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301GW0VSW1999GWSO QRP 20M12,06010290  
302PY2ZR2018PYSO QRP 20M11,84270621.8 
303EU6FF2001EUSO QRP 20M11,83210087  
304HA0GK1997HASO QRP 20M11,78110277  
305SP9EWO2004SPSO QRP 20M11,7048777  
306PA0NRD1982PASO QRP 20M11,68012280  
307W6YMH1985W6SO QRP 20M11,5928872  
308UR3PHG2016URSO QRP 20M11,56090857.0 
309IZ7AZP1997ISO QRP 20M11,3969474  
310NA4BW2004W4SO QRP 20M11,178998125.4  
311WB7OCV/22007W2SO QRP 20M11,1697773  
312LU6FAZ2001LUSO QRP 20M11,11569653.8  
313LA8WG2012LASO QRP 20M10,92011410511.8 
314KZ3I2018W3SO QRP 20M10,854928115.1 
315SO5TW1995SPSO QRP 20M10,8009080K3TW 
316PA0NRD1988PASO QRP 20M10,62611677  
317KB7NV1985W7SO QRP 20M10,4288679  
318PA0NRD1989PASO QRP 20M10,38411888  
319F4GWM2018FSO QRP 20M (R)10,370938510.2 
320DU1AJ2012DUSO QRP 20M10,354686211.5 
321WB7OCV/22001W2SO QRP 20M10,3367468  
322WB7OCV/22006W2SO QRP 20M10,2907270  
323RV6MD/92006RA9SO QRP 20M9,877898330.9  
324LY5G2006LYSO QRP 20M9,72081725.0LY2FE 
325GW0VSW1998GWSO QRP 20M9,6609184  
326VE3IAE2007VE3SO QRP 20M9,54071607.0  
327WN4DX2007W4SO QRP 20M9,50475667.1  
328KZ3I2017W3SO QRP 20M9,31073708.1 
329DH0JAE2009DLSO QRP 20M9,17475668.9 
330RL3QCS2013UA-3SO QRP 20M9,12086806.7 
331K9OSH1993W9SO QRP 20M9,0457267  
332WB7OCV/22009W2SO QRP 20M8,976736817.2 
333SE5S2006SMSO QRP 20M8,928807210.8  
334DJ5GK2008DLSO QRP 20M8,61870627.8 
335HB9ENI2014HBSO QRP 20M8,514918614.9 
336SQ6H2018SPSO QRP 20M8,45072656.1SQ6PLH
337SQ4ZS2008SPSO QRP 20M8,393777711.0 
338PA0NRD1981PASO QRP 20M8,32210873  
339PA0NRD1978PASO QRP 20M8,29610068  
340I1BAY2006ISO QRP 20M8,240126120  
341HB9ENI2016HBSO QRP 20M8,21479748.8 
342YO4ATW1996YOSO QRP 20M8,1907063  
343SP9BMH2005SPSO QRP 20M8,14086749.0  
344SP7JPN2014SPSO QRP 20M7,72285787.3 
345DF5RF2018DLSO QRP 20M7,68866626.3 
346YO9IRF2013YOSO QRP 20M (R)7,60086764.1 
3479A5HZ20169ASO QRP 20M7,57581758.8 
348M0JBA2012GSO QRP 20M (T)7,44086809.7 
349W4BQK2006W4SO QRP 20M (R)7,30861585.4  
350JA1KFX1983JA1SO QRP 20M7,2966957  
351VE2AEJ/31985VE3SO QRP 20M7,0566156  
352SP4DM1985SPSO QRP 20M7,0206052  
353W0NV/62010W6SO QRP 20M7,00673623.9 
354RK4FB2009UA-4SO QRP 20M6,96975698.6 
355NP3D/NY22007W2SO QRP 20M6,944685625.6EW1AR 
356DH8BQA2006DLSO QRP 20M (T)6,80078687.0  
357IY7M2015ISO QRP 20M6,78979732.8 
358KA8SMA2018W8SO QRP 20M6,72666597.8 
359R2AD2013UA-3SO QRP 20M6,71675732.8 
360IZ2QKG2011ISO QRP 20M (T)6,525807513.6 
361IQ7QK2018ISO QRP 20M6,49977672.8 
362SQ3OGP2013SPSO QRP 20M6,46175717.7 
363KI5DR2015W5SO QRP 20M (T)6,43166596.2 
364F5RQQ2013FSO QRP 20M6,40875728.5 
365K7KY2001W7SO QRP 20M6,1746463  
366PA0NRD1987PASO QRP 20M5,7127956  
367MU0FAL2008GUSO QRP 20M5,478706610.0 
368SP4GFG1986SPSO QRP 20M5,3766448  
369I2BPP2013ISO QRP 20M5,31266643.7 
370BG7FBI2012BYSO QRP 20M5,30067536.8 
371W0MRZ2010W0SO QRP 20M5,27072629.7 
372VA3SB2016VE3SO QRP 20M5,17050473.6 
373YT2SMS2017YUSO QRP 20M5,00561556.8 
374EA3DZG1983EASO QRP 20M4,9686154  
375HB9ENI2015HBSO QRP 20M4,81965616.3 
376N8XA1997W8SO QRP 20M4,7304543  
377EA3BCU1992EASO QRP 20M4,5365856  
378MI0ULK2017GISO QRP 20M (T)4,46661587.6 
3799A8MM20189ASO QRP 20M4,45052501.9 
380WB7OCV/21998W2SO QRP 20M4,4205452  
381VU2UR2010VUSO QRP 20M4,40049445.6 
382IZ2FME2009ISO QRP 20M4,37147472.7 
383EA4DNR1987EASO QRP 20M4,3687652  
3849A8MM20109ASO QRP 20M4,29359533.5 
3859A4DC20149ASO QRP 20M4,189605911.9 
386EA2CR1997EASO QRP 20M3,8286058  
387ES6FC2001ESSO QRP 20M3,82210032  
388IZ5JLW2012ISO QRP 20M3,76353534.1 
389LU3HFA2015LUSO QRP 20M3,69846438.8 
390DL5ANS1998DLSO QRP 20M3,6755449  
391W1TEF2017W4SO QRP 20M (T)3,66640393.1 
392UP2BB1985LYSO QRP 20M3,6664939  
393M3PSK2015GSO QRP 20M3,65861593.8 
394NI3I1996W3SO QRP 20M3,6403835  
3955P1B2016OZSO QRP 20M3,63446464.2OZ1JUX
396SQ3OGP2010SPSO QRP 20M3,61953473.5 
397OK1DST2009OKSO QRP 20M3,60050457.5 
398UA3TW2017UA-3SO QRP 20M3,58850463.8 
399YO6PED2001YOSO QRP 20M3,57054515.9  
400IK4OMU2017ISO QRP 20M (T)3,51046452.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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