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2301K2JF2014W2SO LP ALL1,05021211.1 
2302K2CY2000W2SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
2303N6EE2018W2SA HP ALL1,02018170.5 
2304N2NUR2017W2SO LP ALL1,02020203.9 
2305K2JF2011W2SO LP ALL1,01224231.7 
2306W2FG2013W2SO LP ALL1,00820181.4  
2307K2AMP2010W2SO LP ALL99022223.9 
2308N2KYP1992W2SO LP ALL9343433  
2309KB2FMH2018W2SO HP ALL918282722.6  
2310KC2JRQ2013W2SO LP 10M88218181.8 
2311K2TV2010W2SO LP 20M85519190.6 
2312AC2VB2018W2SO LP ALL84022214.1 
2313WB2PXA1986W2SO HP 20M8282323  
2314N2UB1998W2SO HP 10M8001816  
2315W2LHL2009W2SO LP 15M79917173.1 
2316N2AMW2009W2SO LP 20M79226224.6 
2317K2SZ2015W2SO HP ALL75618181.4 
2318KB2KOL2016W2SO LP ALL75618180.7 
2319KC2NEO2016W2SO LP ALL74817171.3 
2320KD2JOE2018W2SA LP ALL74119192.0 
2321KC2OVM2009W2SO LP ALL74121195.3 
2322KB2GD2016W2SA LP ALL73117172.5 
2323AA2DS2009W2SO LP 40M71422212.3 
2324K2CPU2018W2SO LP ALL70218182.2 
2325WA2ACV2017W2SO LP 20M68021202.8 
2326KC2PRZ2015W2SO HP ALL (R)67216162.3 
2327W2MRD2015W2SO LP ALL66317172.8 
2328KD2DOE2016W2SO LP ALL66022201.9 
2329KC2JRQ2017W2SO LP 20M65616161.3 
2330KC2YXU2012W2SO LP 40M (R)61614141.1 
2331KC2YEA2017W2SA LP ALL61515150.6 
2332N2DWS2009W2SO HP 20M60819190.8 
2333W2BVH2005W2SO LP ALL6021514  
2334N2LQ2009W2SA LP ALL58815143.5 
2335KA2BXH2010W2SO HP 15M58515150.8 
2336N2VM2018W2SA LP ALL57015152.0 
2337KB2DUH1988W2SO HP 10M5132727  
2338N2RJ2017W2SA HP 80M (T)49512110.7 
2339K2AL2017W2SO LP ALL (T)48114131.4 
2340KD2FJQ2015W2SO QRP ALL (R)48113132.5 
2341WB2GDD1988W2SO QRP 20M4763028  
2342KD2DVW2016W2SO LP ALL46813132.8 
2343K2DL2010W2SO LP ALL45917173.3 
2344K2AMI2009W2SO HP ALL43414141.4 
2345WX2S2015W2SA HP ALL42010100.4 
2346KA2IBN2011W2SO LP ALL42015153.8 
2347KD2JBC2018W2SO LP ALL (T)41811111.3 
2348KC2OGR2007W2SO LP ALL40817173.4  
2349W2BSN2012W2SO HP ALL38010100.6 
2350W2CJX1977W2SO HP ALL3771613  
2351KC2ASA2016W2SA LP ALL36012121.1 
2352N2ZN2006W2SO LP 15M (T)36013122.9  
2353K2BQ1980W2SO HP 160M3522622  
2354KC2VPE2015W2SO LP 10M35113131.5 
2355WB2DVU1996W2SO LP ALL (T)350128  
2356N2HO2013W2SA HP ALL34812121.2 
2357W2BSN2013W2SA HP ALL336981.4 
2358W2KTF1984W2SO HP ALL3361616  
2359W2RR2017W2SO HP 15M33011111.1WA2AOG
2360W2PIP2018W2SO LP 20M33015150.8 
2361W2RES2017W2SO LP 20M33011111.5 
2362KD2NXM2018W2SA HP ALL (R)32214141.0 
2363AA2TH2016W2SO LP ALL31911113.3 
2364NA2Q1989W2SO HP ALL3121313  
2365N2FF2016W2SA HP 15M31011100.3 
2366NW2K2018W2SO HP 80M30416160.4 
2367KG9NZ/22012W2SO LP ALL30417162.7 
2368W2CJX1978W2SO HP ALL3001212  
2369N2KMJ/AE1992W2SO LP 160M3002525  
2370KC2JRQ2008W2SO LP ALL27612120.6 
2371K2XA2016W2SO HP ALL259770.1 
2372N2UJN2017W2SO LP ALL25311110.9 
2373KD2DOE2015W2SO LP 20M (R)24211112.1 
2374K2HVE2018W2SO LP 20M24010101.1  
2375KC2TFI2017W2SO LP ALL225991.1 
2376WB2DVU1994W2SO LP ALL22599  
2377KD2DVW2017W2SO LP ALL21010101.2 
2378K2DL2011W2SO LP ALL207992.7 
2379NA2X1997W2SO HP 10M2041717  
2380W7BAK2018W2SO QRP ALL (R)19213121.2  
2381N1IBM/22015W2SA HP ALL1801090.8 
2382N2NKX2014W2SO LP 10M (T)18010101.5N2NKX @N2NKX 
2383WA2PFC1979W2SO HP ALL1761111  
2384W2UL1978W2SO HP 10M16088  
2385K2AMP2011W2SO LP ALL144990.9 
2386N2NKX2015W2SA LP 10M136981.5 
2387K2BF2003W2SO LP 20M (T)1368824.4  
2388WB2MDZ1980W2SO HP 15M13599N2AHW 
2389KC2FBV2003W2SO LP 10M130101026.3  
2390NA2H2008W2SO LP 40M13010102.4 
2391N2SAB2014W2SA HP ALL126993.1 
2392W2IMY2011W2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 
2393K2SZ2003W2SO LP ALL126771.8  
2394WD2AHD1989W2SO HP 10M11977  
2395KD2KCD2016W2SO LP ALL96661.2 
2396AB2IO2014W2SA LP ALL72662.5 
2397AC2RJ2017W2SO QRP ALL72883.8 
2398KC2ZXY2011W2SO LP 10M (R)65551.2 
2399KQ2RP2018W2SO QRP 15M60660.1 
2400KA2WLI1986W2SO HP 20M5688  

Page 24 of 25

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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