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301JA6QDU1994JA6SO HP 15M27,44010298  
302JA6WJL2007JA6SO HP 10M27,4121428919.7  
303JA6PL1983JA6SO HP ALL26,34410389  
304JA6EFT2014JA6SO LP 15M25,9381129917.2 
305JA6EML2017JA6SO HP ALL25,8401278510.6 
306JA6LCJ2017JA6SA LP ALL25,110117904.2 
307JA6QDU1999JA6SO LP 10M24,93010190  
308KA6DX1977JA6SO HP ALL24,64213074  
309JH6FTJ1997JA6SO LP 40M24,57011191  
310JL6IPK1991JA6SO HP 10M24,46013280  
311JA6AKV1979JA6SO HP ALL24,32012176  
312JA6QDU1989JA6SO HP ALL24,08710193  
313JE6HUR2010JA6SO HP ALL24,0241098411.5 
314JA6LCJ2014JA6SO LP 15M24,02498911.2 
315JA6EZF1982JA6SO HP ALL23,82111883  
316JA6JXO1989JA6SO HP ALL23,46010285  
317JA6EML2018JA6SO HP ALL23,023115917.3 
318JA6FCL2018JA6SO LP 20M23,00010310012.2 
319JA6EFT1987JA6SO HP 15M22,80012576  
320JG6TXZ1988JA6SO HP ALL22,34411584  
321JQ1AHZ/62005JA6SO LP ALL21,9831118932.4  
322JA6BWH1988JA6SO HP ALL21,50711767  
323JP6AAW2001JA6SO LP 10M21,2509485  
324JH6WIW1980JA6SO HP ALL21,09610472  
325JA6RIL1975JA6SO HP 20M20,67212976  
326JA6CYL/62002JA6SO LP 10M20,667898312.9  
327JA6AQV1995JA6SO LP ALL20,24010188  
328KA6MS1975JA6SO HP 20M19,91212476  
329JA6AKV1986JA6SO HP ALL19,8909878  
330JQ1AHZ/62010JA6SO LP ALL19,890102858.0 
331JH6SQI1977JA6SO HP ALL19,80012075  
332JI6OWY1989JA6SO HP ALL19,6809880  
333JJ6KLG1991JA6SO HP ALL19,5169182  
334JI6BEN2013JA6SO LP 15M19,2601019012.8 
335JQ1AHZ/62006JA6SO LP ALL19,2361098410.0  
336JA6IP1986JA6SO HP ALL18,9549878  
337JL6IPK2009JA6SO LP 40M18,8411118314.7 
338JA6BIF1996JA6SO LP 15M18,7009785  
339JK6ISK2002JA6SO LP 15M18,64085808.7  
340JF6GAS1983JA6SO QRP 15M18,48610278  
341JA6PL1984JA6SO HP ALL18,4329172  
342JG6ALR2015JA6SA LP ALL18,080978010.3 
343JL6IPK2000JA6SA LP 40M18,0568774  
344JA6XX1979JA6SO HP 15M17,7339169  
345JR6IQI1986JA6SO HP 10M17,66115987  
346JA6YY1980JA6SO HP 20M16,8279871  
347JA6EFT1986JA6SO HP 15M16,72911280  
348JA6QDU1993JA6SO HP ALL16,5768774  
349JF6DXC1994JA6SO HP ALL16,30210078  
350JA6FFO2018JA6SO HP ALL16,206947310.7 
351JA6BWH1989JA6SO HP ALL16,1658861  
352JA6BIF1997JA6SO LP 15M15,96010276  
353JE6PWW1982JA6SO HP 15M15,7089166  
354JA6EFT2004JA6SO LP 10M15,5339381  
355JH6QIL2016JA6SA LP 15M15,40880723.9 
356JA6BZI2016JA6SA HP ALL15,36872684.3 
3577J6AAO2012JA6SO LP ALL (T)15,12084729.2 
358JH6QFJ2008JA6SO LP 20M14,59286763.5 
359JR6LDI1984JA6SO HP 40M14,2506557  
360JH6IOM1988JA6SO HP ALL14,2127765  
361JH6SQI1997JA6SO HP 10M14,12911571  
362JE6UXS1995JA6SO LP 15M14,1297871  
363JA6BIF1983JA6SO HP 40M14,0707367  
364JH6IOM1989JA6SO HP ALL13,4647268  
365JP6AAW2000JA6SO LP 10M13,3177269  
366JG6ALR2014JA6SO LP ALL12,716806815.3 
367JH6QIL2017JA6SA LP ALL (T)12,60880648.9 
368JH6AUS1997JA6SO HP 10M12,30011275  
369JA0BPY/JR61989JA6SO HP ALL12,0458073  
370JA6YY1979JA6SO HP 20M11,8427662  
371JL6IPK2003JA6SO QRP 40M11,6646154  
372KA6DI1977JA6SO HP 20M11,5327862  
373JR6CMS1978JA6SO HP 15M11,4688461  
374JE6DML1983JA6SO HP 15M11,1636861  
375JI6OWY1988JA6SO HP ALL10,8607360  
376JE6GIQ1988JA6SO HP ALL10,8507450  
377JE6HUR2011JA6SO HP ALL10,71063516.8 
378JA6QDU1981JA6SO HP 15M10,6966756  
379JA6CDC1993JA6SO LP ALL10,4966464  
380JI6BEN2014JA6SO LP 20M (T)10,400726510.9 
381JH6WHN2012JA6SA LP 10M9,74766574.9 
382JJ6DGP1991JA6SO HP 15M9,2635959  
383JA6AQV1989JA6SO HP 20M9,2406055  
384JA6BWH1993JA6SO LP ALL9,1686548  
385JA6WJL2009JA6SO HP 10M9,100975016.7 
386JA3XGZ/61978JA6SO HP 20M9,1006752  
387JA6EFT2003JA6SO LP 10M9,072605636.0  
388JA6WJL2006JA6SO HP 10M8,772765112.8  
389JQ1AHZ/62008JA6SO LP ALL8,67084516.1 
390JA6BWH1994JA6SO LP ALL8,5506145  
391JI6HTJ1987JA6SO HP ALL8,3647951  
392JA6BIF2005JA6SO LP 15M7,65060514.2  
393JR6DUL1978JA6SO HP 10M7,5686843  
394JL6IPK2001JA6SO LP 40M7,1814743  
395JH6AUS1996JA6SO LP 10M7,1507755  
396JH6WXF2008JA6SO LP 15M7,140695113.5 
397KA6RO1978JA6SO QRP 10M7,1306546  
398JR6HJD1977JA6SO HP ALL7,0085948  
399JE6GIQ1985JA6SO HP ALL6,9705241  
400JA6AVT2008JA6SO LP ALL6,70063504.8 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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