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3101KF0IQ2009W0SO LP 20M1,06432283.2 
3102JA1BFN2008JA1SO LP 20M1,05022211.3 
3103OZ7DK2016OZSO LP 20M1,04026260.9 
3104KI6OVJ2011W6SO LP 20M1,04028265.3 
3105UA9XRV2004RA9SO LP 20M1,040202024.6  
3106F8DYD2016FSO LP 20M1,03628281.8 
3107XX9ET2010XX9SO LP 20M1,03227248.2 
31087L3DGP2009JA1SO LP 20M1,03230245.6 
3109YL2II2008YLSO LP 20M1,03225242.1 
3110LA9GY1992LASO LP 20M1,0082624  
3111OR3R2012ONSO LP 20M99232312.1 
3112IZ4XHG2017ISO LP 20M99022221.1  
3113SQ5JUP2015SPSO LP 20M99019181.2 
3114JE1GZB/31997JA3SO LP 20M9902622  
3115JG1GCO2017JA1SO LP 20M98923235.9  
3116BA3MC2018BYSO LP 20M98829269.6 
3117SN9U2006SPSO LP 20M98820191.6SP9UMJ 
3118SM6AHU1999SMSO LP 20M9752725  
3119WH7GG2012KH6SO LP 20M97218181.2 
3120JH1OGC2018JA1SO LP 20M96020200.6 
3121N0HIO2009W0SO LP 20M96026243.0 
3122PD0RT2013PASO LP 20M95229283.6 
3123IZ7WWY2013ISO LP 20M (T)95025253.1 
3124YO8TRU2017YOSO LP 20M (R)94622220.6 
3125IZ2HAN2006ISO LP 20M (R)945292728.1  
3126LA3RNA2006LASO LP 20M (R)945292725.9  
3127JA7ADV2012JA7SO LP 20M93626268.9 
3128UR5WHT2008URSO LP 20M93625240.6 
3129EW2EG2012EUSO LP 20M92832295.7 
3130OH1TD2003OHSO LP 20M928302925.8  
3131UA4ASE/62018UA-6SO LP 20M91827271.0 
3132W3RLO2017W3SO LP 20M90321212.4 
31339A7IUP20099ASO LP 20M891292713.0 
3134OK2SWD2008OKSO LP 20M88825242.4 
3135EW6AW2004EUSO LP 20M882191825.6  
3136SP9MDY2015SPSO LP 20M (T)874191911.1 
3137VE2GLA2009VE2SO LP 20M87420192.7 
3138RC0UB2018RA0SO LP 20M (T)86419181.4 
3139BD7PCA2017BYSO LP 20M86123211.1 
3140KF0JB2018W0SO LP 20M85828261.7 
3141K2TV2010W2SO LP 20M85519190.6 
3142SM0WVH2004SMSO LP 20M (R)851252326.0  
3143KX9R2007W9SO LP 20M840222125.2  
3144JJ1WWL/12006JA1SO LP 20M84020203.6  
3145JG3WCZ1995JA3SO LP 20M8331717  
3146OH6LDJ2015OHSO LP 20M83226261.6 
3147K0JV2005W0SO LP 20M82818184.2  
3148K2MN/11997W1SO LP 20M8281818  
3149SM6TOL2008SMSO LP 20M82525251.7 
3150YO7MPI2016YOSO LP 20M (T)81921211.2 
3151UN2G2011UNSO LP 20M81719190.6 
3152YO6EZ2012YOSO LP 20M81230282.1 
3153I5FIP2017ISO LP 20M80524234.1 
3154W7TAX2006W7SO LP 20M (R)80525238.0  
3155RA3RBL2010UA-3SO LP 20M80020203.4 
3156YO7HGM2017YOSO LP 20M79822211.7 
3157WX7B2011W7SO LP 20M79821211.5 
3158KM6FOY2018W6SO LP 20M79226224.5 
3159AE7QP2013W7SO LP 20M (R)79226242.5 
3160N2AMW2009W2SO LP 20M79226224.6 
3161JA1POS1995JA1SO LP 20M7922318  
3162EC1AQT2012EASO LP 20M78327273.2 
3163KE9EX2011W9SO LP 20M78217171.6 
3164JG2CNS/32009JA3SO LP 20M (T)78022203.9 
3165KB1ICX2003W1SO LP 20M780202036.0  
3166RX3DD2017UA-3SO LP 20M77921191.8 
31679M2KRZ20139M2SO LP 20M77420183.5 
3168AD0AK2013W0SO LP 20M (R)76827246.3 
3169KC3EWJ2018W3SO LP 20M (R)76019195.1 
3170AI4CN2012W4SO LP 20M76019191.8 
3171K7GMX2018W7SO LP 20M75923232.7 
3172JG1GCO2008JA1SO LP 20M75622182.8 
3173SE5X2010SMSO LP 20M75426261.5 
3174OE1WEU1992OESO LP 20M7542926  
3175HP1ALX2006HPSO LP 20M (R)748171726.5  
3176JJ1NUI1996JA1SO LP 20M7482017  
3177N2ALE/61999W6SO LP 20M7442524  
3178VK3VTH2009VKSO LP 20M (R)73822185.8 
3179DL7LZ2003DLSO LP 20M735212127.4  
3180UT0FC2018URSO LP 20M72927272.5 
31814Z5FW19954XSO LP 20M7252925  
3182OM4ANO2017OMSO LP 20M72020181.2 
3183VU2JXL2016VUSO LP 20M72017161.3 
3184YO2MOY2016YOSO LP 20M71421211.7  
3185BD7MFB2009BYSO LP 20M71421212.2 
3186SP9PTG2005SPSO LP 20M7142421  
3187EB4ERS2017EASO LP 20M71324233.0 
3188SQ2KLU2013SPSO LP 20M (R)70416162.5 
3189EA1IFU2012EASO LP 20M (R)70028283.1 
3190YB1XFO2013YBSO LP 20M69717172.9 
3191BG4IGL2009BYSO LP 20M69627243.5 
3192CT8/SP5ES2010CUSO LP 20M69016152.5 
3193OE3VET2017OESO LP 20M68423192.5  
3194JK2PVL/01997JA0SO LP 20M6842418  
3195WA2ACV2017W2SO LP 20M68021202.8 
3196VR2UBC2014VRSO LP 20M68018171.5 
3197JG1OWV2003JA1SO LP 20M (T)67515151.7  
3198OK1JDJ1992OKOMSO LP 20M6752825  
3199PB4PT2018PASO LP 20M67225240.9 
3200IV3FNX2016ISO LP 20M66022221.5 

Page 32 of 37

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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