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4001RA9CIU1977RA9SO HP 10M4291813  
4002I2LPA1975ISO HP 10M4291511  
4003IV3BMV1997ISO HP 10M4252723  
4004JN3QVM1990JA3SO HP 10M4201312  
4005YO2AQB1984YOSO HP 10M4201412  
4006SM2KEN1981SMSO HP 10M4161616  
4007JA7FMZ1980JA7SO HP 10M4081212  
4008JH1FJK1980JA1SO HP 10M40866  
4009OZ1FAO1980OZSO HP 10M4031313  
4010N0IDH/T1988W0SO HP 10M3992119  
4011EA7FUN1987EASO HP 10M3961211  
4012UA0QCA1982RA0SO HP 10M3961211  
4013SM5IKQ1978SMSO HP 10M3961511  
4014OK1CIJ1978OKOMSO HP 10M3901310  
4015PU2OOT2012PYSO HP 10M38021202.7 
4016JA1BNW1984JA1SO HP 10M378149  
4017UO5OGE1976ERSO HP 10M3781514  
4018Y53UA1981DMSO HP 10M3771413  
4019YU2LLL1986YUSO HP 10M3743011  
4020IK0EBA2018ISO HP 10M37212121.6 
4021Y56WG1981DMSO HP 10M3701510  
4022LA7ZN1982LASO HP 10M3631111  
4023YE3AA2016YBSO HP 10M35213111.4N1IP
4024UC2WCH1988EUSO HP 10M3411111  
4025JH4WBY1997JA4SO HP 10M3361412  
4026OH5OD1991OHSO HP 10M3261414  
4027UZ5Q2014URSO HP 10M32513131.0UY5QZ
4028UA3TDK1981UA-3SO HP 10M3251313  
4029KA0ZIA1990W0SO HP 10M3241212  
4030JH2WHS1989JA2SO HP 10M3241818  
4031Y25TO1983DMSO HP 10M3241212  
4032YU2CB1981YUSO HP 10M3191211  
4033IO4L2017ISO HP 10M30621174.5I4LCK 
4034PA0BDO1981PASO HP 10M3001010  
4035SM7BOL1980SMSO HP 10M3001010  
4036UL7PEN1983UNSO HP 10M2901110  
4037SP7CMR1980SPSO HP 10M2901110  
4038LY1R2018LYSO HP 10M28016144.8 
4039JA1FO1987JA1SO HP 10M2801110  
4040Y51YF1982DMSO HP 10M2801010  
4041YO4DIH1990YOSO HP 10M270129  
4042Y26DO1986DMSO HP 10M270109  
4043JJ3RDH1984JA3SO HP 10M2701110  
4044SP4DGN1984SPSO HP 10M2701110  
4045KH6B1981KH6SO HP 10M2601010  
4046JF1XDM1976JA1SO HP 10M2551415  
4047UB5VK1978URSO HP 10M252109  
4048YU1NZR1978YUSO HP 10M248138  
4049PU7EEL1999PYSO HP 10M2471513  
4050KC5BKS/42013W4SO HP 10M2431092.0 
4051AA7DU1990W7SO HP 10M243109  
4052EA4DMB1987EASO HP 10M243119  
4053KA8UOC/N1987W8SO HP 10M24399  
4054OH5OQ1980OHSO HP 10M24399  
4055SL7AT1980SMSO HP 10M24399  
4056N6ZET1991W6SO HP 10M24054  
4057JF1XDM1977JA1SO HP 10M2401110  
4058WB1EAZ1980W1SO HP 10M234109  
4059UA1AWZ1980UA-1SO HP 10M2311111  
4060SM0LEA1981SMSO HP 10M22599  
4061SP4HKN1981SPSO HP 10M22599  
4062UB5HBT1976URSO HP 10M22599  
4063UB5ILZ1984URSO HP 10M2201210  
4064JA7OWD2018JA7SO HP 10M21013100.3 
4065JA3EGE2016JA3SO HP 10M2101170.4 
4066N5FHZ1990W5SO HP 10M2081716  
4067R7AW2018UA-6SO HP 10M20413121.7 
4068NA2X1997W2SO HP 10M2041717  
4069JO1MCC1990JA1SO HP 10M20098  
4070JF2KUU1987JA2SO HP 10M200108  
4071PA0TVU1980PASO HP 10M20098  
4072RA9CAS1977RA9SO HP 10M2001110  
4073RA3ALQ1976UA-3SO HP 10M2001110  
4074RB5IOV1976URSO HP 10M2001210  
4075N6NF1990W6SO HP 10M1961414  
4076JK1ODA2014JA1SO HP 10M192881.5 
4077N7CVW/PB1982PASO HP 10M19288  
4078OH3UJ1980OHSO HP 10M19288  
4079VK4NBP1980VKSO HP 10M19288  
4080JE0VSW1991JA0SO HP 10M18999  
4081JO1MCC1984JA1SO HP 10M18498  
4082JR1OYL1986JA1SO HP 10M1801010  
4083TA1HZ2014TA1SO HP 10M176881.9TA2RX
4084G0AEV1996GSO HP 10M1762616  
4085Y38ZD1982DMSO HP 10M17688  
4086YU7NZR1981YUSO HP 10M17688  
4087OZ3BJ2016OZSO HP 10M168871.0 
4088Y53ZL1980DMSO HP 10M16887  
4089UA6ADC1975UA-6SO HP 10M16887  
4090UA3TDK1980UA-3SO HP 10M162109  
4091YU1OFT1977YUSO HP 10M162109  
4092SP1GZF2010SPSO HP 10M16010101.2 
4093UQ2PP1989YLSO HP 10M16088  
4094HC1BI1978HCSO HP 10M16088  
4095W2UL1978W2SO HP 10M16088  
4096IK2RGT2010ISO HP 10M (T)154870.3 
4097UA9AED1977RA9SO HP 10M1501515  
4098JA1AAT2003JA1SO HP 10M14777  
4099N6HE1978W6SO HP 10M14498  
4100UB5LCV1976URSO HP 10M14488  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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