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2101KC2KZJ2015W2SO HP ALL (T)4,81040377.1 
2102WB2DVU2005W2SO LP 15M4,800444025.0  
2103NG2D2016W2SO LP ALL4,77046451.8 
2104N2YLG1995W2SO LP 20M4,7584239  
2105WB2LEB2009W2SO LP ALL4,62058444.3 
2106KD2MU2010W2SO LP ALL (T)4,60144432.8 
2107WN2O2016W2SO HP 160M (T)4,55469462.6N2GC
2108N2OO2011W2SA LP 10M4,52045401.2 
2109WX2S2014W2SA HP ALL4,51543355.2 
2110K2BQ1978W2SO HP 160M4,48819368  
2111WF2V1990W2SO HP ALL4,4885044  
2112KC2JRQ2015W2SO LP 10M4,48540391.5 
2113WA2PNI2010W2SO LP ALL4,46247466.6 @K2AMI
2114K2CDX2015W2SO LP ALL4,45550455.5 
2115W2NTV2011W2SO LP 20M4,44042402.3 
2116WB7OCV/21998W2SO QRP 20M4,4205452  
2117WB2UVB1986W2SO HP ALL4,41810081  
2118W2PIP2016W2SO LP 20M4,41044423.3 
2119N1AIF/21984W2SO HP ALL4,3893533  
2120KA2VZX2009W2SO HP ALL (T)4,36637374.1 
2122KC2KZJ2009W2SO HP ALL4,32939378.2 
2123AC2EV2016W2SA LP ALL4,29441382.6 
2124NV2K2017W2SO LP ALL (T)4,29041393.4 
2125KD2HE2007W2SO QRP 15M4,25744434.9  
2126AC2RK2016W2MULTI-ONE LP4,25540373.0AC2RK KD2JUB
2127W2JEK2005W2SO QRP ALL4,2424542  
2128KC2JRQ2012W2SO LP 15M4,20042422.0 
2129KD2EIM2018W2SA LP ALL4,18045447.9 
2130KA2ASU2007W2SO LP 15M4,14142415.5  
2131W2IX2007W2SO LP 15M4,0684136  
2132W2MRD2013W2SO LP ALL4,02537353.1 
2133AC2RJ2016W2SO QRP ALL4,01843417.0 
2134WB2TPS2012W2SO HP ALL3,88537351.2 
2135K2IAV1982W2SO HP ALL3,8853937  
2136WB2RIS2010W2SO LP ALL3,86445423.6 
2137KC2QNK2017W2SA LP ALL3,85449419.3 
2138AF2K2006W2SO HP ALL3,81144377.2  
2139WA2HQB1986W2SO HP ALL3,8075547  
2140WB2AIV2003W2SO LP ALL3,741544327.2  
2141KD2ABK2015W2SO LP ALL3,74048445.5 
2142KC2FBV2010W2SO LP 20M3,73143419.7 
2143KA2GLX1981W2SO HP ALL3,7054239  
2144WA2BKN1998W2SO LP 10M3,6894131  
2145AB0OX/22006W2SO LP ALL (T)3,64841382.9  
2146KU2Q1987W2SO HP 10M3,6364436  
2147KD2HFN2016W2SA LP ALL3,60535352.8 
2148K3QE/22008W2SO LP ALL3,60044404.5 
2149WB2BAU1995W2SO LP 20M3,5725047  
2150KA2JLA/N1990W2SO HP 10M3,5647227  
2151WM2V1993W2SO LP 40M3,5403030  
2152AC2QH2017W2SA LP ALL3,53440385.8 
2153K2IZ2015W2SO LP ALL3,50035352.0 
2154N2VM2015W2SO LP ALL3,48834323.9 
2155KC5MLL/22014W2SO LP 10M3,47838374.3 
2156K2BQ1981W2SO HP 160M3,4205438  
2157N2NYR1997W2SO LP ALL3,3953735  
2158N3UXK/22011W2SO LP ALL3,38438366.3 
2159KC2MDQ2004W2SO LP ALL (R)3,382403834.7  
2160KC2KZJ2008W2SO LP ALL3,36635339.5 
2161K2YG2015W2SA QRP ALL3,36036355.4 
2162N2DYT2013W2SO QRP ALL3,31545396.5 
2163KC2UCJ2009W2SO LP ALL (R)3,26844434.4 
2164NN2W2010W2SA LP ALL3,25538352.9N2VAW
2165W2FGY1992W2SO HP ALL3,2343633  
2166KC2TYZ2009W2SO LP 20M (R)3,22547438.8 
2167KR2AA2011W2SO QRP 20M3,19634342.3 
2168KV2X2010W2SO HP ALL3,12040391.9 
2169N2NFU2007W2SO LP ALL3,11650417.3  
2170KF2ZO1996W2SO LP ALL3,1087442  
2171AA2NA2008W2SO HP 15M3,09436343.5 
2172K3BU/22008W2SO LP 160M (T)3,06053363.0 
2173AD2EE2016W2SO LP 20M3,06036364.3 
2174KC2EXL2001W2SO LP ALL (R)3,0603636  
2175W2JAT2018W2SO LP ALL3,04248395.5 
2176KQ2RP2017W2SO QRP 40M3,02641344.4 
2177AC2OC2015W2SO LP ALL3,00833325.3 
2178KX1W/22015W2SO LP ALL2,99238341.6 
2179WA2CLP2011W2SO LP ALL2,94435322.5 
2180KF2O1998W2SA HP ALL2,8833131  
2181WA2TJF1978W2SO HP ALL2,8503430  
2182KC2OSR2011W2SO LP 15M2,74741413.1 
2183KC2LST2016W2SA HP ALL2,70029272.2 
2184KC2VPE2018W2SO LP ALL2,66544415.1 
2185N2RHL2011W2SO LP 15M2,66035354.4 
2186KA2BXH2005W2SO HP ALL2,64031301.9  
2187WA1FFT/22015W2SO HP ALL (T)2,63534313.4 
2188W2JAT2013W2SO LP ALL2,62738373.0 
2189N4NYY/22010W2SO LP ALL2,60733334.8 
2190KF2YX1996W2SO LP ALL2,6044542  
2191N2MBM1997W2SO LP 20M2,5804343  
2192KC2RKU2009W2SO LP 160M (R)2,556453611.8 
2193KC2JKU2013W2SA LP ALL2,54135336.2 
2194K2DL1998W2SO LP ALL2,5283832  
2195WA2GSL2018W2SO LP ALL2,49231282.2 
2196WN2IHJ2015W2SO LP 10M2,49031303.6  
2197K2TV2018W2SO LP ALL (T)2,48234341.1 
2198KA2FHN2007W2SO LP ALL2,4823734  
2199KC2VUP2010W2SO LP ALL (R)2,47939373.6 
2200W2GTR2016W2SO LP 10M (R)2,46531297.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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