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2201AB2NM2004W2SO LP 10M2,4423733  
2202K2MFR2014W2SO LP 10M2,43629283.1 
2203W2EZ1996W2SO HP ALL2,4004240  
2204NV2K2014W2SO LP ALL (R)2,37829294.0 
2205N2TAW1994W2SO LP 15M2,3683332  
2206K2CYE2017W2SA HP ALL2,35229281.0 
2207KF2O2009W2SA HP ALL2,35224243.5 
2208KC2QJB2008W2SO LP ALL2,31036338.3 
2209KC2JRQ2011W2SO LP ALL2,29431313.5 
2210KG2AF2009W2SO LP 20M2,26245398.1 
2211WA3AFS/22010W2SA HP ALL2,25030302.7 
2212KT2G2015W2SO LP ALL2,24030284.1 
2213AB2IO2016W2SO LP ALL2,23330292.6 
2214W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL2,22037305.7 
2215AB2CST1976W2SO HP 10M2,2094047  
2216N2PSL1995W2SO LP ALL2,2053635  
2217KN2X2018W2SO LP ALL (T)2,20135315.0 
2218K2BQO1977W2SO HP 160M2,1847842  
2219N2KYP1991W2SO HP ALL2,1763232  
2220W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL2,16028271.7 
2221AB2LOF1976W2SO HP ALL2,0703446  
2222KA2BXH2011W2SO HP 15M (T)2,05227271.2 
2223N2RS1983W2SO HP ALL2,0503125  
2224WB2DIN1985W2SO HP ALL2,0483232  
2225WB2DND1985W2SO HP ALL2,048130112  
2226AF2M2018W2SA LP 20M2,04632315.0 
2227AC2IK2017W2SO LP ALL (T)2,04036346.5 
2228NA2P2006W2SO HP ALL (T)1,92026244.1  
2229W2EZ1993W2SO LP 20M1,9172727  
2230WB2AIV2018W2SA HP ALL1,91430294.3 
2231W2GFF1981W2SO HP ALL1,9002925  
2232WB2DVU1987W2SO HP ALL1,8902927  
2233AA2AUB1976W2SO HP ALL1,8903545  
2234W2QAC2011W2SO LP ALL1,89030302.6 
2235KC2LST2014W2SA HP 10M1,87226261.5 
2236WB2OQQ1998W2SO LP ALL1,8624038  
2237W2MNK1977W2SO HP ALL1,8482824  
2238AD2J1980W2SO HP 20M1,8363227  
2239WA0KIR1996W2SO LP ALL1,8023834  
2240WF2B2005W2SA HP ALL1,792292826.2  
2241KA2RVO1984W2SO HP 15M1,7853635  
2242N2TEW2008W2SO LP ALL1,77033303.6 
2243W2NC1983W2SO HP ALL1,7432621  
2244WA2AOG2008W2SO HP 160M1,71629262.4 
2245AC2KDI1976W2SO HP 10M1,7154349  
2246N2ZUL2009W2SO LP ALL1,71131293.7 
2247W2VU1997W2SO HP ALL1,6833733  
2248W2MRD2016W2SO LP ALL1,68229291.1 
2249K2HPV1980W2SO HP 20M1,6802928  
22504U1WB/22013W2SO HP ALL (T)1,68029280.6AJ3M
2251KA2WLH1985W2SO HP 20M1,6763232  
2252W2TF2015W2SO LP ALL1,66636341.4 
2253K2JF2012W2SO LP ALL1,65228282.6 
2254W2GKZ1977W2SO HP 20M1,6252525  
2255KM2Q2018W2SO LP ALL1,62430291.8 
2256KD2MU2008W2SO LP 20M1,60824241.1 
2257KC2KZJ2013W2SO HP ALL1,58424224.0 
2258KC2TFI2015W2SO LP ALL1,54123234.0 
2259KD2SJM2015W2SO LP ALL (R)1,54023221.8 
2260KC2SYF2015W2SO LP ALL1,53928272.2 
2261WB2CKQ1993W2SO HP ALL1,5373029  
2262AD2BQO1976W2SO HP 160M1,5366064  
2263W2DFC2016W2SO LP ALL1,53624242.7 
2264KC2FYJ2004W2SO LP 20M1,500333029.6  
2265N2JJ2016W2SO LP 10M1,49523230.6 
2266W2UL1982W2SO HP 15M1,4912421  
2267W2PIP2017W2SO LP 20M1,48429281.2 
2268W2XQ1980W2SO HP 160M1,4766541  
2269KB2URI2016W2SA LP ALL1,47526251.3 
2270WB2MCB1980W2SO HP ALL1,4642524  
2271KC2OVM2018W2SO LP ALL1,43128272.9 
2272KC2JRQ2018W2SO LP ALL1,42829282.7 
2273KD2JPV2017W2SA LP 20M1,41033302.6 
2274W2JAT2008W2SO LP ALL1,41031303.5 
2275W2UL1981W2SO HP 15M1,4082322  
2276NP3D/22011W2SA LP ALL1,35016150.6 
2277W2CJX1979W2SO HP ALL1,3503325  
2278N2AET2010W2SO LP 80M (T)1,34425243.1 
2279W2DW1982W2SO QRP ALL1,3442624  
2280K2JF2016W2SO LP ALL1,32026241.7 
2281KB2HSH2016W2SA QRP 20M1,29822222.6 
2282WB2PXA1978W2SO HP ALL1,2962524  
2283WB2AIV2009W2SO LP 15M1,29629272.2 
2284W2FGY1994W2SO LP 40M1,2921919  
22859K2HN/W21998W2SO HP 15M1,2095039  
2286K2XA2009W2SO HP ALL1,20026250.6 
2287KC2JRQ2010W2SO LP 15M1,20024241.5 
2288W2JEK1989W2SO QRP ALL1,1972321  
2289WD2AEZ1983W2SO HP 15M1,1962926  
2290KC2JRQ2014W2SO LP 10M1,18021200.8 
2291K2IZ2017W2SO LP ALL1,17626241.3 
2292KD2IZQ2018W2SO LP ALL1,15029253.6 
2293KE2N1987W2SO HP 10M1,1132421  
2294KA2GSL1997W2SO LP 20M1,1002015  
2295W7BAK2017W2SO QRP ALL (R)1,10027253.2 
2296W2KMK2016W2SO LP 10M (T)1,07121213.2 
2297AG2T2018W2SA HP ALL1,06020201.5 
2298WB2TLD1975W2SO HP 10M1,0583123  
2299KD2CFH2013W2SA LP ALL (R)1,05021211.3 
2300KC2HTP2004W2SO LP 15M1,05021215.2  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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