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2101WD5BEP1980W5SO HP ALL6971817  
2103N5VP2008W5SO LP ALL68019172.6 
2104KF5EYC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)67627265.0 
2105WG5J2011W5SA HP 160M66024221.2 
2106W5TM2004W5SA LP ALL660202024.8  
2107K5HTB2014W5SO HP ALL64818183.6 
2108WD5EGK1978W5SO HP 15M6302121  
2109W5YQ1980W5SO HP ALL6272019  
2110NK5G2017W5SA QRP 20M62020202.1 
2111W5NFL2014W5SO LP 10M61218180.8 
2112WA5RTG1975W5SO HP 160M5982723  
2113AB5XZ2013W5SA LP 15M (T)59423221.4 
2114NT5V1989W5SO HP ALL555922436  
2115K5UR1979W5SO HP 160M5526346  
2116N5ZC2001W5SA LP ALL52719171.0  
2117AA5JD2017W5SO LP ALL46813131.3 
2118N5DTT2004W5SO LP ALL468181825.1  
2119W5RAW2016W5SO LP ALL46417162.6 
2120KE5KWD2007W5SO LP ALL (R)455151325.9JEFF PELTIER 
2121N5EIT2016W5SO QRP 20M (R)44816161.7 
2122K5WXZ1991W5SO HP 160M4402320  
2123AA5IB1992W5SO HP 40M43299  
2124KG5FAL2015W5SO LP 40M (R)43218182.9  
2125KB5ONY1992W5SO QRP 10M4201615  
2126N5DXQ2013W5SO LP 20M40314131.9N5DXQ REPORTED QSOS 16
2127AA5AU2012W5SA HP ALL38412120.6 
2128KA5DAC1980W5SO HP 20M3841716  
2129KA5UDL1986W5SO HP 40M3842424  
2130N5CPO1982W5SO HP ALL3841212  
2131W6HH/52009W5SA LP 80M37713131.9 
2132N5PU2005W5SO HP ALL (T)372121224.6  
2133AC5O2016W5SO QRP 20M36311110.5 
2134W4JHC/52010W5SO LP ALL (T)33015154.5 
2135K5KVN2010W5SO LP 20M32412121.0 
2136NE5RO2017W5SO LP ALL32317171.6 
2137KN5S2017W5SA LP ALL30812111.9K5WW
2138KC5RGQ2017W5SO LP ALL30017153.5 
2139WB5SGN2010W5SO LP ALL (T)29711112.9 
2140KG5MEG2016W5SO LP 10M (R)27010101.9 
2141AA5HV1993W5SO LP ALL2602120  
2142AD5LU2010W5SO LP ALL25313111.0 
2143KI4ZDR/52012W5SO LP ALL25215141.2 
2144KE5SNJ2010W5SO LP 10M (R)243990.9 
2145W5QOU1981W5SO HP ALL2401010  
2146W4NDF/52016W5SO LP ALL (R)23413131.6 
2147KF5WPC2014W5SO LP ALL (R)234992.2 
2148N5KEV2008W5SO LP ALL23112110.9 
2149W4JHC/52011W5SO LP ALL225992.3 
2150N5FHZ1990W5SO HP 10M2081716  
2151KC5RET2006W5SO LP 10M2089825.2  
2152KD5UBC2008W5SO LP ALL (R)19811110.6 
2153KB5DRJ2014W5SO LP ALL18711111.3 
2154KM5FW2015W5SO LP ALL (T)182191412.5 
2155N5AJD2018W5SO LP 40M1711090.5 
2156KC5DCT2016W5SO LP ALL16511111.6  
2157KC5HWB2017W5SA HP ALL1601110 
2158AE5NO2010W5SO LP ALL16010101.0 
2159KF7WWP/52015W5SO LP ALL15411113.1 
2160N0RQ/52011W5SA HP 80M (T)150550.5 
2161W5KWB2002W5SO QRP ALL1381210  
2162N2PKW/52011W5SO LP ALL133770.9 
2163NT5HS2008W5SO LP 40M13010100.1N0RQ
2164KF5NRS2015W5SO HP ALL128882.5 
2165W5IL2004W5SO HP ALL126760.7  
2166AE5FD2008W5SA HP ALL (R)12111112.2 
2167KC5RGQ2018W5SO LP ALL12010101.2 
2168W5RIT1983W5SO HP 15M11987  
2169KG5KGV2017W5SO LP 20M (R)11011111.3 
2170KE5LHC2008W5SO LP 20M (R)10010101.7 
2171KC0LFQ2018W5SO LP 20M81990.8 
2172KG5JBY2016W5SA LP ALL (R)70557.6 
2173K5MBA2012W5SO LP 10M70550.3 
2174KM5VZ2015W5SO LP 20M70870.8 
2175WD5GKD1980W5SO HP 15M6555  
2176KE5ES2018W5SO QRP 20M60860.4 
2177WW5OBA2016W5SO LP ALL (R)50550.8 
2178KB1JTB/52015W5SO HP ALL48440.9 
2179KA5GKL2018W5SO LP 20M48661.5 
2180KF5HIQ2014W5SO LP ALL36762.4 
2181W5TJS2012W5SO LP ALL (R)36441.3 
2182N5PV2016W5SO LP 15M32440.2 
2183WD5IOE1979W5SO HP 15M3066  
2184KC5QNK2007W5SO LP ALL3055  
2185W5OV2012W5SO LP ALL21330.1 
2186N6MAW/52005W5SO LP ALL213327.6  
2187KD5RDR2009W5SO LP 20M (R)20540.7 
2188W5GZ2014W5SO LP ALL18320.1 
2189KE5YTA2015W5SO HP ALL16440.4 
2190KF5NRS2018W5SO LP ALL16440.7 
2191WB2RIS/52016W5SA HP ALL1222  
2192K6YLG/52016W5SA LP ALL12220.4 
2193KE5LFO2008W5SO LP 20M (R)1022 
2194KF5NRS2014W5SO HP ALL8220.8  
2195K5HH2017W5SO LP 20M (R)6220.1 
2196K5IX2018W5SO HP 40M4220.1 
2197KF5ZEY2014W5SO LP ALL4220.2 
2198K5WW2015W5SA LP 10M (T)311 
2199N5TEY2006W5SO HP 15M31124.1  
2200N5ESA2009W5SO LP 15M311 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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