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23801YO5CCQ2015YOSO LP ALL (T)81617172.5  
23802EA2AVM2008EASO LP ALL81617171.2 
23803KB8MRC2015W8SO LP ALL (R)81422226.8 
23804RV4LS2009UA-4SO LP ALL81019185.2 
23805DV7EYG2017DUSO LP ALL (R)80022205.6 
23806KF5SNL2015W5SO LP ALL (R)80021204.0 
23807SP3AYA2014SPSO LP ALL80017163.4 
23808K4IR2004W4SO LP ALL80023202.4  
23809VA3OBO2018VE3SO LP ALL79919171.5 
23810SQ3WW2016SPSO LP ALL79917171.1 
23811JG7AMD2001JA7SO LP ALL799171725.4  
23812KD8ZCH2016W8SO LP ALL (R)79823213.8  
23813PP6PP2013PYSO LP ALL79829211.8 
23814K0LDS2010W0SO LP ALL79819192.8 
23815LA8TIA2009LASO LP ALL79820191.0 
23816PP5JEB2007PYSO LP ALL7982119  
23817KG4ECI2004W4SO LP ALL798191926.5  
23818CT1DKS2007CTSO LP ALL7951615  
23819JA2KKA2018JA2SO LP ALL (T)79221182.0 
23820AF7LZ2017W7SO LP ALL79226242.7 
23821VK6WE2017VKSO LP ALL79221182.3 
23822AB3XJ2016W3SO LP ALL (R)79218182.1 
23823JR3NDM2014JA3SO LP ALL79222180.8 
23824JA8JTZ2013JA8SO LP ALL79218183.0 
23825W7THY/02010W0SO LP ALL79227241.1 
23826SP1DTG2007SPSO LP ALL78415143.2  
23827BD2CO2015BYSO LP ALL782322316.1 
23828K3NHK2015W3SO LP ALL78217171.2N3UH
23829IZ2OBS2013ISO LP ALL78225232.4 
23830KH7AL2012KH6SO LP ALL78217172.4 
23831EA5CZM2009EASO LP ALL78218171.6 
23832KF5GPQ2017W5SO LP ALL78025202.0 
23833UA3DFM2011UA-3SO LP ALL78020203.1 
23834HB9EPH2009HBSO LP ALL78020202.3 
23835EA3HWC2016EASO LP ALL77920195.9 
23836AC5NB2014W5SO LP ALL77920195.0 
23837NA3Z/42014W4SO LP ALL77919191.9 
23838BG6IYS2010BYSO LP ALL77919191.6 
23839YY5APA2011YVSO LP ALL (T)77527252.6 
23840EA2CHL2008EASO LP ALL77526254.9 
23841SP6EWB2006SPSO LP ALL7744318  
23842F1IWH2008FSO LP ALL77022220.7 
23843SM4YPH2011SMSO LP ALL76816162.0 
23844UA0APV2006RA0SO LP ALL76818161.4  
23845PY1JRS2003PYSO LP ALL76816165.1  
23846EA7ALO1997EASO LP ALL (T)7681616  
23847JL1MWI2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)76518172.6 
23848RQ9I2014RA9SO LP ALL76518151.1 
238499M6DAV20139M6SO LP ALL (R)76521174.3 
23850W9KCL2017W4SO LP ALL (R)76019192.3 
23851BH4QFI2013BYSO LP ALL76021203.0 
23852DL9HB2013DLSO LP ALL76020193.0  
23853KH6OU/W42012W4SO LP ALL76022203.0 
23854N9KCQ/82011W8SO LP ALL76021202.6 
23855KB9OBF2010W9SO LP ALL76022195.3 
23856W5RAW2010W5SO LP ALL76021191.6 
23857JA1PTO2005JA1SO LP ALL760201926.1  
23858IZ8CLM2018ISO LP ALL75613121.6 
23859KB2KOL2016W2SO LP ALL75618180.7 
23860IZ1REP2012ISO LP ALL (R)756272710.5 
23861IZ3SXO2012ISO LP ALL (R)75629275.8 
23862KE4QCM2011W4SO LP ALL75618183.0 
23863EA2CHL2010EASO LP ALL75627274.4 
23864WC4V2008W4SO LP ALL75621211.2 
23865WH7GG2014KH6SO LP ALL75218162.1 
23866KF6F2018W6SO LP ALL75025252.0 
23867ZL4CR2009ZLSO LP ALL75015153.0 
23868R2DAW2017UA-3SO LP ALL74824221.9  
23869KC2NEO2016W2SO LP ALL74817171.3 
23870AG6IP2013W6SO LP ALL74822222.0 
23871JR2KHB/22013JA2SO LP ALL (R)74823224.7 
23872EA7FXS2009EASO LP ALL74823221.8 
23873KF5YZ2014W5SO LP ALL (T)74120191.4 
23874KC2OVM2009W2SO LP ALL74121195.3 
23875OZ4RT2011OZSO LP ALL74020201.5 
23876N9XY/42005W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
23877K1LHO2018W1SO LP ALL73623233.3 
23878KB0OLA/72015W7SO LP ALL73617161.3 
23879F4FWN2013FSO LP ALL73625235.5 
23880IK0VAQ2006ISO LP ALL7361616  
23881VK5MTM2017VKSO LP ALL73516152.4 
23882DL4JWU2016DLSO LP ALL73521211.2 
23883OM3ZBG2012OMSO LP ALL72927273.4 
23884RV9UB2008RA9SO LP ALL72623222.3 
23885PA1EJO2017PASO LP ALL72219191.1 
23886IZ8CJV2011ISO LP ALL (T)72219199.1 
23887AF4KL2009W4SO LP ALL72220192.1 
23888K5GHS2017W5SO LP ALL72027242.2 
23889VA3CME2017VE3SO LP ALL72018181.6 
23890JI3OGI2013JA3SO LP ALL72018151.6 
23891IZ0TVI2011ISO LP ALL (R)72018182.7 
23892IZ2CSX2011ISO LP ALL72019185.0 
23893SV2CUU2011SVSO LP ALL72018160.6 
23894W8RID2010W8SO LP ALL72020201.9 
23895BG4JWU2009BYSO LP ALL (R)72021201.8 
23896TA1DX2009TA1SO LP ALL72021201.8 
238979M4CPH20189M2SO LP ALL71424175.79W2KWI
23898N8ZKT2016W8SO LP ALL71417171.4 
23899SV7QNV2016SVSO LP ALL71416142.0  
23900JJ3WPX2014JA3SO LP ALL71417174.8 

Page 239 of 253

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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