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201N3QE2014W3SA HP ALL (T)1,451,08489856226.0 
202LU7YZ2015LUSA HP ALL (T)1,424,93599952113.6 
203VE9MY2010VE1SA HP ALL (T)1,407,92469851825.2 
204K0LUZ/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)1,399,5601,00064218.3 
205ON6NL2018ONSA HP ALL (T)1,398,4001,05560822.4 
206DM5TI2014DLSA HP ALL (T)1,398,1251,06162519.0 
207BG5TOX2015BYSA HP ALL (T)1,377,4611,08555734.8 
208EF2O2015EASA HP ALL (T)1,376,3701,03361533.9EA2AOO
209SV1JGX2013SVSA HP ALL (T)1,366,1821,22563936.0 
210L33M2017LUSA HP ALL (T)1,366,01298850819.5LU3MAM
211SN5G2008SPSA HP ALL (T)1,355,8711,14554336.0SP5JTF
2125P5K2011OZSA HP ALL (T)1,348,1821,06561926.8DL7AOS
213NF4A2017W4SA HP ALL (T)1,347,4321,12755218.9 
214G4IIY2016GSA HP ALL (T)1,331,60598960525.0 
215N2SQW2011W2SA HP ALL (T)1,330,43589250327.8 
216DL1NEO2010DLSA HP ALL (T)1,329,6761,01259630.9 
217N9NC/12010W1SA HP ALL (T)1,319,76092456416.4 
218G3RXQ2013GSA HP ALL (T)1,310,4511,04957334.8 
219LZ7AA2016LZSA HP ALL (T)1,308,7501,01762535.4 
220ED4A2013EASA HP ALL (T)1,308,6941,10663124.8EA4TV
221N6QQ2006W6SA HP ALL (T)1,300,7281,04957223.0  
222N2SQW2010W2SA HP ALL (T)1,290,94990151730.6 
223N2GZ/12015W1SA HP ALL (T)1,289,89177855122.0 
224DL4LAM2014DLSA HP ALL (T)1,272,14584666519.1 
225IZ3SQW2017ISA HP ALL (T)1,269,7741,00358327.2 
226NB3R2014W3SA HP ALL (T)1,244,04387051924.8 
227DL4LAM2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,235,06688865819.9 
228DM5TI2013DLSA HP ALL (T)1,228,38196158324.7 
229VK4ZD2016VKSA HP ALL (T)1,224,37181743930.6 
230BD5FFK2014BYSA HP ALL (T)1,219,8101,02454732.5 
231R5AJ2017UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,219,0401,13960820.0 
232RG5R2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,217,7601,03059021.4 
233W1KQ2011W1SA HP ALL (T)1,207,67585746927.0 
234ES2TI2013ESSA HP ALL (T)1,205,8121,02061936.0 
235UI3A2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,203,6961,01362431.0 
236LN3C2012LASA HP ALL (T)1,192,6201,13957215.9LA9DFA
237LA7GNA2012LASA HP ALL (T)1,191,34494561632.5 
238IZ8FWN2014ISA HP ALL (T)1,188,0681,07360410.3 
239W7PP2012W7SA HP ALL (T)1,184,22886654820.3 
240ED4A2015EASA HP ALL (T)1,179,3751,05762524.2EA4TV
241NF4A2016W4SA HP ALL (T)1,145,43593253513.1 
242LY2MM2018LYSA HP ALL (T)1,143,1921,02355230.0 
243VE2FXL2010VE2SA HP ALL (T)1,139,93072648226.7 
244UR7R2016URSA HP ALL (T)1,139,3411,01658119.2UX1RX
245R3BA2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,132,0061,11564121.1 
246JF9JTS2014JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,127,49178849313.3 
247R5AJ2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,113,03396557714.9  
248RG5R2017UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,105,0701,04459028.6  
2499A1AA20189ASA HP ALL (T)1,100,67991057927.7 
250N3RC/72012W7SA HP ALL (T)1,096,9841,03353225.4 
251DH1NFL2003DLSA HP ALL (T)1,088,2441,00051636.0  
252N0FCD/92014W9SA HP ALL (T)1,085,14877251619.4 
253W2IRT2007W2SA HP ALL (T)1,081,91893853823.6  
254OK1C2013OKSA HP ALL (T)1,073,85685154432.0 
255EA5EV2012EASA HP ALL (T)1,072,74688854929.2 
256RM3DA2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,071,1441,05155130.6 
257UX0RR2015URSA HP ALL (T)1,064,92496151126.5 
258AD5VJ2012W5SA HP ALL (T)1,064,87799152930.1 
259OG4T2012OHSA HP ALL (T)1,044,11086752634.4OH4MFA
260DL7URH2016DLSA HP ALL (T)1,043,04887148218.3  
261KW4AM2017W4SA HP ALL (T)1,041,1801,19651819.6W4LT
262K0WA2018W0SA HP ALL (T)1,035,2511,42249717.2 
263DA0INN2004DLSA HP ALL (T)1,033,25795848935.1DL2RMC 
264OE5OHO2003OESA HP ALL (T)1,026,74588148519.8  
265KM8AM2018W8SA HP ALL (T)1,026,3781,02545831.7 
266IK4LZH2018ISA HP ALL (T)1,021,24887657631.3 
267N3CZ/42011W4SA HP ALL (T)1,011,34879246817.6 
268OQ4B2010ONSA HP ALL (T)1,004,98083854532.6ON4BHQ
269VE1OP2004VE1SA HP ALL (T)987,55289048619.5  
270XR3P2007CESA HP ALL (T)982,91078045414.9CE3PG 
271RT9S2017RA9SA HP ALL (T)981,12363842921.8  
272UA9CDC2009RA9SA HP ALL (T)980,10063340511.3 
273RQ6M2016UA-6SA HP ALL (T)961,32484655621.0 
274W7PP2011W7SA HP ALL (T)960,36475948721.6 
275EA2NN2011EASA HP ALL (T)953,56891460222.1 
276N2MUN2014W2SA HP ALL (T)949,80871646426.3 
277ED4A2011EASA HP ALL (T)947,52085756024.8EA4TV
278WF6C2011W6SA HP ALL (T)944,52076751015.0K6SRZ
279OK1KT2007OKSA HP ALL (T)939,16579349326.7  
280R3ZV2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)937,27990952121.4 
281PY2LCD2018PYSA HP ALL (T)935,02272645732.1 
282DL0ESA2017DLSA HP ALL (T)934,72577151529.8EA1HEO
283SQ1OD2015SPSA HP ALL (T)930,93688147428.9 
284IK8UND2016ISA HP ALL (T)924,07287855423.0 
285VE3ZZ2014VE3SA HP ALL (T)923,50567643525.8 
286N1IBM/22010W2SA HP ALL (T)922,76069147225.4 
287N6WS2012W6SA HP ALL (T)919,52466644425.2 
288WA2FZB2017W2SA HP ALL (T)915,70570645931.3 
289NF3R2018W3SA HP ALL (T)905,80894245223.0 
290WA2FZB2018W2SA HP ALL (T)904,55078945830.8 
291M3D2018GSA HP ALL (T)902,94080750529.2G3XTT
292DB2B2008DLSA HP ALL (T)898,03994549135.6DL8OBF
293K3MD2005W3SA HP ALL (T)897,98281246617.6  
294RO9A2018RA9SA HP ALL (T)897,89761742922.9 
295N5HC2017W5SA HP ALL (T)894,38379646933.9 
296YU1UN2011YUSA HP ALL (T)887,52477750614.5 
297IK8UND2011ISA HP ALL (T)875,70095255622.1 
298US2YW2018URSA HP ALL (T)872,69678651710.5 
299DB2B2007DLSA HP ALL (T)861,65090947536.0DL8OBF 
300DK0A2011DLSA HP ALL (T)858,27673048618.4DL7JAN

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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