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201VE6ZT1998VE6SO HP ALL116,560283188  
202VA6APB2008VE6SO HP ALL110,60024717510.6 
203VA6XDX2003VE6SO HP ALL (T)109,21025016313.7  
204VE6TN2005VE6SO LP 20M107,2822531946.7  
205VE6BBP1983VE6SO HP 20M105,704234181  
206VE6NAP1995VE6SO HP ALL104,005217155  
207CY6AGV1975VE6SO HP ALL99,58842886VE6AGV 
208VE6AMI2012VE6SO LP ALL (R)94,50021118021.6 
209VE6BMX1999VE6SO LP 10M92,664263156  
210VE6AMI2013VE6SA LP ALL92,23219816817.8 
211VE6SPS2014VE6SA LP ALL92,09521416311.4 
212VE6FN2014VE6SA HP ALL78,0801831606.4 
213VE6DJT2010VE6SO LP ALL77,28021214017.9 
214VA6XDX2005VE6SA LP ALL (T)76,27018914512.6  
215VE6BF2002VE6SO QRP ALL75,922186154  
216VA6SZ2008VE6SO HP ALL74,25619913611.1 
217VE6SQ2014VE6SO LP ALL (T)74,10019915610.1 
218CG6AO2017VE6MULTI-ONE HP73,8002431506.4VE6CCL VE6CCM 
219VE6KRR1997VE6SO HP ALL (T)70,350183134  
220VE6BMX1988VE6SO HP 10M67,137238139  
221VE6TK2017VE6SO HP ALL66,5521661417.9 
222VE6LE2009VE6SO LP ALL64,04217214215.1 
223VA6NJK2016VE6SA LP ALL60,1961491495.9  
224VA6MM2004VE6SO HP ALL58,916179143  
225CF6XDX2017VE6SA HP ALL57,1201531198.8VE6LB
226VA6UK2018VE6SA HP ALL51,00016413611.0  
227VE6FT2015VE6SO HP 15M (T)50,9221511389.1 
228VE6FN2012VE6SO HP ALL50,5181531345.7 
229VE6LE2010VE6SO LP ALL (T)50,3441441247.6 
230VX6BF2010VE6SO QRP ALL47,4121451089.9VE6BF
231VE6BMX1997VE6SO LP 20M46,898172131  
232VE6CSX2018VE6SA HP ALL46,50915911119.5  
233VE6BF2014VE6SO LP 20M45,64014414015.8 
234VE6UM2014VE6SO QRP 10M45,21214612711.4 
235VE6FT2016VE6SO HP ALL (T)43,7981431229.8 
236VE6SH1993VE6SO QRP 15M43,282161134  
237VA6UK2015VE6SO HP ALL42,7801251155.6  
238VE6BEC1991VE6SO HP 10M42,120159117  
239VE6TN2007VE6SA LP ALL40,7101481154.5  
240VE6CSX2017VE6SA HP ALL40,09614311216.1 
241VE6SH1994VE6SO QRP 15M38,142145117  
242VE6JY2007VE6SO HP 20M37,8551341136.3  
243VE6FT2018VE6SO HP ALL (T)37,36814010810.2 
244VE6FN2005VE6SO HP ALL37,33613110432.3  
245VA6UK2014VE6SO HP ALL37,1801161103.8 
246VA6FOX2015VE6SO LP ALL (T)37,076116929.4  
247VE6TR2008VE6SO HP ALL (T)36,4061231094.4 
248VA6SH1991VE6SO QRP ALL35,343149119  
249XJ6LB1976VE6SO HP 40M35,09611782VE6LB 
250VA6RA2001VE6SO LP 15M (T)34,76015811026.6  
251VC6X2015VE6SO LP 20M33,15412512115.2VE6BF
252CG6BBC1978VE6SO HP 20M32,38416688  
253VA6LB1991VE6SO HP ALL31,73010195VE6LB 
254VE6SH1992VE6SO QRP 15M25,441110103  
255CG6LB1978VE6SO HP 40M25,17211858  
256VE6LB2002VE6SA LP ALL (T)23,751104918.0  
257VA6XDX2007VE6SA HP ALL23,12499825.8  
258VE6BHO2014VE6SO LP ALL22,770109908.7 
259VE6EC2012VE6SO LP ALL22,23097907.6 
260VC6X2013VE6SO LP ALL22,01597857.6VE6BF @VE6BF
261VE6LB2016VE6SA HP ALL (T)21,38494886.9 
262VE6EX2007VE6SO QRP ALL20,750109834.3  
263VE6QO2018VE6SO LP ALL19,800104728.3 
264VE6FT2017VE6SO HP ALL19,572100847.4 
265VA6MER2017VE6SO LP ALL (R)18,428896814.0 
266VG6LB1992VE6SO HP 80M17,0287066  
267VE6TK2018VE6SO HP ALL16,34479724.9 
268VE6LE2008VE6SO LP ALL15,12887627.4 
269VE6EX2018VE6SO QRP ALL14,52085667.6 
270VE6GK1996VE6SO QRP ALL13,5428274  
271VA6FOX2013VE6SO LP 40M (T)11,978595313.1 
272VE6SQ2013VE6SA LP ALL (T)11,69078705.0 
273VE6EY2013VE6SO LP ALL (T)10,85569652.1 
274VE6CNU2008VE6SO LP 20M10,78777671.1 
275VE6CSX2016VE6SA LP ALL9,00665579.2 
276VE6NS2016VE6SO LP ALL8,85062597.3  
277VE6SH1995VE6SO QRP 15M8,0376757  
278VA6AN2012VE6SO LP ALL (T)5,67049423.8 
279VE6SPS2018VE6SO LP 20M5,08853484.7 
280VE6RLB2007VE6SO LP ALL4,71247385.8  
281VE6FI2013VE6SO LP 15M4,70850443.8 
282VE6LB1975VE6SO HP 20M4,6746638  
283VE6SQ2016VE6SA LP ALL4,13647442.5 
284VE6TR2007VE6SA HP ALL3,96036332.0  
285VE6MRX2008VE6SO LP ALL3,92245379.3 
286VE6KAD2013VE6SO LP ALL3,84843374.6 
287VA6SP2014VE6MULTI-ONE LP3,20038323.9VA6SP AND SON 
288CY6AO/61975VE6SO HP 20M2,0025126VE6AVO 
289VE6CWG2016VE6SO LP ALL1,10424232.4 
290VE6EX2017VE6SO QRP ALL96621212.4  
291VE6CJR1981VE6SO HP 15M6045748  
292VE6CGY1979VE6SO HP 20M3961212  
293VE6JY2004VE6SO HP ALL32012101.6  
294VE6FX2014VE6SO LP ALL216991.9 
295VE6BHO2015VE6SA LP ALL120881.5 
296VE6KY2016VE6SO LP 15M (T)105770.5  
297VE6QO2016VE6SO LP ALL70650.2 
298VE6MRX2007VE6SO LP ALL555524.6  
299VE6SKY2011VE6SO QRP 20M50550.2 
300VE6AS2015VE6SO LP 20M311 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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