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2201EI/DL5AUAEISO LP 40M3,22036355.4  
2202JA1IZZJA1SA LP ALL3,19229281.9  
2203YO9HJYYOSO LP 40M (R)3,16836363.3  
2204SQ6IUQSPSO LP ALL3,145433729.5  
2205W0TTW0SO HP ALL3,124474425.3  
2206K1VUW1SO LP ALL3,116494127.6  
2207K9GY/4W4SO QRP ALL3,071423727.3  
2208JI8GZS/1JA1SO QRP 15M3,0604636  
2209DL2DYLDLSO LP 15M3,03634335.4  
2210YT9XYUSO HP ALL2,952363625.5YZ1KA 
2211EW6GLEUSO LP ALL2,94434327.6  
2212JO3CQFJA3SO LP 15M2,93733337.4  
2213NE0P/5W5SO LP ALL2,83537351.6  
2214OH2BUZOHSO QRP 20M2,83547456.6  
2215JA1BUIJA1SO LP ALL2,821373126.1  
2216DL1DTCDLSO LP ALL2,78434293.4  
2217PU2TESPYSO LP 10M2,775413727.3  
2218RA9HTORA9SO HP ALL2,752363224.7  
2219YO2LGWYOSO LP 40M2,73837372.2  
2220RA3APPUA-3SO LP ALL2,73037358.6  
2221VR2XLLVRSO LP ALL2,73042355.8  
2222DF5AUDLSO HP ALL (T)2,72632294.8  
2223KC8YSWW8SO LP ALL (R)2,68636344.2  
22249A8MM9ASO QRP 20M2,66852461.5  
2225KA2BXHW2SO HP ALL2,64031301.9  
2226PS8ETPYSO LP 20M2,610322925.5  
2227W8VEW8SO QRP ALL2,54232311.6  
2228KA0LDGW0SO LP ALL2,52833323.5  
2229LY2ICLYSA HP 10M2,520323026.7  
2230OO6LYONSO LP 20M2,520484524.9  
2231SQ9CNNSPSO LP 10M2,51131275.3  
2232JA1BNWJA1SO LP ALL2,49034302.1  
2233EC1DMQEASO LP 15M2,44234337.9  
2234LU7DUELUSO LP ALL2,44234333.0  
2235YO3JWYOSO LP 10M2,380312827.6  
2236RK6MYUA-6SO LP ALL2,380373529.7  
2237CT4GOCTSO LP ALL2,37830294.6  
2238CX4ADCXSO QRP 10M2,346373427.2  
2239SQ9HQSPSO LP 10M2,32533256.5  
2240JH7RTQJA7SO QRP 10M2,23331297.7  
2241DF3CBDLSA HP ALL2,22529251.6  
2242YT2BYUSO QRP 15M2,212292825.1  
2243PU7EELPYSA LP 80M2,18421214.6  
2244PY2MTVPYSO QRP 10M (R)2,160323026.6  
2245N6BXO/0W0SO HP ALL2,14629291.9  
2246SA3DSMSO LP ALL2,10033302.6SM3WMU 
2247JA1XUYJA1SA LP ALL2,02529271.2  
2248KA2DIV/4W4SA LP 10M2,01628282.4N4GM 
2249K4IU/0W0SA HP ALL2,010303024.9K4IU 
2250K8OQLW8SO HP 160M2,010463025.9  
2251W8BSW8SA HP ALL (T)1,99828271.7  
2252BG7LVLBYSO LP 10M1,98432318.6  
2253PA2SWLPASO LP ALL1,9803030  
2254E20WXAHSSO LP 40M1,978302328.0  
2255DL1DTLDLSO LP 15M1,97127272.0  
2256EW6AFEUSO LP 20M1,952333225.4  
2257RX9FWRA9SO LP 20M1,94428273.5  
2258K9OSHW9SA LP ALL1,904282825.0  
2259JH3DMQJA3SO QRP 10M1,9003920  
2260K9ZENW9SO LP ALL1,88533293.2  
2261RA6AAWUA-6SO LP ALL1,87026223.2  
2262EA1FBJEASA LP ALL1,848363327.7  
2263DL5AWIDLSO LP 20M1,84832281.4  
2264N8UZEW8MULTI-ONE HP1,829333127.9N8UZE K8BSG 
2265WF2BW2SA HP ALL1,792292826.2  
2266N1YKHW1SO LP 20M1,76733313.3  
2267JE2HCJJA2SO LP ALL1,755332725.5  
2268JF2FIUJA2SO HP 15M1,66428260.6  
2269ER5DXERSO LP 10M1,63826213.2  
2270AG4ZMW4SO LP ALL1,62433295.0  
2271AD4AXW4SO LP ALL1,590313025.0  
2272JR1BASJA1SO HP ALL1,58627263.1  
2273IZ1DLYISO LP ALL1,581313127.4  
2274RA3UTUA-3SO HP ALL1,575252527.4  
2275SM3EAESMSO LP ALL1,54032281.8  
2276SQ9DJGSPSO QRP 10M1,5402720  
2277UR5AKUURSO HP ALL1,51823223.5  
2278SM2MZCSMSO LP ALL1,5043332  
2279LN7AZLASO HP 10M1,49125211.4LA6FJA 
2280HB9AYZHBSO LP ALL1,48832310.8  
2281E20YLMHSSO LP ALL1,475252530.3  
2282N6QZSW6SO LP 20M1,4503129  
2283K4DXUW4SO LP ALL (R)1,449262326.8  
2284K1USC/6W6SO LP ALL (R)1,43128273.8  
2285W4OGGW4SO LP ALL1,4003025  
2286OM5FAOMSO LP 10M1,360242026.5  
2287T98RE7SO LP 10M1,34422214.4  
2288KD7EJCW7SO LP ALL1,30922174.3  
2289RA6XBUA-6SO LP ALL (R)1,27622223.3  
2290JH1RDUJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,275191727.6  
2291AD5SRW5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
2292VA3JFFVE3SO QRP 15M1,27224241.5  
2293EC1AEGEASO LP ALL1,25026255.2  
2294KE5BUDW5SO HP ALL (R)1,24826242.5  
2295W6KNBW6SO LP 15M1,248252424.8  
2296DG7RODLSO LP ALL1,220212022.3  
2297JE1ALAJA1SO LP 10M1,21927237.1  
2298YO3HOTYOSO LP ALL1,21022220.9  
2299HS8KGGHSSO LP 20M1,20022203.6  
2300PA2CHMPASO LP 40M1,2002524  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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