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301LA8WG2011LASO QRP 15M8,906837311.5 
302JR1NKN2018JA1SO QRP 15M8,816715813.9 
303OK1AIJ2014OKSO QRP 15M8,77883777.2 
304JR1NKN2017JA1SO QRP 15M8,736725214.6 
305RA9MU2011RA9SO QRP 15M8,72161576.1 
306RV6AB1988UA-6SO QRP 15M8,5005950  
307WA6FGV1997W6SO QRP 15M8,4877769  
308YB2OK2011YBSO QRP 15M8,44270679.2 
309WA6FGV2008W6SO QRP 15M8,23667587.9 
310JA0BMS/11985JA1SO QRP 15M8,1786958  
311RA3XEV2004UA-3SO QRP 15M8,140665511.2  
312BD6QDR2009BYSO QRP 15M8,085695512.8 
313VE6SH1995VE6SO QRP 15M8,0376757  
314JR1NKN1997JA1SO QRP 15M7,9567252  
315JH8DEH1979JA8SO QRP 15M7,9367862  
316PY2IAX2010PYSO QRP 15M7,830595810.2 
317LA5FBA2013LASO QRP 15M7,630727011.2  
318YO6XK2017YOSO QRP 15M7,56059458.7 
319WB7OCV/22005W2SO QRP 15M7,4825958  
320DU3MJJ1990DUSO QRP 15M7,2456245  
321W1KLM2004W1SO QRP 15M7,2246556  
322VK3FNP2002VKSO QRP 15M (T)7,03854519.5  
323UA3DPX1988UA-3SO QRP 15M6,9126054  
324SP4GFG1988SPSO QRP 15M6,8856145  
325SP2UUU1992SPSO QRP 15M6,8086446  
326SP9GLJ2012SPSO QRP 15M6,71058555.5 
327JH3DMQ2001JA3SO QRP 15M6,6128029  
328UA3MDV1988UA-3SO QRP 15M6,2235549  
3299A8MM20169ASO QRP 15M6,16446462.3 
330UB5FDM1986URSO QRP 15M6,1446348  
331XE2HWB1997XESO QRP 15M6,1008561  
3327M3CBF2002JA1SO QRP 15M5,4565044  
333IK7XNF2012ISO QRP 15M5,37661562.0 
334JR1NKN2008JA1SO QRP 15M5,208554210.4 
335KC9AMM2010W9SO QRP 15M5,14157535.3 
336OK1AIJ2010OKSO QRP 15M5,08450418.7 
337EI4GXB2010EISO QRP 15M (T)5,08046403.7 
338JK1TCV2008JA1SO QRP 15M4,719493911.3 
339EY8BW2006EYSO QRP 15M4,63573450.8  
340WA6FGV2018W6SO QRP 15M4,608534811.3 
341HG3C2018HASO QRP 15M4,59845388.3HA3HX
342AA4JI1986W4SO QRP 15M4,4404340  
343OM7PY1999OMSO QRP 15M4,4084038  
344OK1AIJ2011OKSO QRP 15M4,40052445.5 
345KD2HE2007W2SO QRP 15M4,25744434.9  
346DU7AFT1993DUSO QRP 15M4,2554137  
347RA4DX2011UA-4SO QRP 15M4,214544910.4 
348VU2UR2011VUSO QRP 15M4,18248417.6 
349JR0BUL2017JA0SO QRP 15M3,939483910.3 
350JR1LZK2013JA1SO QRP 15M3,92440361.6 
351DO6SR2016DLSO QRP 15M3,92041404.7 
352M0LDW2014GSO QRP 15M3,66648476.5 
353JH7BMF2015JA7SO QRP 15M3,66337372.4 
354YO5BQ1985YOSO QRP 15M3,6634137  
355JI3CJO2013JA3SO QRP 15M3,57242388.1 
356YO3FLP1991YOSO QRP 15M3,5307254  
357JI8GZS/12003JA1SO QRP 15M3,5284642  
358HG3C2017HASO QRP 15M3,43236337.6HA3HX
359TA2IB2017TASO QRP 15M3,42043368.2 
360WA6FGV1995W6SO QRP 15M3,3606156  
361PA3EXS1999PASO QRP 15M3,3303837  
362YO6AJI1979YOSO QRP 15M3,1455337  
3637K1CPT2010JA1SO QRP 15M3,09640364.4 
364JI8GZS/12005JA1SO QRP 15M3,0604636  
365DL2MIH2003DLSO QRP 15M3,0453735  
366N6HI/72011W7SO QRP 15M2,96441396.7 
367JA0BMS/11986JA1SO QRP 15M2,8704135  
368JR4NIV1984JA4SO QRP 15M2,8523831  
3698S5X2004SMSO QRP 15M2,8423429SM5HJZ 
370WA6FGV1996W6SO QRP 15M2,8066761  
371IZ2QKG2015ISO QRP 15M (T)2,78846419.3 
372JA0BMS/11980JA1SO QRP 15M2,7843629  
373KS9J/01987W0SO QRP 15M2,7593531  
374RA4DX2012UA-4SO QRP 15M2,72849442.8 
375KA5N1982W5SO QRP 15M2,6884942  
376JQ1AHZ/21998JA2SO QRP 15M2,6284036  
377DL5EC2016DLSO QRP 15M2,61032296.1 
378JK1TCV2010JA1SO QRP 15M2,57436335.3 
379UB5YDX1984URSO QRP 15M2,5744539  
380CO8AW2017CMSO QRP 15M2,55032302.6 
381RA9MU2010RA9SO QRP 15M2,55034303.4 
382RW3VZ2004UA-3SO QRP 15M (T)2,5503530  
383OK1LV2017OKSO QRP 15M2,51133276.4 
384YB1TS2014YBSO QRP 15M (T)2,46532294.5  
385XX9LQ2010XX9SO QRP 15M2,44938317.2 
386JF8NRC1989JA8SO QRP 15M2,4363129  
387ON8WN1988ONSO QRP 15M2,4004132  
388SQ9AOR2007SPSO QRP 15M2,36834326.6SQ9AOR 
389OM8JP2010OMSO QRP 15M2,36636266.2 
390SQ6ELV2007SPSO QRP 15M2,29131295.0  
391AA8UP1998W8SO QRP 15M2,2803030  
392SV1HEM2017SVSO QRP 15M2,24129276.2 
393YT2B2005YUSO QRP 15M2,212292825.1  
394RK4PA2010UA-4SO QRP 15M2,10042425.4 
395UB5VAA1984URSO QRP 15M2,0803326  
396UR1YDD2017URSO QRP 15M1,99229246.6 
397JI4WHS1991JA4SO QRP 15M1,9503130  
398VK4MOJ1999VKSO QRP 15M1,8723026  
399WC5C2010W5SO QRP 15M (T)1,77033302.5K5ANR
400JR3EZH1986JA3SO QRP 15M1,7643228  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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