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2001KD8OSM2018W8SO LP ALL1,87038343.4  
2002WA8WMC1981W8SO HP ALL1,8563029  
2003WB8APH1975W8SO HP 160M1,8488542  
2004WA2HOM/82011W8MULTI-ONE HP1,83030301.5K8ELR KD8PUC AA8RK KB6NU
2005N8UZE2005W8MULTI-ONE HP1,829333127.9N8UZE K8BSG 
2006N8KOJ2012W8SA HP ALL1,80928275.7 
2007N8GAS2016W8SA HP ALL1,80031302.5 
2008KU8V1984W8SO HP 160M1,7485346  
2009W8YGR1977W8SO HP ALL1,7152322  
2010K8DHK1981W8SO HP 10M1,7042424  
2011KE8XH2016W8SA LP ALL1,70225234.0  
2012N8BZK1982W8SO HP ALL1,6565146  
2013WD8KND1978W8SO HP 10M1,6533119  
2014WB8SDA2018W8SO LP ALL1,65331297.0 
2015KB8MYC2010W8SO LP 20M1,63224241.6 
2016AC8GLC1976W8SO HP ALL1,6202527  
2017WA8KEM1995W8SO LP 160M1,6204745  
2018W8IDM1997W8SO LP ALL1,5963028  
2019N8AXA1994W8SO QRP ALL1,5906160  
2020KZ8E2006W8SO LP ALL1,57527252.1  
2021WB8JUI2016W8SO QRP 10M1,56024242.2 
2022W8JXM1981W8SO HP 40M1,4961717  
2023N8GU2013W8SO LP 15M1,49524231.2 
2024N8ET1996W8SO QRP ALL1,4952423  
2025KD8YEO2015W8SO LP 20M (R)1,48528274.0 
2026KB8MYC2009W8SO LP ALL1,48527271.8 
2027KC8HQS2011W8SO LP ALL1,45025253.3 
2028W9SWM/81981W8SO HP ALL1,4253225  
2029N8DRG2016W8SA LP ALL1,40721211.2 
2030WA8A2015W8SA HP ALL1,36822197.1 
2031W8EH2008W8SA LP ALL (T)1,35031301.3 
2032W8JMF2009W8SO HP 40M (T)1,35015151.8 
2033W8MET2009W8SO HP ALL1,33218181.8 
2034KC8WTP2004W8SO LP ALL1,2962424  
2035W8LIG2012W8SO HP ALL1,27526254.5 
2036K8EAW2018W8SO HP ALL1,25025253.5 
2037KT8K2017W8SO QRP ALL1,24229275.1  
2038N8AXA1995W8SO QRP 20M1,2192523  
2039W8WG1996W8SO HP ALL1,2182121  
2040KD8FDK2014W8SO LP ALL1,21821211.7 
2041NV8N2017W8SO LP ALL1,18829271.9N8RY
2042W8GHZ2007W8SO LP ALL1,17529259.1  
2043WB8WNV2013W8SA LP ALL (T)1,16625223.0 
2044KF8MZ2018W8SO HP ALL1,16623222.0 
2045KD8JAM2012W8SO LP ALL1,16622222.7 
2046W8IMZ1976W8SO HP 40M1,1522824  
2047W8WG1995W8SO HP 20M1,1272323  
2048KG8QT1996W8SO HP 40M1,1202016  
2049WB8O2018W8SO HP 15M (T)1,11321214.5  
2050WA8RCN1982W8SO HP 40M1,1043024  
2051WA8OGR1977W8SO HP 20M1,1022019  
2052K8ES1981W8SO HP ALL1,1002020  
2053KA8SBI2013W8SO LP ALL (T)1,10023201.7 
2054KD8GRG2009W8SO LP ALL1,08128232.8 
2055N8AXA1983W8SO QRP ALL1,0602020  
2056KD8WBD2014W8SA LP 10M (R)1,02619192.8 
2057K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL1,00821212.4 
2058W8MET2011W8SO HP ALL96917171.4 
2059K9TRV/82011W8SA LP ALL96016151.7 
2060K8CFU1978W8SO HP 160M9525234  
2061W8CAR1981W8SO HP ALL9452121  
2062N8RLG2011W8SO HP ALL93621181.1 
2063WD8RWI2015W8SO HP ALL92022231.4 
2064WW9DX/82015W8SA LP ALL91220190.7K9NW
2065N8JMV2013W8SO LP ALL91026264.1 
2066W8QZA1992W8SO QRP 40M9002625  
2067NF8M2015W8SO LP ALL89319190.4 
2068WA8CKT1975W8SO HP 20M8822118  
2069W8YLJ1978W8SO HP ALL8481816  
2070K8IKO2015W8SO LP ALL (R)83728272.1 
2071KB8MRC2015W8SO LP ALL (R)81422226.8 
2072KE8NH1995W8SO HP 10M8101815  
2073KD8ZCH2016W8SO LP ALL (R)79823213.8  
2074N9KCQ/82011W8SO LP ALL76021202.6 
2075K8GT2011W8SA LP ALL72016160.9 
2076W8RID2010W8SO LP ALL72020201.9 
2077WD8AJK1978W8SO HP 10M7141717  
2078N8ZKT2016W8SO LP ALL71417171.4 
2079K8YSV2010W8SA LP ALL (T)70416161.6 
2080N8QL2008W8SO LP ALL68017171.2 
2081AB8SI2017W8SO LP ALL64516153.8 
2082WA8BIN1981W8SO QRP 10M6442623  
2083WB9LBI/82008W8SO LP ALL63822221.5 
2084N8BKX1980W8SO HP 20M6301515  
2085KD8TWV2013W8SO LP ALL (R)61221185.8 
2086AB8FJ2013W8SO QRP 15M (T)58919192.5 
2087K8DIL2014W8SO LP ALL58517152.2 
2088AB8XE2008W8SO LP ALL (R)56020202.9 
2089KC8IUM/M2005W8SO LP ALL546171425.2  
2090K8OAE2015W8SO LP ALL (T)54019182.6 
2091W8KNO2005W8SO LP ALL53214140.8  
2092WD8PAQ1985W8SO HP 10M5282222  
2093W8XY1995W8SO LP ALL5283333  
2094AC8UJ2016W8SO LP ALL (R)52717171.7 
2095N8ET1994W8SO QRP ALL5041414  
2096WA8ZIP2015W8SO LP ALL50020202.1 
2097KE8P2013W8SO LP ALL49515151.6 
2098N8PGI1993W8SO LP ALL4945226  
2099KB8DB1982W8SO HP 80M4761414  
2100K8GT2017W8SA LP ALL45917171.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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