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4101UA6XT1988UA-6SO HP 10M140107  
4102UA9KM2004RA9SO HP 10M1359924.8  
4103OZ1LO1979OZSO HP 10M13599  
4104UR2RSA1981ESSO HP 10M13377  
4105WB0GFV1987W0SO HP 10M13286  
4106RA9ODC1977RA9SO HP 10M1321211  
4107KJ6FPJ2013W6SO HP 10M126991.4 
4108SA1A2010SMSO HP 10M (T)126760.1SM1TDE
4109Y21WM1986DMSO HP 10M12676  
4110LY1G2009LYSO HP 10M12111112.9 
4111DM3UE1979DMSO HP 10M12098  
4112WD2AHD1989W2SO HP 10M11977  
4113KA6ING1987W6SO HP 10M1172313  
4114RB5TW1987URSO HP 10M11476  
4115JF2KUU1986JA2SO HP 10M11476  
4116UB5LBP1976URSO HP 10M11476  
4117OH1ZAA1986OHSO HP 10M112148  
4118RA4HDE1976UA-4SO HP 10M11287  
4119JR1OYL1987JA1SO HP 10M10876  
4120VE2AEJ/31986VE3SO HP 10M10886  
4121JF2LTH1980JA2SO HP 10M10844  
4122KJ6FPJ2014W6SO HP 10M105770.7 
4123OH2BXT1990OHSO HP 10M10577  
4124N7NKD1990W7SO HP 10M10488  
4125W9SE2009W9SO HP 10M102660.6 
4126DM5VNH1979DMSO HP 10M10276  
4127UB5VCD1981URSO HP 10M9065  
4128SM2ITW1980SMSO HP 10M9065  
4129RV2F/UA9XLN1990UA2SO HP 10M8466  
4130Y65TN1980DMSO HP 10M8065  
4131Y43SO1984DMSO HP 10M7866  
4132K7IDX1978W7SO HP 10M7866  
4133UA0SFN1977RA0SO HP 10M77117  
4134UA6LED1976UA-6SO HP 10M7777  
4135IZ0EGA2011ISO HP 10M (T)75550.6 
4136PU7TDD1997PYSO HP 10M (R)751615  
4137LZ1GD1988LZSO HP 10M7575  
4138OH2BXT1988OHSO HP 10M7555  
4139EA3CUD1984EASO HP 10M7555  
4140SP5ENA1984SPSO HP 10M7555  
4141UR2OI1982ESSO HP 10M7555  
4142DM3TNA1979DMSO HP 10M7555  
4143OK2SPS1979OKOMSO HP 10M7555  
4144PA2GER1986PASO HP 10M701410  
4145RA9CAS1976RA9SO HP 10M7077  
4146MX0PMT2013GSO HP 10M (T)6666 
4147SM2LKW/01981SMSO HP 10M6555  
4148YT8A2018YUSO HP 10M60660.7 
4149RB5CCO1986URSO HP 10M6055  
4150RA3ALQ1977UA-3SO HP 10M5466  
4151UX4UA2013URSO HP 10M48440.4 
4152EA5AOJ1992EASO HP 10M4844  
4153RB5CCO1987URSO HP 10M4844  
4154RA9FBZ1980RA9SO HP 10M4844  
4155IA5OAK1975ISO HP 10M4844  
4156Y26DO1987DMSO HP 10M4555  
4157WB2SNN2011W2SO HP 10M44441.5 
4158JH4KED1979JA4SO HP 10M4444  
4159G4OBK1986GSO HP 10M4286  
4160AA6EE1989W6SO HP 10M4044  
4161SP3IBS1988SPSO HP 10M4044  
4162OK3YX1986OKOMSO HP 10M4055  
4163Y26DO1985DMSO HP 10M4088  
4164JR3STX1975JA3SO HP 10M4088  
4165RB5IOV1975URSO HP 10M4044  
4166N6IFW1996W6SO HP 10M3633  
4167KA8ZHC/T1988W8SO HP 10M3577  
4168UM8MDZ1981EXSO HP 10M301010  
4169AH7C2013KH6SO HP 10M27330.7 
4170SM0HJV1979SMSO HP 10M2733  
4171HA6NP1975HASO HP 10M2733  
4172UA3TT2002UA-3SO HP 10M2443  
4173YU2LLL1985YUSO HP 10M2444  
4174RA3DFN1977UA-3SO HP 10M2466  
4175W0RER2006W0SO HP 10M21330.6  
4176Y23ZE/A1983DMSO HP 10M2133  
4177UT5UCM1988URSO HP 10M1833  
4178OH2BBF1981OHSO HP 10M1832  
4179K7IDX1975W7SO HP 10M1863  
4180NF2RS2016W2SO HP 10M15331.2WA2AOG
4181N9GFG1988W9SO HP 10M1477  
4182UT5UUF1999URSO HP 10M1222  
4183JK1LRH1983JA1SO HP 10M1222  
4184Y24GF/A1983DMSO HP 10M1222  
4185EA2IA1977EASO HP 10M1244  
4186UA0UBG1976RA0SO HP 10M1254  
4187NE8SC2015W8SO HP 10M (R)933 
4188RP2PEC1976LYSO HP 10M933  
4189N3EQQ1994W3SO HP 10M822K3UA 
4190RB5CCO1985URSO HP 10M822  
4191Y23ZE/A1984DMSO HP 10M622  
4192UA6AK2008UA-6SO HP 10M5550.5 
4193YU1LA2006YUSO HP 10M42224.1  
4194IZ8YBS2017ISO HP 10M311 
4195PV8AA2012PYSO HP 10M311 
4196PV8DX2012PYSO HP 10M311 
4197I3YYY2001ISO HP 10M31124.5  
4198JF6TMH1985JA6SO HP 10M311  
4199UR2REC1977ESSO HP 10M211  
4200PU2SHF2008PYSO HP 10M111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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