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201RU1AB2002UA-1SO LP ALL (R)189,7203572558.0  
202KB3LIX2007W3SO LP ALL (R)189,05435824329.2  
203SQ8LSC2007SPSO LP ALL (R)188,73030227032.8  
204EA4GPZ2016EASO LP ALL (R)188,47440128624.0 
205KG5FRS2015W5SO LP ALL (R)188,32535924335.5 
206KI8CS1998W8SO LP ALL (R)188,163320207  
207DK1ROB2008DLSO LP ALL (R)187,72631725316.0 
208EA2AEJ2011EASO LP ALL (R)187,06834226220.5 
209KD5LNO2003W5SO LP ALL (R)186,94443025426.8  
210SM5U2002SMSO LP ALL (R)186,20429823627.7SM5UGC 
211VE4MG2001VE4SO LP ALL (R)183,065325235  
212DO6CC2013DLSO LP ALL (R)182,98433325721.8 
213LA9OSA2013LASO LP ALL (R)182,61240028428.3 
214EW7BA2017EUSO LP ALL (R)182,25936326327.1 
215YY5OSW2011YVSO LP ALL (R)182,02528722520.5 
216F4FEP2009FSO LP ALL (R)180,56433524622.3 
217RD3WF2008UA-3SO LP ALL (R)180,54438821714.0 
218SV1RMB2017SVSO LP ALL (R)179,48035928024.2 
219KG5HVO2017W5SO LP ALL (R)179,40937623724.9 
220NQ4S2002W4SO LP ALL (R)178,26634821923.1  
221OK1SMU2002OKSO LP ALL (R)177,50035025021.2  
222IS0AFM2007ISSO LP ALL (R)177,21631428420.7  
223SA0BYP2013SMSO LP ALL (R)176,36438827627.5 
224KE6DM2015W6SO LP ALL (R)175,56032223120.1 
225W3VYK2014W3SO LP ALL (R)175,37629722617.9 
226A92AA2014A9SO LP ALL (R)172,7042782249.0 
227KD8NOH2011W8SO LP ALL (R)171,98629022616.0 
228UA9SAW2006RA9SO LP ALL (R)171,48829423321.3  
229OK2BEN2003OKSO LP ALL (R)171,48734122321.2  
230DL5LB2015DLSO LP ALL (R)171,17136027316.4 
231DL7DET2013DLSO LP ALL (R)170,92537226524.7 
232K9BIG/82003W8SO LP ALL (R)169,90444825913.3  
233N3XQP1998W3SO LP ALL (R)169,404329228  
234KQ6ES1998W6SO LP ALL (R)168,740345220  
235AB7RW1998W7SO LP ALL (R)167,832325252  
236VA3SWG1996VE3SO LP ALL (R)166,530296195  
237F4DLL2005FSO LP ALL (R)166,40033826026.7  
238R2AHS2016UA-3SO LP ALL (R)166,35532524520.5 
239EA1EWC2007EASO LP ALL (R)166,25429722923.6  
240UA9QFF2002RA9SO LP ALL (R)165,34529321924.1  
241DL0GL2003DLSO LP ALL (R)165,24339524715.8  
242KB3HOT2003W3SO LP ALL (R)162,36833423612.7  
243OL2T2008OKSO LP ALL (R)161,75035725027.6OK2TC
244OH1XFE2017OHSO LP ALL (R)161,28432224434.1 
245NW5Q2011W5SO LP ALL (R)160,70433321627.0 
246AB1BX1998W1SO LP ALL (R)159,950305215  
247OH1XFE2016OHSO LP ALL (R)159,09530923534.1 
248IZ2BKA2015ISO LP ALL (R)158,67030424612.8  
249YC0NFL2007YBSO LP ALL (R)158,13724420329.3  
250KI8IZ2000W8SO LP ALL (R)158,050283218  
251KC0IGY2003W0SO LP ALL (R)156,15639523120.6  
252KF5TXU2014W5SO LP ALL (R)155,92529623123.8 
253EB5KAU2007EASO LP ALL (R)155,73630525227.4  
254YT1DZ1998YUSO LP ALL (R)154,936294214  
255VO1DJT2008VEOSO LP ALL (R)154,31626122324.9 
256EW8LM2018EUSO LP ALL (R)153,13533924923.3 
257F8DSN2013FSO LP ALL (R)153,03531124112.4 
258K6FI2010W6SO LP ALL (R)152,29234522225.3 
259F6BQG2015FSO LP ALL (R)151,86330022719.0 
260VA3DBT2012VE3SO LP ALL (R)151,62027721022.1 
261AK4QU2013W4SO LP ALL (R)150,73834322217.3 
262IS0DCR2015ISSO LP ALL (R)150,62233825413.4 
263MM0LBX2011GMSO LP ALL (R)149,59633225114.6 
264DM5LK2008DLSO LP ALL (R)149,56835124627.4 
265KE0CRP2016W0SO LP ALL (R)148,99531221517.4 
266KB1UUB2012W1SO LP ALL (R)148,94126920117.8 
267RT7Y2016UA-6SO LP ALL (R)148,83031924610.2R6YAF
268VO1RCH2016VEOSO LP ALL (R)148,56525921514.7  
2692E0TCC2012GSO LP ALL (R)147,50634626219.1 
270KI4PKW2008W4SO LP ALL (R)146,07634622218.8 
271LA2NTA2014LASO LP ALL (R)146,02931623919.4 
272YO7MGG2009YOSO LP ALL (R)145,8562852129.5 
2732E0KDT2016GSO LP ALL (R)145,09226621426.8 
274PD1TV2010PASO LP ALL (R)140,57932025715.0 
275YY5LAY2015YVSO LP ALL (R)139,6842361888.7 
276F4EUN2006FSO LP ALL (R)139,56729623319.7  
277AB4G2010W4SO LP ALL (R)139,52028321827.5 
278N6IEF2009W6SO LP ALL (R)138,85932923923.4 
279F4FDA2007FSO LP ALL (R)136,92728921724.1  
280KB2RAS1996W2SO LP ALL (R)136,713270229  
281VA3DBT2013VE3SO LP ALL (R)136,64726818921.8 
282N3ZYU/42000W4SO LP ALL (R)135,800256200  
283K1LOL2017W1SO LP ALL (R)135,71026920520.4 
284ES6KW2002ESSO LP ALL (R)135,67626621417.9  
285EI4GNB2009EISO LP ALL (R)135,20728324918.6 
286US1GFW2015URSO LP ALL (R)134,61128722717.0 
287N4WSM2002W4SO LP ALL (R)134,12824820218.2  
288IK3XZX1996ISO LP ALL (R)133,791191161  
289DV1VGN2006DUSO LP ALL (R)133,09929216724.7  
290LA8ZJA1998LASO LP ALL (R)131,118261246  
291N6WK2004W6SO LP ALL (R)130,66030318822.3  
292KD2JOE2016W2SO LP ALL (R)129,42925419716.7 
293PD7BZ2009PASO LP ALL (R)127,65028323021.1 
294EA3EIQ2007EASO LP ALL (R)127,01225722621.4  
295F4FEP2008FSO LP ALL (R)126,79228121618.6 
296K4CX2008W4SO LP ALL (R)126,48434820625.4 
297OK1CLD2006OKSO LP ALL (R)126,31228822822.7  
298KC2WUF2011W2SO LP ALL (R)125,97025119522.3 
299ER1JA2014ERSO LP ALL (R)124,99231125213.1 
300K9RJM/42004W4SO LP ALL (R)124,06830819621.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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