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301DL5DD2005DLSO LP ALL (R)123,96628921323.2  
302YB9WGA/72017YBSO LP ALL (R)123,46427418416.2 
303W7AVA2000W7SO LP ALL (R)123,410268215  
304DK8EY2005DLSO LP ALL (R)122,94125419310.2  
305OL2T2007OKSO LP ALL (R)122,80730222725.2OK2TC 
306N9TU1998W9SO LP ALL (R)122,740278190  
307IU4JIC2018ISO LP ALL (R)122,55827923318.9 
308EA1AHO2006EASO LP ALL (R)122,08028222417.1  
309G0LZX2012GSO LP ALL (R)121,74625619714.8 
310DJ9AO2003DLSO LP ALL (R)120,54034321023.5  
311CR9ABG2014CT3SO LP ALL (R)119,86722818713.8 
312OM2DT2012OMSO LP ALL (R)119,56725220323.7 
313YY5JRU2004YVSO LP ALL (R)118,80227019115.5  
314DL6TA2012DLSO LP ALL (R)118,62229322911.4 
315KK4JW2016W4SO LP ALL (R)118,44023918817.3 
316SV1PMH2014SVSO LP ALL (R)118,27230223123.1  
317IZ2NZZ2010ISO LP ALL (R)116,84124223713.7 
318EA1EWC2006EASO LP ALL (R)116,79025522925.7  
319KC9QOJ2011W9SO LP ALL (R)116,66224118216.4 
320OE6SWG2016OESO LP ALL (R)115,99729022721.1 
321EA4EMC2001EASO LP ALL (R)115,210242205  
322VK4FRAJ2008VKSO LP ALL (R)114,70830915825.5 
323MM0VTV2010GMSO LP ALL (R)114,05629621220.9 
324KI4IMA2007W4SO LP ALL (R)113,27426620323.4  
325NJ6G2013W6SO LP ALL (R)112,98828818822.1 
326IZ8GBH2006ISO LP ALL (R)112,52825820816.3  
327DM4DS2017DLSO LP ALL (R)112,26624719814.7 
3282M0GUL2005GMSO LP ALL (R)111,98129522911.9  
329VE1TRH1997VE1SO LP ALL (R)111,843221153  
330OZ2CA2013OZSO LP ALL (R)111,82429323222.5 
3312E0CPT2010GSO LP ALL (R)111,61227521320.9 
332W6AOZ2015W6SO LP ALL (R)111,40023920022.2 
333VE3NCQ2008VE3SO LP ALL (R)110,88022515421.0 
334RU9CD2006RA9SO LP ALL (R)110,67023017021.0  
335R2DRT2018UA-3SO LP ALL (R)110,42430821432.0 
336VE2SAI1997VE2SO LP ALL (R)109,824216156  
337AD0JA2015W0SO LP ALL (R)109,75225720410.8 
338SQ1WO2004SPSO LP ALL (R)109,35429621422.2  
339RW3AFY2001UA-3SO LP ALL (R)108,94224620118.7  
340AL4Y2015KLSO LP ALL (R)108,77025614624.7 
341VE2PDT2014VE2SO LP ALL (R)108,60021518111.3 
342KC8HWV1999W8SO LP ALL (R)108,108229189  
343AE0EE2015W0SO LP ALL (R)107,95227420820.5 
344IZ2WYA2015ISO LP ALL (R)107,95226020812.7 
345DL5PW1996DLSO LP ALL (R)107,916250204  
346KF7GNI2011W7SO LP ALL (R)107,71226418728.5 
347SP9GMI2015SPSO LP ALL (R)107,36524619723.9 
348AN4EMC2000EASO LP ALL (R)106,855264215EA4EMC 
349KD8GOX2009W8SO LP ALL (R)106,80526820515.4 
350YY5OAN2002YVSO LP ALL (R)106,582194161  
351KC2GOW2005W2SO LP ALL (R)105,78926619714.5  
352YO2MKT2012YOSO LP ALL (R)105,69023719514.2 
353K4AMQ2013W4SO LP ALL (R)105,66027918018.8 
354SP5TWA2012SPSO LP ALL (R)105,15225921221.7 
355WP3GW2001KP4SO LP ALL (R)104,760246204  
356KF7WRS2014W7SO LP ALL (R)104,34625518718.9 
357OK1CJN2003OKSO LP ALL (R)103,55022419015.7  
358TA3IWS2016TASO LP ALL (R)103,45419417319.2 
359KK4JW2017W4SO LP ALL (R)103,14028519118.9 
360CS9ABC2014CT3SO LP ALL (R)102,85819915813.0 
361PD7BZ2008PASO LP ALL (R)102,82025921222.7 
362W0TUP2012W0SO LP ALL (R)102,80025320014.0 
363DO9RE2008DLSO LP ALL (R)102,40026920016.6 
364KK4EDY2012W4SO LP ALL (R)102,12022718414.4 
365SQ8LSC2006SPSO LP ALL (R)101,59224220428.3  
366RV9WND2011RA9SO LP ALL (R)101,24421917719.3 
367IT9JDH2009IT9SO LP ALL (R)100,76827218825.4 
368EA1CEI1997EASO LP ALL (R)100,274238181  
369NE1RD2005W1SO LP ALL (R)99,8822411798.0  
370K1USC/62006W6SO LP ALL (R)99,68028817820.6  
371HS3ANP2014HSSO LP ALL (R)99,36922618319.6 
372W4BBT2018W4SO LP ALL (R)99,03425516920.4 
373OZ2CA2012OZSO LP ALL (R)98,34526322115.8 
374VE3BHP2003VE3SO LP ALL (R)98,07223316416.2  
375IZ2UST2012ISO LP ALL (R)97,97025820214.5 
376VE9EX2013VE1SO LP ALL (R)97,50020315616.3 
377N3XZ2007W3SO LP ALL (R)97,12826217115.0  
378KD0WWH2014W0SO LP ALL (R)96,40821020625.6 
379LB1KG2014LASO LP ALL (R)96,40826820622.0 
380R1BBL2018UA-1SO LP ALL (R)95,20026820016.3 
381RZ6D2018UA-6SO LP ALL (R)94,67128020121.0 
382EA2AOO2008EASO LP ALL (R)94,61519114921.7 
383SG0M2009SMSO LP ALL (R)94,57525719514.1SA0AQT
384VE6AMI2012VE6SO LP ALL (R)94,50021118021.6 
385DL6LB2007DLSO LP ALL (R)94,35422919114.2  
386KB0ARZ2008W0SO LP ALL (R)93,81027417719.3 
387W4TTX2005W4SO LP ALL (R)93,08024317922.2  
388IW9GRL2014IT9SO LP ALL (R)93,05124721111.4 
389EI9GSB2012EISO LP ALL (R)92,6502492189.4 
390ED5A2012EASO LP ALL (R)92,31623819623.5EA5HRT
391SA0AQT2008SMSO LP ALL (R)90,62424119219.5 
392WI5FI2018W5SO LP ALL (R)90,21628217928.6 
393F8EEQ2004FSO LP ALL (R)89,89223819820.9  
394YO2MKT2011YOSO LP ALL (R)89,26221617414.7 
395OE5CWO/22008OESO LP ALL (R)88,46425019414.6 
396R80SVG2014RA9SO LP ALL (R)88,35219417617.9 
397IZ8JFL2008ISO LP ALL (R)87,87022417411.5 
398NC2T2010W2SO LP ALL (R)87,09620815218.9 
399LA2NTA2012LASO LP ALL (R)86,92224819817.3 
400NU6T2003W6SO LP ALL (R)86,88026818113.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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