M7555  
4145YB1RS2008YBSO HP 15M72660.4 
4146VE3GWM1982VE3SO HP 15M7055  
4147W7EYR1981W7SO HP 15M7077  
4148SP6ECF1985SPSO HP 15M6555  
4149WD5GKD1980W5SO HP 15M6555  
4150SP9NLS1985SPSO HP 15M6065  
4151WA1ORP1983W1SO HP 15M6054  
4152WW6/SM3EAE2014W6SO HP 15M54760.1 
4153VU2MTT2014VUSO HP 15M48440.2 
4154Y49LO1989DMSO HP 15M4844  
4155JA0TW1988JA0SO HP 15M4866  
4156YO6ADM1986YOSO HP 15M4844  
4157OK1ANS1984OKOMSO HP 15M4844  
4158Y48ZF1984DMSO HP 15M4844  
4159JA3WKG1975JA3SO HP 15M4555  
4160K3LQO1994W3SO HP 15M4444K3UA 
4161JG1FZG1979JA1SO HP 15M4454  
4162SP9ADU1975SPSO HP 15M3953  
4163VE3DNR1997VE3SO HP 15M3644  
4164Y25NL1983DMSO HP 15M3643  
4165WD5IOE1979W5SO HP 15M3066  
4166OZ0J2006OZSO HP 15M273324.9  
4167JL1MIQ1979JA1SO HP 15M2733  
4168JR1ZTT1988JA1SO HP 15M2555  
4169OH1RV1979OHSO HP 15M2555  
4170W1SRE1978W1SO HP 15M2444  
4171JM2BHI1991JA2SO HP 15M2133  
4172JR6RWY1980JA6SO HP 15M20812313  
41737L1JSV1991JA1SO HP 15M1833  
4174CX8BBO1984CXSO HP 15M1833  
4175KF4LBD1998W4SO HP 15M1644  
4176JA1LZK2017JA1SO HP 15M15331.0 
4177OH5YX1980OHSO HP 15M1533  
4178JA1STY1993JA1SO HP 15M1222  
4179JE3EVC1976JA3SO HP 15M1222  
4180DL8UED1995DLSO HP 15M101010  
4181JA5FBZ2016JA5SO HP 15M8220.5 
4182OH2BBT2010OHSO HP 15M822 
4183JJ1JHJ1988JA1SO HP 15M622  
4184KA2CIW1983W2SO HP 15M643  
4185K4LC/PY81977PYSO HP 15M622  
4186JA1SZN2014JA1SO HP 15M (T)311 
4187N5TEY2006W5SO HP 15M31124.1  
4188JI1LNR1990JA1SO HP 15M311  
4189JH3FYW1975JA3SO HP 15M222  
4190ZL1SHP2017ZLSO HP 15M (R)111 
4191SN5U2012SPSO HP 15M111 
4192JQ1UNI1988JA1SO HP 15M111  
4193LT5H1994LUSO HP 15M0  LU1HOO 
4194JL1DRX1993JA1SO HP 15M0212   
4195JA1JLP1990JA1SO HP 15M0    

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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