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23601EA1GPL2008EASO LP ALL (T)1,00022206.8 
23602SP8GNF2003SPSO LP ALL1,000262526.2  
23603OK1FCA2011OKSO LP ALL99927274.6 
23604BG8IL2018BYSO LP ALL (T)99025222.9 
23605JA1LBZ2013JA1SO LP ALL99024222.8 
23606K2AMP2010W2SO LP ALL99022223.9 
23607EB1EVX2007EASO LP ALL (T)990222229.5  
23608HA3LN2007HASO LP ALL990232225.1  
23609OK1TRM2003OKSO LP ALL990232225.0  
23610PU2KXK1995PYSO LP ALL9901815  
23611TA1ADC2016TA1SO LP ALL98926234.5 
23612WU9D2016W9SO LP ALL98925233.2 
23613IV3BKB2010ISO LP ALL (R)98924233.3 
23614JA9EJG2014JA9SO LP ALL98819192.0 
23615PY1XP2012PYSO LP ALL98827262.8 
23616EA7FIQ2011EASO LP ALL98819193.3 
23617KD0ION2010W0SO LP ALL98826266.4 
23618N1ORK2008W1SO LP ALL98831263.2 
23619AB7WP2018W7SO LP ALL98426242.7 
23620PE1FRE2018PASO LP ALL98022204.2 
23621F4FWN2014FSO LP ALL98021205.1 
23622VY1EI2006VE8SO LP ALL (R)98023204.9  
236234Z5CP19994XSO LP ALL9802120  
23624KC9VGG2012W9SO LP ALL (R)97528255.0 
23625LU7FWV2009LUSO LP ALL97528255.8 
23626KF5RHI2017W5SO LP ALL97227272.9 
23627JG1EHF1996JA1SO LP ALL9721818  
23628XE3WM2017XESO LP ALL96920195.3 
23629DH1MST2012DLSO LP ALL96920192.1 
23630CT1EAT1999CTSO LP ALL9691917  
23631PY2IV2017PYSO LP ALL96823222.5 
23632R0TR2015RA0SO LP ALL96826221.3 
23633UU5TN2008URSO LP ALL96624231.7 
23634JA1VWK2012JA1SO LP ALL96021204.4 
23635JA2DLM2008JA2SO LP ALL (T)96021203.6 
23636AL2F2005KLSO LP ALL96021207.2  
23637JG1FGL2004JA1SO LP ALL9602220  
23638WC0WB2014W0SO LP ALL95418180.9 
23639EA5DIT1998EASO LP ALL (T)9542118  
23640NG0K2009W0SO LP ALL95232281.6 
23641YO7DMX2014YOSO LP ALL95026250.9 
23642YV5IZE2016YVSO LP ALL94622224.2  
23643K0ANS2012W0SO LP ALL94622221.6 
23644NC6P2008W6SO LP ALL94624223.6 
23645EW6AW2003EUSO LP ALL946232224.0  
23646PR7BCP2003PYSO LP ALL946262227.8  
23647JH1DGB2017JA1SO LP ALL94519153.7 
23648VU2CMI2016VUSO LP ALL94523214.1 
23649EA2AAZ2010EASO LP ALL94517152.9 
23650ZS2EC2009ZSSO LP ALL94521213.3 
23651JF7GDF1999JA7SO LP ALL9452121  
23652N5PEF1994W5SO LP ALL9452421  
23653PR7AP2006PYSO LP ALL94417161.9  
23654YV5JGO2012YVSO LP ALL94323233.3 
23655JF2FIU2018JA2SO LP ALL94021201.5 
23656YB3DNK2018YBSO LP ALL94021203.0  
23657IZ8DUD2012ISO LP ALL (R)94020204.3 
23658WA3YTI/62011W6SO LP ALL (T)94020202.5 
23659IN3EMI2018ISO LP ALL93626264.2 
23660W0IM2015W0SO LP ALL (T)93627243.0 
23661JR1KDA2013JA1SO LP ALL93618182.8 
23662KJ6ZNT2013W6SO LP ALL (R)93624246.9 
23663PY2NDX2013PYSO LP ALL93626260.6  
23664KA7KUZ1995W7SO LP ALL9351717  
23665N2KYP1992W2SO LP ALL9343433  
23666DL6UAE2015DLSO LP ALL93119192.6 
23667YO2LIM2012YOSO LP ALL (T)93120191.1 
23668KD6NIG2015W6SO LP ALL92527255.2 
23669RM22DX2014UA-3SO LP ALL92531250.9  
23670BG4UVX2013BYSO LP ALL925322510.6 
23671NC6P2006W6SO LP ALL925282528.5  
23672DM2DLG2018DLSO LP ALL92429288.8 
23673VU2QDX2018VUSO LP ALL92423214.8 
23674LU5EVK2017LUSO LP ALL92430215.5 
23675KM7N2016W7SO LP ALL92423211.4 
23676JG1XAJ2015JA1SO LP ALL92422223.4 
23677K1HG/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)92421211.2 
23678F5JQQ2013FSO LP ALL92423224.8 
23679N6QZS2008W6SO LP ALL92421213.7 
23680PY3PAC2005PYSO LP ALL924222126.6  
23681AJ4LN2017W4SO LP ALL (T)92023230.8 
23682JH1BCS2017JA1SO LP ALL92022202.6 
23683KB0JIT2017W0SO LP ALL92026231.5 
23684PC3H2017PASO LP ALL92026231.9 
23685VA3BAH2017VE3SO LP ALL92020204.5 
23686F5BTH2013FSO LP ALL92020202.1 
23687IN3ENN2013ISO LP ALL92023233.6 
23688AN7NW2007EASO LP ALL92024231.6EA7NW 
23689EA3EYO2016EASO LP ALL (T)91819181.5 
23690K1JHS/52015W5SO LP ALL91818173.2 
23691IZ8LIP2014ISO LP ALL91818173.0 
23692G4HSU2013GSO LP ALL91827273.1 
23693IZ3GOG2013ISO LP ALL91820182.5 
23694HB9BGF2008HBSO LP ALL91821184.5 
23695YV5NWG2000YVSO LP ALL9182018  
23696K0JV2017W0SO LP ALL91225242.1 
23697I1YPT2015ISO LP ALL91225242.3 
23698PP7LL2010PYSO LP ALL91224244.2 
23699JA1STY2003JA1SO LP ALL91221191.6  
23700N8JMV2013W8SO LP ALL91026264.1 

Page 237 of 253

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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